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  1. I don't see any souvenir for last week, even though I alone had enough coins to qualify. None of the friends I've checked got theirs either. Did something go wrong, or does it just take a lot of time to award the souvenirs?
  2. I'm not getting any emails either. I have my configuration set to "Send me a notification every time I receive a message.". But none of the 6 messages I received yesterday (from different cachers) triggered any email notification.
  3. I don't know what they did wrong, but it worked today. So I guess everything is like before
  4. Not sure if this is as easy to do for you as I hope, but can you consider counting field notes in the Friend League? In that way, I can continue to write the logs I want, and still participate and help my team
  5. Did something change with the new logging page? Is the old loophole that allowed basic members to log PMO-caches closed? I don't have any basic users to test with, so this is based purely on what people are telling me...
  6. Hmm, I don't see any green dots... EDIT: I see blue dots on topics that have new answers after the update. So I guess this work as I want then
  7. The new forum looks awesome! Well done! But there is one thing I'm missing, and that's the link to take me to the latest unread post in a topic. Any way you can bring that back?
  8. I can't find a way to reply there either. But it does look like I can create a new topic in the Release Notes section...
  9. It looks like the logs don't have to be posted instantly, but they do need to be posted within a couple days of the end of the souvenir period. I suppose that makes sense because a "friend league" has to accumulate points together, and Groundspeak doesn't want to be stuck calculating every league's score forever. I might be able to post the first few logs in time. But from the end of July, we'll be on the road for four weeks. I neither wan't to nor have time to waste time writing logs then. We like to use the time to actually find caches, enjoy the scenery and just enjoy being on vacation. And then log all the caches when we get back home. I guess I just have to get a large enough team to make sure the rest of them qualify, and just log TFTC on one of the caches we find every week (and delete the log after, so I can submit a proper log in chronological order later). But after thinking a bit more about this. This is turning geocaching into a competition. Not sure if I like that... Yes, we've had Project-GC and statistics for a while, but this is something official...
  10. As much as I like both the design and functionality of this, I'm sad to see that you've made instant logging a requirement this year. I've really enjoyed the summer souvenirs every year, and I was looking forward to this year as well. But since I'm out caching all of August, I won't be able to log my finds until after the thing is over I hope you will take this into consideration for next year, at least.
  11. Are you using the new profile page, or the old? I noticed this in the new, on Chrome.
  12. When viewing other cachers milestones in their statistics, all edit controls are visible. If I try to click on the edit-icon, I even get the edit milestone dialog. I tried with my wife's account (just to make sure this was something that I wanted to post in a public forum), and the edit doesn't actually work.
  13. The heated discussion in the Norwegian group started when dubidubno stated that he deletes all logs (except the first person to log) from his caches when people are signing as a group. I contacted HQ and asked if he was allowed to do this. They clearly said he wasn't. He refuse to accept this, since it doesn't explicitly say so in the guidelines. The old help center used to say this very clear. I've asked HQ to put it in again. Time will show if they do or not If I were to interpret the guidelines just as literally as dubidubno, I could say that all of us can log every cache in the world, as long as there's at least one signature in the log book.. Because the log is signed. The guidelines doesn't say anything about the amount of signatures needed, or that it have to be your own. A healthy dose of common sense never hurt anyone
  14. Like MartyBarfast, I also appreciate seeing the metadata for Recently Viewed caches. I don't think each entry in that section needs to be condensed to one line, but I would still like to see it condensed AND the GC Code added. Here is a mock-up of how I'd like to see it presented: I think the added info is nice to have, but I like your mock-up better than the way it (officially) is now. This is how I currently have it:
  15. I've used the Markdown conversion tool to convert old logs whenever I see them (I have about 7-8000 logs that needs to be converted. So it's way too much work for me to do them all at once). But I can't see that tool anymore. Is it removed, or is it just not working?
  16. That happens when typing Norwegian place names as well. But adding ", Norway" or ", Rogaland" (where Rogaland is they county name) always takes me to the correct spot. The same is true for a lot of US places as well. It amazes me how many places that have the same name!
  17. The search field takes you directly to the map I haven't decided yet if I like the additional information or not. But removing it is easy.
  18. That's exactly how I would like my dashboard to be, with the addition of a Settings link just above the Statistics link on the left. My dashboard looks like this: Feel free to grab the script from my blog, and make any changes you want: https://thomfre.net/en/tech/adjusting-the-new-experience/ (just remember to remove the update URL if you decide to make your own version of it). One thing I really would like, is better utilization of all available screen space. I have a huge monitor, and more than half of it is left blank. Yes, I can fix that too in my script, but it would be nice to have the dashboard use all available space by default. And please remove ads for us paying members
  19. The latest log you left on the trackable is displayed in the upper right corner now. It was added a couple weeks ago.
  20. Nothing wrong with your machine. It's just the image that is broken, for everyone.
  21. No, it's far better to waste developer time supporting and developing an app that nobody wants to use ... I never said that. But the app won't get better if the developers don't get time to work on it...
  22. When you've found 1500 caches during the last 30 days, it's slow. Very slow. So making it behave like the logs on a cache page would be the best. Load as many as you can without affecting performance, and load more on scroll. Because they haven't finished changing the site yet. They've just created the framework, and are now asking for feedback. Which I think is great!
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