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  1. Same here with FF 29.0 Edit: now it works again
  2. Ok, the new site is really nice, however, I' missing new features or better: features that are already available but not everywhere! When posting a new cache listing I get a very smart wizard that guides me through the whole process. Especially the editor for the listing's description is very smart. However, when modifying a listing it could relly get a PITA. Not everyone is a HTML programmer and without some deeper knowledge of HTML it could get very annoying to get the listing online again. That said, it's not a problem to write bold or italic words, but inserting a table or an image can become difficult. What's the real problem with that? I cannot image that today it's not possible to have the very same features when positing and modifying a listing. Right now, I'm using Firefox and the XINHA editor to edit the listing after posting it to GC.com, however, using Chrome I did not find a similar add-on so far. Nevertheless I think it's Groundspeak's part to give us an appropriate editor at the end. Michael
  3. Now I'm curious how this is done... or do you mean by posting this: The new submission wizard is not quite ready for public release? Yes of course this is still an option, however, for a long, stylish, listing this is IMO no way... Thanks, Michael
  4. Hi, when posting a new cache listing I can choose between the old listing editor and a new one. The new editor guides me through the process step by step. However, after saving the listing I cannot return to this new editor anymore to make some changes. You know it's PITA to edit a listing using plain HTML tags these days I would like to return to the new editor. Is there any hidden option or similar to use the new editor again? Thanks!
  5. Hi, wenn man einen neuen Cache erstellen möchte, hat man die Wahl zwischen dem alten Editor und dem neuen, der einem in verschiedenen Steps durch die Neuanlage führt. Nachdem man den Cache, mit dem neuen Editor, dann aber gespeichert hat kommt man wohl nicht mehr an diesen moderneren Editor heran - nur mehr der alte steht über "Edit Listing" zur Verfügung. Weiß jemand wie man dies umgehen kann, also permanent den neuen Editor verwenden kann? Grüße Äh - dummerweise im Topic verschrieben
  6. Hi, is it possible to create a pocket query without sending it attached to an e-mail? Perhaps a notification e-mail would be fine w/o any attached GPX file. I just want to know that the creation has finished, ready to be imported to e.g. Locus Pro on my Android device. Hence I don't need the GPX file itself because this app handles it via GC's API. thanks, Michael
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