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  1. Canada is loaded with really neat benchmarks located is some really interesting places. Personally, I like a benchmark located where a bit of a hike/climb/bushwhack is involved. I live in an area in Ontario that is on the edge of a meteor crater and is the nickel mining capital of the world. The place is littered with benchmarks. As well, I like finding old forest ranger fire tower locations (=benchmark with altitude). I geocache and enjoy it as well, but some of my best times were making to that old mark on top or that ridge. tec_64 Sudbury, On Look me up on Waymarking.com
  2. Interesting read. Paragraph 6 + 7 or so. http://avstop.com/stories/inspection.html Wayne tec_64
  3. They said their patent application in the U.S. is in (preliminary) process. There is usually a search or something that takes place by the patent office before granting. As well, according to the rules, Groundspeak could easily mention to the patent office that the concept has been done before. tec_64 Wayne
  4. I think the Brunton 15TDCL was just a Silva Ranger made by Silva for Brunton, or thereabouts. I don't know if it's the case lately. They're pretty much the same compass. Mine cost me about $38 CDN (which has been about par with U.S. lately). I'm very satisfied with it for many reasons. I used to use a lensatic but find the Silva Ranger style easier to use with bifocals. tec_64
  5. Brunton 15TDCL here. After using some cheaper lensatics, I sprung for the Brunton. If you're still sweet on lensatic, you gotta spend the money. The 7 to 14 dollar lensatics just don't swing it for me. BTW, that Sightmaster is really sweet!, but I didn't want to spend that much.
  6. Hi, I'm just curious. What are you gliding from? Parachuting from an airplane, or determining best glide in an airplane? Wayne tec_64 Sudbury
  7. I don't have to re-logon to Geocaching.com each time, but I now (unlike before) have to log in to the forums each time I visit. Nothing has changed for me. Same browser, same cookie settings etc. Remember Me checked and all. Wayne tec_64 Sudbury, ON.
  8. GC52EE it the cache in question for me. Read the last 7 or so logs. Check out the CO's profile and last log in date. (The CO moved to the east coast of Canada a few moons ago.) If we definately don't hear from the CO by the end of April, I have a nice genuine Lok-n-Lok waiting. tec_64 Wayne Sudbury, ON.
  9. Thanks for the reply. You have verified my assumptions. Wayne tec_64 Sudbury, ON.
  10. I just reported an abandoned cache (damaged as well). It ended up archived. The location is beautiful and I plan to place a cache there in the early spring. 1. Do cache proximity rules apply to placing a new cache near an archived cache? 2. Can I remove the archived (abandoned and damaged) cache? Wayne tec_64 Sudbury
  11. Another simple thing to do is get used to looking behind you once in a while. Especially when your trail take a major turn. That will give you an idea of what things look like going in the return direction. Wayne tec_64 Sudbury, Ontario
  12. 51 was my usual waas hit on my map60Cx, but 48 is full scale (in my house) now. Got all "D"'d up pretty quick too. Wayne tec_64 Sudbury, Ontario
  13. Ok, try this for a provincial database: http://www.isc.ca/Pages/default.aspx Select Survey Plans from the tabs. You'll need to sign up for an "account". I didn't go past that. Wayne tec_64 Sudbury, ON.
  14. Try and find ones that are "First Order" for the horizontal. As well, there are 1st order GPS references as well. For an example, see this one: http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMMN1_G...3014_Sudbury_ON Wayne tec_64 Sudbury, ON.
  15. Folks have left all sorts of things behind at caches. I have forgotten sun glasses a few time. Some ppl have even left their GPSr's behind! Grocery money though, that's a good one. Glad things worked out for you though. Wayne tec_64 Sudbury, Ontario
  16. Garmin's free Basecamp software will tag also. Pick a tracklog file and select Geotag from the menu and it will ask you the folder where your photos are stored. It will even make a waypoint list. Wayne tec_64 Sudbury, Ontario
  17. http://www.leica-geosystems.com/en/GNSSGPS-Systems_4224.htm Same as the camera company, only the survey equipment division. There should be a Software link down near the bottom on the left. Wayne
  18. I use a Garmin MAP60Cx and a Brunton 15TDCL compass (and a topo map is in my pack). The compass comes in handy for taking a bearing from the GPS. As well, I use my GPS in UTM mode. In UTM the coords are in actual metres East and North. Wayne
  19. Don't forget your watch. My watch throws my compasses of a weeee bit too.
  20. I believe my MAP60Csx has that feature selectable in the Setup as to whether or not to power down when USB power is removed. Correct me if I'm wrong. Maybe check your Oregon Manual for this. Wayne tec_64 Sudbury Ontario
  21. Forgot. www.Waymarking.com is a Groundspeak site and a sister site to Geocaching.com tec_64
  22. www.Waymarking.com Canadian Benchmarks is one of the catagories. tec_64 Wayne Sudbury Ontario
  23. I have a MAP 60Cx. I zip it into my sleeve pocket (between my shoulder and elbow). Works great and I always zip so it doesn't fall out. The zipper is not metal. Your body (the water in it) does more to attenuate microwave signals than most clothing fibers (non-metallic). In your pack, place it near the top and make sure there and no metal objects on top or beside the antenna. Some folks even purchase an external patch antenna compatible with their unit and affix it facing up in their hat (but not under the metal button, if the hat has one), and keep the GPS in a pocket. tec_64
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