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  1. Gotta be Gander, Nfld. Everything happens first in Gander. Everything.
  2. It is? Sorry. I must have misunderstood.
  3. Dude, go search for the original Canada Geocoin threads and warn people that it is an overpriced piece of junk. Don't let others pay good money for it, if it looks as horrible as you say. Bad geocoins should not be rewarded. Hmm... "overpriced piece of junk"... "horrible" Not my words. You have something against geocoins.ca maybe? I just said I wasn't impressed. When compared with the First Cache coin. I will however keep one of the coins I ordered. The other two will find their way into a cache, or another cachers collection.
  4. Got mine last week. Couldn't agree more with what Olar and BQ said. I'm going to mount two of the coins (front and back) along with the certificate I received after logging that cache a couple of summers ago. While that coin is terrific, I'm not so impressed with the new Canada geocoin I got last week as well. Looked better on the web page than it does "in person". -sigh- Great job to the First Cache coin creators!
  5. I found one of these Hydro box hides recently... was sticking my hands all over places I ought not have been. Finally found the cache (after getting some help of course). Had found a similar magnetic type cache previously on a Frost fence... no danger there. How about a magnetic sheet cache on one of those banks of freebie newpaper boxes that show up everywhere. The only dangers there would be... - you may end up buying a new house - you may be convinced to join a religious group - you may find out what's going on in your city....dose, Dose, DOSE! Yeah, yeah... the newspaper boxes are private property too, but at least they won't electrocute me.
  6. Yeah...they are expensive...but really nice looking. I've ordered three...one for me and the others to give away.
  7. Wow! Nice to see the young'uns getting out for some exercise and fresh air! CONGRATS! -TT-
  8. I've always found the camo tape in Canadian Tire in the aisle that has Glue, Masking tape, etc. Usually on the bottom shelf.
  9. The absolute best price you'll get is from Canadian Tire, as long as they carry the unit you want. Take advantage of their price match guarantee...They'll match the lowest price you can verify, PLUS they'll give you 10% of the price in Cdn Tire money. NOT 10% of the difference in price...a full 10% of the price. Depending on what model you choose, this could mean an extra 20 to 50 bucks in your pocket. Don't take NO for an answer...some of the Cdn Tire managers are reluctant to offer the price match, but they are bound by policy to do so. Cheers!
  10. How about this poor lonely sole? buys a premium membership and posts only fake logs. Jeremy...give this guy his money back and ban him! http://www.geocaching.com/profile/Default....ed-4002cdb92825
  11. Definitely a great deal! It sure would be nice to see more decent containers used for caches. I'm just plumb tired of finding leaky margarine/ice cream/peanut butter/sour cream containers. The "dollar store" containers like Era-Seal are pretty much useless for keeping the moisture away as well. I can't figure a cacher who spends time, energy, and money to put together a decent cache, then throws everything into a container that will leak, rot, crack, or otherwise not stand up to more than a few weeks (days?) of life in the wild. Lock and Lock are great. Most Rubbermaid is good. Real Tupperware is great (but brain-jarringly expensive). Here's one way to test your container. Fill it with water. Put the lid on. Go stand next to your mother-in-law. Hold your container over her head and shake vigorously (the container, not your mother-in-law). Wet head? Mad mother-in-law? Toss the container! Can't afford anything better than a margarine container? Come on! You spent the dough for your GPS remember? Still can't shell out 3 or 4 bucks? Raid your wet mother-in-law's kitchen!
  12. I saw your note in the Canada forum. The moderator just closed the thread due to cross posting, but your initial post is still there and has the link to bring me over here. I have a couple of questions... Do we get cool shirts and hats? If I'm gonna be part of something important and official, I think I'll need to wear an important and official looking shirt and hat while I'm seaching for stray bugs. One of those cool dashboard signs for the car would be great too. "Don't tow this vehicle...Travel Bug Hunter ON CALL" If we find a cacher who refuses to "give up" and surrender the TB to the TB Police, what are our options? Can we use force? Should we make mean faces? Can we make a citizens arrest? Can we lie and tell them we know Jeremy and they'll "be in BIG trouble if they don't cooperate"? Should we just cry? Once we have the missing bugs in our (bloodied?) hands, what's the next step? Return it directly to the owner? Place it in an accessible cache? Give it to a friend that is in the "just getting interested in this geocaching thing" stage? Maybe just hand it over to a passing 6 year old and hope for the best? It's a great idea! But we need RULES and REGULATIONS man! And don't forget about the cool t-shirts and hats.
  13. I agree with Olar. Getting coins made isn't rocket science. We need a design (something the GA_Cacher group seems to do pretty well), and we need a manufacturer. Don't get a middleman involved unless absolutely necessary, and they bring some value to the table. Otherwise, they just increase the cost. My two cents. Nice shiny double-struck ones too!
  14. This coin isn't about ONTARIO. Never was. Was simply about profit. What a JOKE is right.
  15. Still no real answer on the Gold, Silver, Bronze question...???? (And I never noticed that the price was in USD! Change your advertised price to CDN and you'll likely get more interest....and orders from Ontario!)
  16. I'm not sure I understand your Gold, Silver and Bronze designation. The coins are beautiful, and very colourful, but where do the Gold, Silver and Bronze fit in? Does this mean that parts of the coins are gold, silver or bronze in colour? In content? Inquiring minds want to know! Gold - 100 pieces - $9.50 US (one per person) Silver - 200 pieces - $8.50 US (two per person) Bronze - 700 pieces - $7.50 US (700 maximum)
  17. Correct me if I'm wrong, but *no one* has talked about banning GPS use in national parks. The issue is with permanently placed caches that many people find their way to using GPSrs. These are two very different activities with very different environmental impacts. Good grief!!! Guess I should have written it as... <tongue-in-cheek>Put a GPSr in your hands and you are breaking the rules?</tongue-in-cheek>
  18. Hey dogsbreath...can you get any examples to post here? I'd love to find out, again, that Parks Canada already "officially" allow these types of activities in their parks. It's the left hand/right hand thing all over again.
  19. Oh! I'd love to spend a nice quiet romantic dinner of fine dining with my caching partners! But we'll be dirty, sweaty, and tired. Or at least Annie and Flick will be. I'll opt for the pub grub. -TT-
  20. er... "Keep It Beautiful" As a bit of plate trivia... The "Keep It Beautiful" slogan was used from 1973 to June 1982. In 1982 the slogan was changed to "Yours To Discover" Prior to 1973 the plates were without slogan, only indicating the plate year and province. -TT-
  21. This is an interesting post! The link provided by Dagg takes you directly to a Parks Canada page. On that page, we find the following... So, what we have here is Parks Canada publicly advocating bushwacking? But only if you are carrying a compass and a map I guess. Put a GPSr in your hands and you are breaking the rules? Does the left hand even KNOW that there is a right hand? -TT-
  22. Judging by the description: ...I'd guess that you're right. Kitchener area as usual most likely, unless P38ManCdn has moved! And, as usual, I'm up for my annual threesome, if my partners are willing! -TT-
  23. <sarcasm> They could install webcams at all the really important areas too. That way, we could just sit on our couches and get fat, and surf the parks via technology! But that probably wouldn't work either. The webcams would probably cause some sort of RF pollution that would affect the lifecycle of one out of every 23 trillion Flimsy Beetlebacked Froogmites. Can't have that. </sarcasm> Once again, I think the simple fact is that PC don't understand geocaching. They're in fear of a constant stream of hikers mangling the forest. If they'd look into it, they'd see it doesn't work that way. Geocachers aren't causing environmental problems in parks. I'm tired of being told that we are. If any park visitors are causing problems, it would be the everyday hikers. Simple numbers. There are way more everyday hikers walking the trails than there are geocachers. And don't fool yourself. The everday hikers don't always stick to the trails either. Especially their kids. And their dogs. This would have been such a simple issue to resolve, and it could have been done immediately after the initial meeting with PC back in the spring. Let the existing caches stay. Evaluate after a number of months. Simple. Of course this is just my opinion. Your mileage may vary.
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