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  1. Also in GSAK, you can plop down two (or ten or fifty) waypoints, tell GSAK to build a route along those points, and then show you every cache within 2 miles (or 5km or whatever) of that line

    That does sound useful! I was just reviewing the GSAK web pages, and wonder how does one "plop down" the waypoints for such a route without imbedded mapping/auto-routing features? I'm envisioning building the route in MapSource and then transferring it to GSAK for doing the cache search?


    Next question (and I'm taking this as on-topic and not an actual hijacking since the original question seems to have been addressed and my situation is so closely related starting a new thread seems a waste): When I import .LOC files into MapSource (which have to be so imported and then sent to the Quest one at a time, it seems), the default waypoint name is the GCXXXX tag. I end up editing the name in the properties menu so they show up in my Quest named something related to the actual cache name. It looks like GSAK would handle that "smart naming" automagically for me?


    £.02, in your case  :D

    Actually, I'm a Yank--literally so, being an upstate New Yorker and a fan of Steinbrenner's Evil Empire. :o


    Thanks very much for all the top-notch help and advice! I'm already thinking of these boards as an essential resource.

  2. Ach, so. Thank you for that! I do RTFM, honest, but a lot of little set-up tweaks like that are going to get past me until I get more hands-on time with the unit. :o

  3. Okay, the Legend C is a Garmin product. I just downloaded the user's manual and gave it a brief going-over. The first thing I note is any feature that requires zip/postal codes or road intersections requires you have the MapSource map for that area loaded into your Legend. I don't know the first thing about EasyGPS, but I'm guessing that if you don't have the MapSource data for the Texas location loaded, nothing that needs access to that area's zip code is going to work.


    Hopefully that helps.



  4. You shouldn't have to physically go there before using location data from an area. Am I correct in assuming your Legend has limited memory, and there's some PC/Mac-based software that has the entire map set, and you select specific areas and download them into the GPSr for use?

  5. Well, not knowing what GPSr you're using, I can only guess. In my Garmin Quest I have to select specific areas of the country I want data for, and download those maps into the unit memory. Could it be something related to you not having Texas data loaded, so it doesn't know Texas zipcodes yet?

  6. To be completely off-topic, now, WinXP has numerous utilities (including those for software installation) that Win98SE either has to have installed manually, or doesn't support at all. I'm kind of surprised you even have a Win98 machine running the software, I got the impression it was already XP-only. That'll certainly be the case next year when version 8 comes out. :o


    Back to Garmin Quests and geocaching: Can I assume the option to route directly only comes up when you have satellites acquired? The weather has been ugly/rainy ever since Xmas and I've only had my Quest outside once, and that briefly. I've been trying to practice things using the indoor mode, but when I set a waypoint and then tell it to re-route, it only asks me whether I want to simulate driving there, I don't get any menu allowing me to select route type so I can pick direct and see the compass page.

  7. I just got a Garmin Quest as an Xmas gift, and plan to do some geocaching with it when the weather co-operates. In reading these forums over the past couple of days I've seen several references to people using 3rd party software to import downloaded waypoints. I'm wondering, what's the benefit? Since downloading the patch that updated my MapSource software from 6.02 to 6.9.1 it already imports .LOC and .GPX files, and I've tested that with no problems. Is the reliance on other software a hold-over from early versions of MapSource that didn't have such import features built in, or are there other benefits to adding more programs to the existing mix?


    Thanks in advance!

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