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  1. There is not a settings button in the free app that I can see. It`s an I phone. Run Around
  2. Can anyone tell me how to change the units from metric to imperial in the geocaching free app please. Run Around
  3. I want to download the geocaching app to my I phone. My friends tell me that it is a one off payment which last for ever more. Is this true? When I try to download it is states that it is £7.99 for a period of three months. Am I looking at the wrong App? Run Around
  4. Help Center → My Account → My Account and Profile 2.23. Username Change http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=115 B.
  5. Can anybody tell me if its possible to change a user name if so how? Run Around
  6. Can anybody tell me how to enter geocaching co-ordinates into my Iphone 4s please.
  7. Thanks everyone for your input, it has been very useful. Run Around
  8. Can anybody tell me the code to convert text from a word document into HTML so that I can paste it into the Long Description window of the web page. Thanks Run Around
  9. Thanks Guys. However still having a problem. I have created a JPEG file for the puzzle, but it wont let me copy it into the Long Description Window. I have tried different ways of copying and pasting but it doesn't work. I notice that if I right click on the window the "Paste" instruction is greyed out. Do I need special privileges to copy pictures? Any suggestions are welcome. RUN AROUND.
  10. I want to create a geocache puzzle based on sudoku. I have copied and pasted all the text into the long description window successfully. When I try to copy and paste in the actual Sudoku grid in this window it does not work.I created this grid in word and saved as a word document. Can anybody please give me help with this.
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