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  1. Generalchris


    Don't get a Magellan built bike mount. Check out someone who specializes in mounts. I just got a Lobster mount and it is really well contructed. They make these things for bikes, windshields, ATV's, boats, aircraft, etc. I am extremely pleased with mine and their custmer support is outstanding. I munged a part in putting it together (my fault) and sent them an email. They sent me out a complete set of replacement parts the next day, no questions asked. They stand by their stuff.




    Good luck.

  2. Mely,


    Saw your post about a mount for your GPS. Well, I'm new ot this too and just got an Explorist XL. Nice unit, nice features, ** L O U S Y ** customer support. But I digress...


    About your mount. I did some looking around and came up with a mount by Lobster Mount. I received the thing last week and it is very well constructed. The suction mount works extemely well. It is a clever design to really keep the windshield mount in place. I gotta say that this is one nice mount. Also, while messing around with getting the right positioning on my windshield, I tightened the srews a bit too much and munged the arms that actually hold the GPS in place. I emailed the company and, within a day, had them thanking me for my purchase and sending me a complete set of new arms free of charge!! One short email to them mind you. No questions asked! Now THAT'S standing by your product.


    I highly recommend Lobster Mounts.


    Good luck.

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