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  1. Sad to say, but yes. This one
  2. I've dragged out of town guests through a park in tne rain on Easter, whil still wearing their nice clothes!
  3. GC ROCK is in Ohio GC RAMP is in Kentucky G CODEC pulls up GCDEC in New York G CHO1R (Badly hacked Choir) is in Kentucky G CHESS is unpublished G CHA5E (Badly hacked Chase) is in Arkansas
  4. From a homeless man camped out on an islet in the middle of the Clinton River ten feet from the cache: Oh yeah. It's right over in that tree. I replaced the bag for y'all after another guy (presumably homeless) came through here and went through it.
  5. Michigan is one of the most heavily cached states in the country. Upon checking the state page, there are on average 5-6 New caches every day, and in all the caches I've placed, I've never waited more than 48 hours. That's why my vote it.... RUSTY And another vote for Trippy1976 as well, but it's mainly Rusty!
  6. EVENT PAGE IS UP! Clikc here
  7. My travel Bug Sibling Rivalry Racers: Surferacf is in a race to GCM5FN and was almost there when it was snatched up and moved to New York! Could anybody please get this bug to Florida, an airport, or even somewhere south of New York? Thank youThank youThank youThank you! Surferacf
  8. The most annoying to me? Searching 3 Hous over 2 days for a D1.5 while on vacation, then returning from vacation never to return to that cache again. (I am referring to my encounter with GCKV3D) I believe that DNF's are a compliment to the cache owner and that later finding the cache is some sort of rite of geocaching passage.
  9. Just added myself, 2nd to do so in MI! Woo Hoo!
  10. Voodoo78 and I are in a TB race, and his bug needs help. "Sibling Rivalry Racers: Voodoo78" (TBKB56) has been stuck in "Inner-City Wilderness" (GCNEAN) since Halloween, and my bug is almost at the first checkpoint. Could somebody please get him moving south? THanks! Surferacf and Voodoo78
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