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  1. Recently (5 Minutes ago) I stumbled across someone's sig line that alluded to CITO day being April 14th thid year. Sure enough the CITO Homepage confirmed it. My question is: Why is it not on/near Earth DAy like is has been previously? Earth day (22 Apr) falls on a Sunday, which is prime time for an event. If some people don't like Sunday, why not Saturday the 21st? I'm justa little confused by all this...
  2. Too Funny! We're big Colbert fans at my house! Woulder what would happen if he interviewed Jeremy...
  3. Without a doubt: Bouncy Bunny's Great Gorge Falls Adventrure wins for difficulty. My Log doesn't really capture the agony. I spent a week on the puzzle, then forged down a muddy gorge on my rear. We spent 40 minutes looking, at times climbing the treacherous sides of the gorge. In the end, it was right back where we started looking. For Terrain, Bear Creek. I like my log for this one.
  4. My Complaint d'Jour: When someone going for FTF on my new puzzle cache sends me 14 diffrent e-mails asking for clues and updating me on his progress, even though the page says "NO HINTS UNTIL FTF!"
  5. This one required you to dive down, read some symbols, and e-mail them to the owner for credit.
  6. My recently placed Cryptex Colossus is a handmade cryptex inside an ammo box.
  7. If the person 'saw' the cache but didn't sign the log, I'd argue that they didn't find it. I would delete their log and give FTF to the second person.
  8. I have a seven stage offset multi that has gotten nothing but good reviews, largely because it's all downtown and in interesting locations. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...da-d58d81d63c69
  9. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...2f-2e3fc183548f
  10. Cool! Where can we get one of those doormats? http://skymall.com/shopping/detail.htm?pid=102151666&c=
  11. I submitted a virtual that got nixed, but then placed an altoids tin nearby, had the revier change the cache type, and everything was good. THe cache turned out to be the most found of all my caches.. Until the city mowed over the forest and installed bleachers for the baseball field... Amazingly they found the cache and got it back to me!
  12. This reminds me of an archived one from my area that I never got to. The whole idea behind You ust help us was that the cache placer was an alien and that you had to meet that alien(cacher) at certain coords for your next instructiond or something like that.
  13. Given all the hype and publicity that this event has been given, I suspect a virtual geo-riot would break out if they were to bypass GCZZZZ. And that would crash the servers.
  14. Valhalla. Only 6 since this may. Apparently some people aren't in touch with their Norse roots... I don't archive because 1) It's a great location in an area that lacks many good spots for a non-micro cache 2) I spent 6 hours making that piece of wood and 3) It's my only hard cache!!
  15. Dave, like Team 360(before he got banned) and others, doesn't log his finds. I'm pretty sure the reason is because he feels that caching has become too "About the numbers" and refuses to log in protest. He still caches, though,. why did he get banned? I'm not going to actually post what he was banned for or post a link to it (Lest I get banned myself), but I will PM the info to you.
  16. I'd have to go with Michigan. I know what you're saying. Surfer, you live in Michigan! How is that opinion impartial! Well, it's not. However, there are other valid reasons to cache in Michigan besides it being my home state;) • Michigan has over 6000 active caches. • The SE and SW regions of Michigan are heavily populated with caches. (If puzzle caches are your thing, the Grand Rapids area is your Mecca!) •The MiGO community is very friendly andhave been known to come out in force to help out a visiting cacher. •Ohio, Indiana, and Illinoisa all have dense populations of caches along their freeways for quick caching on the trip up So visit Michigan Today! P.S.: There's no snow this year, and it's rather mild outside! Perfect caching weather!
  17. Dave, like Team 360(before he got banned) and others, doesn't log his finds. I'm pretty sure the reason is because he feels that caching has become too "About the numbers" and refuses to log in protest. He still caches, though,.
  18. What I would do is re-log each cache wih the correct date and attach a note saying something along the lines of "Re-logging this cache after changing usernames. Please refer to log by (Old Username)". As for TB's, I'm not sure. Unless you have the tracking # you can't discover it, and grabbing it would probably create mild upsets in the bug page.
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