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  1. This looks like the Geocacher of the Month Geocoin!
  2. I like this idea! To avoid making this into a negative thing, only positive likes should be allowed - no dislike button!
  3. It should be addded that this applies to the Windows Phone Geocaching Live app...
  4. This is how it is on all other platforms, so please, add it
  5. When doing a search in the Geocaching Live app there's no way to see if you've already found or own a cache, they all appear with the same icons. The only way to see if you already found a cache is to scroll far enough down to find your own log. I hope this is a bug..?
  6. When clicking on coord.info links in notification emails the phone jumps straight to geocaching.com, on Android it opens up in the app instead. I'm not sure if this is possible on WP, but if it is I would really appreciate if you implemented it. When I try to open a geocache in Safari on iOS I get the choice of opening with or without the app, maybe you could add the same for IE on WP?
  7. The local time in Seattle is 6 AM, I guess they will read it when they get to work in a few hours...
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