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  1. They should integrate the two sites or give the option to search for waymarks using the geocaching interface, then.
  2. 5 years after joining this site and placing my first cache hardly anything has changed. They are testing out a new user interface to the site, finally. This company could make more money if they adopted a proactive approach to the way it's ran, taking feedback, and making changes rather then just doing nothing and running off of their existing userbase. I'm not saying a corporation has to change constantly, but change is important for growth. These forums have proven there is demand for webcam caches, so I personally believe they should allow new ones to be created. I don't believe they should allow "virtual" caches but that's just my opinion. It's fun to look at webcam cache logs and see pictures of people logging them. There's other changes I would make to the site, such as being able to unarchive one's own caches if the needed maintenance is done to them if one has a certain "reputation rating" that is earned by placing caches and having people favorite them, and your ratio of favorites to number of caches placed, rework the trackables page to make it easier to find and track my own and other trackables I've come across, add a cache size called "nano" for all future caches that are small ones the size of a pill, among other things.
  3. The real question is what goes through the heads of people who do this.. I figured geocaching would be an activity that wouldn't attract perverts but I guess I'm wrong. Oh well, I'll learn to accept it.
  4. Life is short and I personally don't have time to open up every single nano sized cache and put my name on the log where the piece of paper is 1/8 to 1/4 inch wide. If I find the cache, sometimes I'll log a find without signing. I recommend playing the game your way and let people play the game their way. It's not really a peeing contest and I don't care the least about my find count in relation to everyone else. About the only thing that really bothers me is if someone would leave something like a condom in a cache, which has made me consider making all of my caches premium member only. I used to get upset that the number 2 cache hider lived near me and placed power trails of these type of caches but I've learned to accept it. There's still plenty of great places to hide caches around here. You can't please everyone nor should you try. If you have the time to go through logs to delete entries where the person didn't sign, more power to you. Personally I never even look at who signed. Sign my logs or not it doesn't matter to me. Geocaching for me is about scenic locations and the people you cache with, not so much that I found a soggy pill bottle in a location that should have had a larger container, or whatever or that I didn't sign that tiny nano (but I did actually hold it in my hand after finding it)
  5. The day they ban all cemetary caches is the day I stop caching. Uptight people can get over it, and cachers can be more discrete if they see personnel around that have no real authority but might have reason to question their actions. They should be taken on a case by case basis. I guess I'm not moving to Greenville, SC.
  6. Life gets in the way. Eventually when you find every cache in an area you have to travel to find em. I also have mixed feelings about micros and power trails if the person has so many hides they can't possibly maintain em...
  7. I haven't logged in for quite a while but the biggest power hider by far lives in my area of eastern South Dakota and I see they're still at it. I don't know how one can keep track of 9000+ hides but more power to them. Yes I don't particularly think it helps the hobby but I don't want to get into a turf war or have any bad feelings either. Better than having no caches to look for I suppose. My solution is to filter out micros which basically filters out 90-95% of his hides.
  8. I like South Dakotas reviewer and think hes fair and professional... he's mostly hands off and will usually wait for a NA but not always... I have no problem posting NA and there's a couple others that do it more frequently. Caches out here can go a long time without a find... example... GC14J2Q
  9. If caches are in too high muggle and area such as along busy roads I tend to skip them... if I do not skip Ill pretend Im texting or Ill have my keys in my hand and claim I dropped them and was looking for them... I do admit to part of me having an attitude that its none of their business, and getting annoyed by what I would dub 'busybodies'... The one thing Ive learned about life is to assume that there is always someone paying attention, sometime to some of the most mundane things. The question then becomes whether one cares or not...
  10. I replaced 3 logs on vacation and kept 2. The one I did not keep I was able to fit both logs in the container side by side. Not gonna mail them back or anything... given their profiles and their last time viewing them they should be happy I replaced the logs at all. I wouldnt need my full logs unless they are larger caches in which case the logs probably will not fill up around here for a long time....
  11. Well if it helps ya out to know this op... nobody really cares about peoples e-manhoods... that is to say I couldn't care less if someone has 50,000 finds under their belt nor do I care if someone has 10,000 posts... and this behavior mentioned... splitting up into groups of 8 to claim a bunch of finds on caches not visited... I don't see the point. I don't go through my logs to see if people signed though so as long as they dont destroy the cache or put down a throwdown I dont care what they do. One of the reasons I tend to keep my hides easy is theres a bit less work maintaining.... that and I prefer to find easy caches myself as I really dont have time while traveling to spend 30 minutes in one spot, much less 60 or 90.
  12. I don't log a DNF until I've searched for a good amount of time. A lot of the time I simply do not search long enough to bother with it... for example if a person places a micro in a high muggle location and I decide to give it a look but only search for a few minutes. I did notice that when a person posts a NM on a cache it seems the icon stays there forever and does not go away even after everything is good again. I find that a bit annoying.
  13. Some of my former irks like power trails no longer irk me.. Id say the only thing that does is caches of importance bring pill bottles... took the route through pierre sd to get one of the oldest caches in the state and it could easily have been an ammo can or 5 gallon pail but was a pill bottle. I did not place my bug there but in a nearby cache from 2003. On the plus side finding all these cheap containers makes me appreciate the ammo cans more... I dont even place those... I came very close to replacing that pill bottle with a PB jar.. I had 3 in the car. I tape them up or sand/spray paint and cut out foam gaskets for the lids.
  14. I stayed parked too long along a roadside while placing my exit 157 cache and a local snapped a picture of my plate with his phone while driving by. I sped up to him... got his plate and moved on. My swag bag was getting cluttered it needed organizing. Fortunately I have not had the cops track me down or anything thus I have not had the need to repay this person a visit.
  15. Ive logged earthcaches without emailing answers by posting pictures of GZ or the general area and have not gotten them deleted yet... I always have that nagging concern that the CO cares... most of the earthcaches around here are placed by a person who has lots of hides and finds and I figured would not care about looking at another email.... its not that the answers are hard but to me geocaching is more about the outdoors and exercise not typing in a long email at GZ on my phone...perhaps Ill become more strict as time goes on.
  16. Question... would you log a NM/NA without visiting to look based solely on a string of dnfs? Someone around here does that and I appreciate them cleaning things up but I have found multiple caches and archived ones after the fact that were indeed there just not found.... your thoughts? Most of the owners are inactive on these...
  17. I used to want to but not anymore.... Ive become more tolerant of micros and power trails ... but you must keep in mind I live in a fairly rural area with low pop density. Also cricket wireless has a 10 gb data cap which makes data no issue....
  18. Ive had 2 liter preforms in the field for over 2 years with dry logs... micros are the only logs I dont use an extra bag with however. Id rather the caches and logs last 5-10 years or more which is my aim with all hides not micros. The tools to make quality caches that last are fairly cheap compared to most hobbies.
  19. There are people (not myself) who will put NM requests on caches with a string of dnfs without going to check the location again themselves and if nothing is done put in a corresponding NA request as little as 2 weeks later. I dont want to name names but for this reason especially out in a rural area where I am where there might be finds every 6 months if the cache is in an out of the way location, I would post when doing maintenance or write a note the cache is still there. Thats one reason I keep most of mine easy to find... if they are super hard its more a hassle having more nm requests. If I happened to not log in for a few months I dont want archived caches. I saved one a couple months back from being archived by finding it..
  20. Or maybe they just finished doing a power trail and found 150 nearly identical containers in a row. That would put most kids asleep, which would explain why she wasn't moving. After about 20 or so Ive had enough.
  21. I used craigslist to get peanut butter jars from a very friendly retired gentleman who I taught about caching at the same time. Put foam gaskets in the lids by using round foam I found at wally world in the craft area. He also threw in some unused urine sample containers he got a bunch of years ago because the regulations changed and they could no longer be used and were ready to throw the whole box out... before I found the PB jars I did find some passable similar sized storage containers at hyvee for 80 cents each but the lids dont take the gaskets like the pb containers.
  22. Sorry about the bumping of the old thread... been spending too much time on city-data's forums. It seems like trees can handle nails because they can heal that wound but the repeated removal of a cache situated in an open wound keeps the wound from closing... CO would have been better off nailing a nail there and hanging the cache from the nail rather than having the gaping bleeding holek that cant heal without eventually trapping the cache inside.. a wound that gets reopened every time someone attempts to remove said cache hence the 10 inch long 2 inch wide trail of sap running out... then again we tap maple trees for their sap in the spring so I might be making too much out of no big deal...
  23. I found a bison tube in a tree that was bleeding sap profusely at the cache site. I could not remove the cache ... it looked like they might have secured it so it had to be unscrewed at the tree and not removed. Not sure. It was at an elevation where some climbing was required to access. What action would you take with the listing? Its GC17NJK.
  24. tried neongeo and the offline maps were cumbersome... the forbidden apps offline maps much smaller in size and easier to zoom around... plus I really like their api to be honest. Theres not much about the program I do not like... it just works. I think GS does a disservice only allowing their own api to be mentioned here. If not for that forbidden program I probably would not be a premium member nor have gotten my mother into its whos also a premium member buying trackables etc... they get a lot of side revenue from this fobidden program...
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