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  1. Extremely thrilled!!!


    Gold County is planning and hosting the WestCan3! Gold Country would like to give a tremendous thank you to all of our supporters of our GeoTourism Program as well of our upcoming 1st Annual Gold Country Geocaching Poker Run (WestCan3)


    Landsharkz and the GeoMeerkats have been a tremendous help for us answering potential attendees questions. (We are just finishing up with the GeoTourism program’s funding and final reports, so this announcement has been exciting for us, but also come at a time where we are *happily* swamped!) Landsharkz is a part of the WestCan committee and has stepped forward in helping us during this time with promotion and we are especially grateful in their help on the geocaching forum, where as of right now, we do not yet have a strong presence.

    If you have any direct questions for us, please give us a shout or an email and we will get back to you with an answer.

    phone as collect 1-877-453-9467

    email us at geotour@telus.net

    check out our websites: goldtrail.com (geocaching specifiec site)

    and exploregoldcountry.com (visitor info specific site)


    Thanks again to ALL of our loyal fans and supporters! We are very much looking forward to spending some time with you this summer 2013!


    Will miss the pokerrun, in vancouver on the 28th to set sail up to Alaska, best of luck with this great event

  2. I am happy to announce that Bermuda has now hit over 235 caches on the Island and has all different types of caches on the Island , including Diving and snorkel caches and caches on many Islands that make up Bermuda... come check out our Facebook page and find out more about Caching in Bermuda We are only 21 miles long but we are the Island of Geocaches.... Come check it out and if you plane to visit Bermuda , please come check our facebook page out....




    come and join us and learn more about Geocaching in Bermuda


    Bermuda Islands Geocaching slogan is



    Small Island Big Adventure...........



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