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  1. I've already complained before both about premium members having to put up with ads and the sleazy content of them. Why should we have to put up with advertisements when we are paying them for a service? As a family orientated past time all the adverts for non-premium members should be G rated too. Get rid of them for your paying members. They really annoy me.
  2. How do you find "caches found by user" please. This format is definitely not user friendly
  3. My animated gifs worked fine until they moved them to cloud. I hosted the png files on a different server because they didn't work here anyway. It now looks like all my images will need to be hosted elsewhere. They could have at least let us know so they didn't mess up so many puzzles. I only found out today because I was checking one of my cache pages and noticed the puzzle wasn't working so did some investigation. I want to know if they're going to fix it before I have to move my stuff over.
  4. I see there are going to be new stats for friends referred and we have now been given our own links for friends to use. I've already referred numerous of my family, friends and neighbours and got them geocaching. I would like to know if these count please and how do they get added to the new stats. Thanks
  5. The new layout looks clean and nice but I have just noticed that the favourite points have moved. I went looking for the total I can still award but can't find it anywhere. If that total we still have remaining to give out has been removed please PLEASE put it back. If a mega or a visit to a different place is coming up I like to make sure I have favourite points to award but now I don't know how many I have sitting there to give out. Nope, sorry, I've forgotten the formula used to get them and I relied on the number on the page. It doesn't show in the favourites drop down box either. Could a new line be added back into either the webpage or the dropdown box so we can keep tabs on how many we can still give out please. Thanks
  6. I like the idea Team Gators, as I have a number of solved puzzles and this would distinguish them. I love the change co-ordinates feature and now use that for all my solved ones and if this feature became live I would certainly make good use of it too. Great idea.
  7. You would think they would fix this or at the very least add a comment to the webpage to stop us newbies getting frustrated because of a stupid error message which is their fault! I only found this error thread when I googled the error message to see if I could find a solution
  8. I'm a newbie to wherigos but thought I would have a go at making one, especially as there was a tutorial. I downloaded all the stuff I needed and started the tutorial but I sure didn't get far. After I named my cartridge I followed the tutorial and clicked on "set from address" button. The popup address window opened. I tried putting in the Seattle address from the tutorial but that didn't work so I tried my own address here in New Zealand but am getting the same error message: Error looking up address:The remote server returned an error:(503)Server unavailable. This kinda sucks as it is the third instruction and I can't go further until it's sorted. What do I do? Am running on Vista 32bit but don't think that is the issue here. What do I need to do to fix this please
  9. On the android app I would like to be able to add a co-ordinate and then navigate to it. This would be good for unknown finals. A way better manual for using said app would be really good too. After having it on my phone for five months I finally discovered how to add a waypoint by accident. The tutorial that comes with it is not that great for users. When it updated the waypoint, it replaced the original and I couldn't then get it to revert back to the original co-ordinates when I needed them. I also find the compass to dark to use in the sun. Is there any way it can be made lighter?
  10. Everyone has to start somewhere. Instead of bemoaning the fact that they are crappy, do you live in the area? Why not take the new cacher under your wing and show him a few better ways to hide one. As someone else pointed out, finding 50 film canisters isn't going to improve anything. I helped my sister put her first one out.She has 13 finds to her name, but after a visit to me she now knows how exciting cache containers can be, because I took her to some really cool ones (not mine either), and then helped her set up her first one. Yes, it was a box but it had a purpose for moving TBs and yes, it was camoed but now she has some idea of what to do. She isn't going to race out and put a lot up but if they are keen to build up the sport, let them... and educate them instead of complaining.
  11. I just downloaded the official Groundspeak app today, and man am I disappointed in it. It seems limited in it's functions to others
  12. I started geocaching this year and I sent the link to my brother and suggested he might like to do this with his kids in winter (they go fishing a lot in summer but don't in winter). It was my brother that pointed out to me that my new phone had GPS, which was pivotal in me starting this new hobby. It turns out he joined in 2006 and had found 5 caches. He went out last weekend and found another 6 so that was a 6 year gap. When I visit his city again I'm looking forward to going out with him, and now I have a sister in that city interested in geocaching too. Family commitments and other things sometimes just become more important, but as with my brother, they come back to it. I'm glad his nick was still there waiting for him, with the history of his finds, small as they were. I agree with the others. It can be a bit frustrating that the absolute nick you want is taken but variations are still available. The Muddy Paw Exploring Geocaching through the eyes of a Newbie
  13. Its not 15 mins from start to start. There is a 15 mins gap from end of one to start of next and venues are five mins drive apart with parking out the back of the second venue. The start time for second event is just that... a start with ongoing time of arrival as NZ are playing Ireland at rugby that afternoon./evening. Sport plays a huge role in kiwi culture and I'm picking there will be a lot at the second event that will skip the flashmob.
  14. Thanks for the comments. My reviewer thought they should be two events too, so I have done the WWFM IX as one and the other starts 15 mins ater several kilometres away. Thilled I could put them in as two. Can't wait! :lol: The Muddy Paw Exploring the world of Geocaching through the eyes of a Newbie
  15. I have organised a flash mob for 9 June. This is the first event I have organised. This runs for 15 minutes and then people depart for it to be a true flashmob. I have also organised a venue several kilometres away for us to regroup around 15-20 minutes later after the flash mob. Should this be registered as a separate event due to the limited timing for the flash mob and the fact that cachers are going to have to travel between venues some distance? Is it legal to have two events registered on the same day? I can't find anything about this onsite so I'm asking here, although I have asked my poor, long-suffering reviewer the same question. One day I would like to meet him/her and take them out of an extremely well-earned coffee. This would also solve any problems with people wanting to log the event if they didn't attend the flash but came to the regroup. Thanks in advance for your comments The Muddy Paw
  16. testing <a href="http://themuddypaw.wordpress.com/">The Muddy Paw</a>
  17. I like this idea, but would it cause problems for the reviewers? I agree with the thought that editing would need to be locked between being reviewed and published too. It will be interesting to watch this and see if it develops
  18. Having now read this thread for a while I realise I was wrong. As a newbie of two months I still don't use words like waypoint projection but manage very nicely to solve puzzles without whatever that means (or just do it without the tag). I don't ask for help in here for puzzles either but found Google is a great place to look for answers. The only time I contacted a CO for an answer first was when the geochecker was down and I was sure I had the right answer... I did... which they didnt reply to I might add. I have found that COs are usually happy to help if you log a DNF and then point you in the right track if you are way off. So all in all, I have learnt a new term... sock puppet. Oh and this newbie is now PREMUIM too )
  19. Thanks everyone for clearing that up for me
  20. Yay, got my very first geocoin, and it's the NZ leap year one. Very excited!
  21. Hi, I went to activate my first geocoin. I got the activation code and then went to add the name, description and mission but I noticed the page asked if the coin was collectable and gave two radio buttons one for yes and another for no. This part of the activation does not feature in the short video that shows you how to activate your coin. I have no idea what this means. Does it mean someone can take your coin and put it in their collection or what? I'm sure this has been asked before but I could not find the answer and yes I did check the knowledge centre but I couldn't find an answer there either, was probably not putting in the right search terms. Can someone enlighten me please so I can fix this part of my geocoin's page. Thanks in advance.
  22. If their name is on your log at the cache at that date, then everything is ok, isn't it? I haven't logged with my smartphone so I don't know but as long as the log is signed on the right date then I don't see a problem
  23. You might be able to trade with someone (or get someone to buy you one) going to the Dunedin, Wellington or Auckland events. Otherwise, I expect Geoswag will have a version that is sold online in their store. I also have some "Canterbury" 11-11-11 event coins. I see I have an email from GeoSwag saying they have a couple for sale, but looks like they've sold out of them already. Keep an eye out on GeoSwag in case they put any more up. Thanks for the info. I'll google geoswag and see what they have. I didn't realise Canterbury had a 11-11-11 coin.
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