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  1. But if this is being tested on caches owned by European users, Groundspeak might be legally required by GDPR to share the information with the cache owner.
  2. I've heard those threats already. And some will probably archive when they see that this is actually active now.
  3. How exactly does this feedback help keep the game fun? Are you going to reject new caches hidden by people with too low "fun rating"?
  4. I probably should have mentioned that the quote in my previous post is my translation of the questions
  5. Google Translate did not do a very good job. It would have been understandable, but that's about it.
  6. This is only partly true. You can avoid sending your email address by not checking the "I want to send my email address along with this message" check box.
  7. You can choose to not read the logs if you don't want to see potential spoilers. These two "buttons" haven't changed the logs in any other ways, cache owners can still request that people edit logs they think are too big spoilers.
  8. If a log is helpful in any way, like it tells you where you can park, how to get to GZ or have some tiny hints of some kind, I will click on "Helpful".
  9. If I understand correctly, you should be able to see it on this cache: https://gc.link/GC51MPR
  10. So this just happened Thank you Groundspeak!
  11. Yes, it works fine now. Thanks!
  12. Yes I am, but the first I tried was disabling uBlock. Doesn't make any difference. As far as I can see, uBlock only blocks telemetry.
  13. When viewing any GeoTour (like https://www.geocaching.com/play/geotours/randers-denmark), the map is completely blank. Just the zoom control is visible. Have tried both Chrome and FireFox, same result in both.
  14. Agree! I really appreciate that the same sizes are used all over now, and I'm glad to see that it's the sizes most of us have been using for a long time. Thank you!
  15. https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2018/04/planetary-pursuit-rescue-mission-has-launched/
  16. Seems like this just happened! Thank you for listening, Groundspeak!
  17. Sadly I can't see it being answered there either. It's also being asked a lot on Twitter. But no answers anywhere.
  18. Will you extend the Planetary Pursuit now? The problems lately have caused issues for a lot of people...
  19. Seems to be problems again today, I can't even get geocaching.com to open now Kinda makes me feel that they should never do promotions like Planetary Pursuit again. The servers can't handle it, they never can.
  20. I really hope someone at HQ shouted "Houston, we have a problem!" when they discovered this bug...
  21. I tried to map one of my lists, and it just shows the normal map, with all caches, centered on my home coordinates. Edit: the list I tried to map consists of only archived caches, guess that's why this happened. Tried a different list, and that worked.
  22. We see the planning phase of our caching trips as a nice way to enjoy geocaching even when the weather is cold and wet (as it is in Norway at least half the year). So we use a lot of time on this. And I've written a blog post about all the various tools we use, maybe you can find something useful: https://thomfre.net/en/tips-tricks/how-we-plan-our-caching-trips/
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