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  1. GOOD NEWS!! My BadAndy copy showed up again!! It has been "lost" for 8-9 months (plus or minus a month... not sure when exactly it disappeared from the cache) after it disappeared from a Virginia cache 32 miles from my house. I was emailed this morning by a player (who will remain anonymous) that found the coin (they could not elaborate on how exactly they got it). Some other stuff happened that is complicated and not necessary for everyone to know. So, long story made short, I made and special trip today and recovered it. It is now safe and sound back in my possession (and inventory). Having only traveled 32 miles, the coin is in fabulous condition still, with only a little bit of wear and tear. I'm not entirely sure whether I'll re-release it, but given the objective of this coin experiment and the nature of the duplicate coins, I suspect I will end up re-releasing it in a bit, but quite a ways from home this time if at all possible. I just wanted to report this fabulous news. How are the rest of the BadAndy copies doing out there? -hybridgeek
  2. Well, that bites (that it wasn't my tag). Thanks for checking back and letting me know. Any comments on my tag design? I'm always working to make them better! -hybridgeek
  3. I think that if they found your bug and logged it, You would know True enough. But there's always a possibility they just saw it as a passerby and didn't log it for some reason. Know how to do what? Create a TB tag? Sorry, my brain isn't working well at the moment and I'm not making the connection.
  4. Railfan07 and Tag Along, Do you know what the bugs name was? I'm curious because I have released several travel bugs with a tag I custom made myself that is printed on a business card (and later laminated) and includes the bug name, mission, and some fancy text. I also got permission to place the Groundspeak and Geocaching logos on it to catch attention. Check out the logs for my bug TB11QQC. A few folks have taken pictures, so you can see the bug tag. I'm just really interested if you found one of my bugs (it would be neat if the fabulous tag you found was mine ). If you do like the tag, let me know and I can send you a template. If it isn't my tag, well, that saddens me, but I'd love some feed back! -hybridgeek
  5. Silny Jako Bek, Unfortunately because of security concerns in the Washington-DC area, there aren't really many caches around the metro stations or in DC itself. Most of the caches in DC are virtual caches, which are actually really great for visitors because they give you a chance to see some of the most wonderful parts of our nations capitol. As for the metro caches, there are a few in Maryland, but not many, and most are a good walk from the station. Also, a few of the caches closest to the stations have disappeared. If you had a car in the area though, going down Rockville Pike (355) from Gaithersburg, Maryland right into DC, you hit more than 40 caches within 1 mile from the road (multiply that if you go even further)!! Let me know if you want me to do up a bookmark list (it may take a bit of time... lots of caches), or want any more help navigating the area. Enjoy your stay! Hybridgeek
  6. What's the latest on this coin? I just found the thread and it looks awesome! I'd love to get my hands on one! Awesome job! -Hybridgeek
  7. Any word on the availability of these coins? Are they going to be available on another site than geoswag? I've been checking, but they haven't appeared so far and it's been a few weeks, so I just thought I'd check. Any updates? Thanks, Hybridgeek
  8. I'd love a public one. Actually, I'd love one of the finders ones too, but I passed up on the after high school road trip and don't think I'll get to visiting all 51 for a while. So, with my lack of visitations, I'll just go for a public coin. They look great! This whole series of caches was a wonderful idea. -Hybridgeek
  9. Now that's a nice looking coin with a good lesson! Having been a hiker before discovering caching, that coin really appeals to me. It has the best of both worlds! I can't wait! -Hybridgeek
  10. Looks good! Too bad the "h" in my name got cut off, but oh well. I can't wait! -Hybridgeek
  11. I actually like the coin design. I think it could use a few alterations, including the one Atwell Family suggested, and the wire frame satellite idea sounds nice. I think it should have some futuristic looking Geocaching text though. Perhaps "SEEK" "HIDE" "????" along the three sides? Something to do with the purpose or methods used in geocaching. If the tracking circle was inset on the back and the globe was raised on the front, it would be a neat effect. The center "sphere" would be raised out of the coin effectively. Perhaps some simplistic shapes could be combined on the back to create a border on either side for the Geocaching logo and other associated logos. I like that the coin doesn't have a geocacher name on it. I know personal coins are meant to be neat and spread a persons name, but I find it usually drives me away from an otherwise awesome looking coin because the name is written in big letters, and usually isn't something that makes sense, so it kind of sticks out. It definitely has potential. I'll look forward to the end result! -Hybridgeek
  12. Oh wow.. That looks to be an awesome coin. Add me to a list if there is one, I'm in for at least one. If no list, I'll just check from time to time. I hope I don't miss this one like I have a few others. Awesome coin! I can't wait! -Hybridgeek
  13. Split8s has made my caching experience truly awesome by creating the toughest, and definitely the most creative caches I have yet to see (even on the forums)! Thank you Spit8s! I'd also like to thank Crake for making the best geocoins I've ever seen!. Thanks all! -Hybridgeek
  14. hybridgeek


    My LE coin set arrived a few days ago, and let me say, Crake, you have done an incredible job on your coin (as usual)! They are stunning, and the LE metal was a great choice. Keep up the great work! -Hybridgeek
  15. Aww man, these look like awesome coins! Too bad I missed out. My birthday is 2 days after April fools day too!! Drat. Nice coin anyway! Keep up the great work! -hybridgeek
  16. Do I count as a kid (I'm 20, going on 21 in a week or so)? Probably not, so I won't bother posting any of myself caching. I don't have kids and haven't been able to convince any of the neighborhood kids to go caching with me, but I wanted you all to know I really enjoyed viewing this post, seeing so many really cool places (I live around Washington, DC, everything is the same) and also seeing so many kids out and about. Though I'm not old by most standards, my job is in Parks and Rec, working with kids of all ages, and I'm steadily seeing kids become more hooked on video games and not wanting to get out at all. Bravo to those of you encouraging outdoorsmanship (is this a word? if not, it should be) in kids!!! Cache on! -Hybridgeek
  17. Since I can't edit my previous post for some reason.... I forgot to mention that I'd be in for one regular edition and one anniversary edition coin. Looking forward to these! -hybridgeek
  18. Aww man. I'm so angry I missed this one. My family on one side is from the Isle of Man, and we still have relatives there. Any chance there's an extra coin? Anyone have one extra they're willing to sell? I don't buy more than one coin usually, so I don't have any to trade. PM anyone if you can help me out! -Hybridgeek
  19. I'd be interested in a few. I missed them the first time round and agree they are THE most geocaching related coin there is. -Hybridgeek
  20. As an avid hiker, including the AT, and collector of coins, including this series, I can't wait until the last few come out. I'm anxious to see how the final coin comes out. You're doing great gridlox! -Hybridgeek
  21. w00t! My name made it on! I can't wait for this coin! -hybridgeek edit: Oh, and I love the artwork. Looking good!
  22. I'd likely be in for a few depending on their cost. Your worm character is so cute, I wish I had gotten in on your v1. -Hybridgeek
  23. I'd love my name to be on it if possible. At any point or any coin, if at all possible, it would be really awesome. hybridgeek Thanks!
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