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  1. In Firefox clicking on a cache on the map does nothing i was trying to bring up my own to do a log.
  2. I also have some Church micro's up for adoption in Cheshire.
  3. I can't log in some people can, I have sent a log through but can't get through to my profile to do maintenance. I can't even load the map this page loads fine for me.
  4. I wouldn't worry about my punctuation as I won't post anything else here. Thanks for the replies though.
  5. They the party involved signed a piece of paper with a smiley face on stating try again. The real cache was approx 18 inches away level with the dummy. ooops another clue there Simplysup as you know which one it is. But to be honest will contact them to see if they ammend their log thank you for all your replies. Case closed as they say. :D PS the person who logged it wrong has only a few caches to their name and i really didn't want to dampen any enthusiasm they have for the game.
  6. Hi I need some views on what to do!I have a series by me and was doing a routine check on one of them. I have found several have signed the dummy cache which states its the dummy big letters try again. But one person has signed the dummy and not found the real one and claimed a smiley now should I let it go, contact them, or just delete the log and if I do the latter will they lose the smiley?
  7. What cache is it in as im up and down and if close enough may give it a whirl?
  8. I just did one drilled a limestone rock with an sds drill bit no probs ate it for lunch.
  9. Well seeing as we are all blowing our own trumpet Congrats to me and the wife and the dogs and my daughter for getting 112 caches in a couple of months .
  10. thanks for that was not sure what i was to do will follow instructions lol thanks again.
  11. I have a question not new to forums but a newbie here i have a travel bug in my possesion which by the weekend will have completed its journey do i let the owner know were it is and which cache its in or just log it as dropped in that particular cache? Rob
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