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  1. Well, I'm not entirely sure what to expect at the event, but I've booked my cabin anyway. Hope it doesn't snow.
  2. hehe... that would be appropriate for Labour Day I guess!
  3. Radioworld in Toronto will probably get you some of the most knowledgable staff. 4335 Steeles Ave. W. 667-1000
  4. Yay! Another C-A pubnight! The Black Bull again?
  5. Who want's to host an impromptu pub night! ?
  6. Count us in too murfster! Sounds like a super deal! -TT-
  7. Close by the airport, Plane Sight is quick if the parking lot is open. Still accessible via other entry points if it isn't. Bring a lapel pin to trade. Watch out for the wild animals.
  8. This shouldn't cause any approval problems. Ken Reid Conservation area is managed by Kawartha Conservation, NOT Parks Ontario. There was a previous cache in the park (as you know... you found it!), and this cache caused no problems at all. After the cache was pillaged, I cleaned up the area (like a good geocacher should). Good luck with your cache approval. I look forward to hunting it next time I'm in the Fenelon Falls area. -TT-
  9. pssst... Olar... I think he's in New Brunswick.... wanna do that one this weekend? hehe
  10. Hey BuS_RiDeR, I'm definitely a proponent of the "find a few before you place your first one" camp. I think it's all about having a basis for comparison. I've found many caches placed by new geocachers who haven't taken advantage of the experience to be gained by hunting other caches first. Most of the time, it is very obvious that the hider has no prior geocaching experience. By hunting other caches first you learn (among many other things): - What makes a good cache container, and more importantly, what doesn't! - What makes up a good selection of trading goodies. - Various hiding/camouflage techniques. - What a cache logbook should be. - Whether or not you need to provide detailed hints for your own cache. - Whether or not you need to provide parking coordinates for your own cache. - Whether or not you need to provide information on hiking distance, terrain specifics etc. You won't really know these things until you've had the pleasure of finding a number of caches first, because you have no baseline for comparison. Best of luck hunting AND hiding! TrimblesTrek
  11. Yeah, and then there are those who follow the instructions TO THE LETTER, and wind up hundreds of metres from the cache, in the middle of a swamp! eh Annie?! -TT-
  12. Cache-tech says it's in his approval queue. Apparently they don't approve event caches more than 90 days in advance. I guess this means it won't get approved until June 18. (From that, you can do the higher math and figure out that GHAGAFAP III will be September 18) I'll post here when it's approved.
  13. I don't understand. If you don't think a night cache is a good idea, then why do you say "somewone should do one up" ?? Wondering... TT
  14. Use the price match guarantee at Canadian Tire. They'll match the price with GPS Central, PLUS give you 10% of the purchase price in Canadian Tire money, PLUS the regular Canadian Tire money if you pay cash. That will save you $60 or more off of the GSP Central price. 60C is a great unit. Cheers, TT
  15. To all the GAGAFAP watchers... GHAGAFAP III is coming soon to a CA near you. GCJKQZ Check http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...03-4643ad357a9c for all the details! Only posted just moments ago... you may have to wait a bit for it to be approved!
  16. mmmmm .... Guinness
  17. Never noticed a rubbery taste. Use enough rum and it will overpower all other flavours!
  18. This is a superb idea. I'll add this to my list of things to do for GAGAFAP III, for which, by the way, planning is underway. The more sponsors the better I say!
  19. Well G'Day, gdaybloke! Welcome to geocaching! If you want to meet some fellow area geocachers TODAY, head over to Kitchener for one of our monthly restaurant/pub nights. Just plug the coordinates into your new yellow ETrex, and we'll see you there! There are lots of easy caches in the area to get you started. Check The Next One - An April Event for all the details. -TT-
  20. I'd take a breath now and then!
  21. Better just stick to the rum... the Coke tends to make the bladder go ka-blooey!
  22. Whoa! I would take that up with CT head office then. Their policy is that they must price match if provided with proof of price on an identical unit. Get your unit from GPSCentral, then write CT a letter telling your story. Hope you got the name of the person you were talking to in the store!
  23. Well, it wasn't a $199 deal, but I did take advantage of the Canadian Tire price match guarantee. Both RadioWorld and GPSCentral have the 60C for $550, so, according to the Canadian Tire guarantee they matched that price. Plus, I got the normal $10 Cdn Tire money, PLUS another $55 in Cdn Tire money based on the price match guarantee. My cost, not including taxes... $485 A long way from the $700 CT catalogue price!
  24. I was at Costco in Kitchener today where I picked up two hydration backpacks. These are similar to the Camelback (around $100) and Platypus (around $60) packs that you can get from many hiking/cycling stores. It's a three pouch pack with a separate insulated pocket for the hydration reservoir. It includes a 2 litre reservoir with an insulated tube and bite valve. Only $25 ! At this price, they won't last long!
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