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  1. Can anyone tell me if I can download existing custom routes that I have setup for my GPS 60CX onto a nuvi 750? I did some searching in the forum and didn't find anything definitive. Thanks
  2. My GPS60cx will be arriving this week, I'm a die hard mac fan and haven't had a windows machine in my house for over ten years. Having said that, I agree VPC is worthless. My plan is to barrow an old windows machine from work and use that till the new mac software is released by Garmin. So.....What version of windows is needed to run the sofware? Maybe I'll slap an Apple sticker on the side of the windows box so I don't feel so dirty.
  3. Has anybody else noticed that the price went up over the weekend for the x units, at places like tiger? Friday - 60cx $376 Today - 60cx $449 The only place I found a 60cx for $376 was megagps. Has anybody ever purchased from them before? Are the reputable?
  4. Does anybody have an idea when the x models are actually going to ship?
  5. Thanks for the input. I think the Upgradable memory of the Vista / Legend x series, will probably push me to one of them. My understanding is only difference between the two is the compass/altimeter feature. Is that correct?
  6. Buying my first unit. I was set to buy a GPSMAP 60c. Then the x units came out The unit will be used for caching, hiking & limited roadtrips. I was leaning to the 60c because of the 56mb memory. But with the x units thrown in I now have way too many options. GPSMAP60C GPSMAP60CS ETRAX Vista CX ETRAX legend CX GPSMAP 76C All are $299 - $356. Any comments on what the best unit of the bunch is? Pros & Cons? Thanks for the input.
  7. So the chance of the price dropping much is slim? I don't mind waiting a week or two, But I don't think I can hold out for a few months.
  8. I for one would love it, Although I'd have to brush-up my rock climbing skills & dust off my open water diving card.
  9. Can anybody throw out a guess as to how much the price of the 60C & 60CS will drop? Both are selling for $329 & $369 respectively on Amazon right now.
  10. Good to know, Maybe I'll stick with the 60c and wait to see if the price drops when the new models come out.
  11. Thanks for all the info. I guess I'll wait a few weeks and see what the spec & price is on the 60cx & 60csx. It might be worth waiting for the extra memory.
  12. I'll be buying a unit soon and am leaning towards a Gpsmap 60C or 60CS. I live in upstate New York, and occasionally take road trips South (Florida, South Carolina, etc.) My Questions Are: 1.How much space do the maps take-up?(city maps) 2. Can I load enough maps into a 60C (56mb) to take a 900mi road trip? 3. If not, How much memory would I need? My main use will be caching & hiking, so the road trip use would just be a bonus. Thanks in advance for the help.
  13. Check this link for another thread on this board concerning mac software http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=115511
  14. I'm about to buy a 60c, and like many other mac users have little use for windows based PC's. It's my understanding that software such as GPSbabel & Mac GPSpro will work for waypoints, but not for loading maps from a map source or city select cd. The only options I've read about for map loading are using VPC, or a windows pc. My experience with VPC has been iffy at best and I wouldn't waste my money on it. I have access to a pc so as a last resort I could use it for the maps. That being said, I'm new to all of this so any additional info would be greatly appreciated.
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