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  1. I believe the mark pictured above is a Public Land Survey System marker placed on the boundary between Section 6 and Section 7 of 9S 3W. (This would be referred to as a "quarter corner" marker as it is halfway between two section corners.) Here's an image to show what I found: And that mapping system is accessible here: http://www.geocommunicator.gov/GeoComm/lsis_home/home/ Under Interactive Maps/PLSS More info on the PLSS in general can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_Land_Survey_System As for the other one mentioned in here, a picture would be helpful, but taking a guess based on the coordinates (which I assume were supposed to be N37 10.934' W121 31.746 not W121.31746) and say that it might have been placed as a park boundary marker. Thanks, EdrickV!
  2. Hello CaliCoe, Did you ever find out what the deal was with that benchmark? I found one recently at Big Basin Redwoods State Park at N 37 10.522' W 122 13.972' that I'm having trouble finding information on (or any information on California-specific benchmarks in general). Here's what I know: Coordinates -- N 37 10.522' W 122 13.972' Altitude (as reported by my GPS) -- 1264 ft Markings -- L.S. 2716 S 6 1/4 --|-- 1 S 7 L.S. 2716
  3. Looks like a really nice coin! I can't wait!
  4. Oh my gosh.... It's only 12:10 EST and they're already sold out!! Awwwww.... DRAT!! Anyone have any extra coppers they want to sell? Or will any more be listed later? Well, in any case, it looks like a beautiful coin! Nice job tsunrisebey! -hybridgeek
  5. Sweet! A coin with binary! w00t!! That's a first from what I've seen. We could use some more technology/computer oriented coins... hehe. After all, without the wonderful binary language, we wouldn't have GPS units, computers, or any other digital electronics! Looks cool! -hybridgeek
  6. Haha, thanks BigJohnP. Congrats Vegas Gamblers! Thanks Anthus for a good fun contest!
  7. Sorry BigJohnP, your post didn't exist when I went to add one. I didn't mean to guess the same thing (at the same time!). 715 MB!
  8. 530 MB? dunno if it's been said yet... hard to tell at this point
  9. 410MB... so suspenseful!
  10. Phew! I called my bro and had him pick my dad and I up 4 gold and 1 silver. When he ordered the silver it said only 2 left!! I sure our order got us one of those last two! I can't wait!!! Thanks! -hybridgeek
  11. I got a couple of the standard gold, and boy are they nice! I'm a bit sad though... I thought the "h" in my name got cut off, but really I think it must have became an "n" somewhere in the process... I'm now "nybridgeek" instead of "hybridgeek" Both my coins also have a dark(er) spot on each of them on the side with the Groundspeak logo, with one of them being really noticeable. Anyone else have this problem with theirs? It's probably just a random overheated enamel coating from the manufacturing process, but I'm interested to know if any other coins ended with this. -hybridgeek
  12. w00t! The nickel ones are back on coinsandpins.com! Probably not for long! Picked myself up a few. Again, an AWESOME job on this coin! -hybridgeek
  13. Woah man is that a nice coin! And what a great cause to make a coin about! Good job! -hybridgeek
  14. Oooohhh Goodie!! Only problem is I work on Saturdays 11-7... :-( How will the buying go? You say via paypal, but will it be you'll accept emails with orders at 1 pm (EST), or will there be a site up for it? Any way to reserve some for me for later that night??? Or any Gaithersburg/Montgomery Village (Maryland) cachers willing to order some for me (with me promptly paying you back of course)? Thanks, hybridgeek
  15. That's awesome news! I can't wait! Thanks for the update! -hybridgeek
  16. Well drat! Even though I'm subscribed to this thread, I didn't get notice of a response until today, and the coins don't appear to be on C&P (again)! I'll keep an eye out, hoping to pick up a few if they appear again. If anyone has any extras they want to sell, lemme know. I'm interested in 2 or 3.
  17. Sweeeet! I've been waiting for this one for ages! Any estimates for when we should expect to see them up for sale? Thanks!
  18. Wow... now that's a beautiful coin. I wish I could get one (hint hint). Will there be any more of these for sale (I missed it on coins and pins apparently)? I don't have any coins you're interested in to trade :-( Thanks, hybridgeek
  19. CONGRATS GeoSquid!! It's always nice to have a long lost coin return home. I recently was reunited with one of my geocoins that disappeared back in late August as well. It popped back up in the hands of a cacher who let me know where it was. Unfortunately the part of the story about where it was the whole time remains a mystery. Congrats again! I'd be interested in hearing any story you have as well for yours. -hybridgeek (Not trying to hijack the thread up there or anything... just thought I'd share my ray of hope as well)
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