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  1. Name sent: November 14, 2016 Name received: November 26, 2016 I sent my gift: November 28, 2016 My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift:
  2. Sounds Fun! Name sent: November 14, 2016 Name received: I sent my gift: My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift:
  3. I have an etrex 30 (v2.8) and my hiking partner has an etrex 10(are there updates available for this?). At the beginning of each hike we both reset our etrex Odometers and off we go. At the end of the hikes our Odometers differ greatly. I can understand small differences, but they differ what I consider a lot. For example today my etrex 30 showed 8.53 miles and hers showed 5.61 miles. We were together the whole time. another example, last weekend my etrex 30 showed 6.3 miles and hers showed 4.8 Any idea why such a large discrepancy? Which one should we believe?
  4. Thanks for the replies. I was curious for any possible reasons before I did the re-log as I also saw my traveling companions for the day had a few gone also which had been there ( I read them online when logging mine). I dont know why I would have had empty logs, maybe I'm not using GSAK properly, but anyway I'll re-log them.
  5. I logged a bunch of caches yesterday, they all showed on the map and my count reflected it properly. This morning the count was still right, and I just saw my count had dropped by quite a few, when I looked at the map I saw that quite a few no longer had smileys, looking further it seems they were all from the same CO, although not all from that CO were removed. Any idea how this happens? Can the CO remove them if so why?
  6. Different types of batteries have different discharge rates. Selecting the proper setting allows for a more accurate battery meter. So the meter information isnt from measuring voltage, but more by power on time? is that possibly why mine pops a 'low battery' message then 10-20 seconds later turns off? ( I would like for a few minute warning not few seconds)
  7. So why the different setting for different battery types?
  8. Any updates on these problems? I have a new eTrex 20 and constantly get the lockups (sticky) and bounced all over the place for a location. Its 20feet this way then 40 feet back were I came from then 18 feet west then 23 feet NE, ect. Before I bought the eTrex20 I used my car's 1350 and got great results ( yeah go ahead and laugh) now I carry both since 50% of the time the etrex is bouncing and the 1350 sits nice and calm usually within 8feet or so.
  9. Thanks for the reply, I've never heard the term paperless for the GPS before, My GPS has fields for Comments and descriptions- Is that what you mean? Currently I Download the LOC's merge them into 1 file then manualy add the Cache descriptions and hints to the comment field, then send it to the gps. When Im at a site I touch "more" and the 'comment' appears. Do you think the paperless field you are talking about is the same as the comment field?
  10. I am thinking of upgrading to Premium membership, but wanted to see what advantage the Downloadable list in Premium had over basic. More specifically, Does the Preimun LOC or GPX file have a field with the desription/comments including hints? if not what does it have that the basic doesnt other than a "bulk" download?
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