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  1. Just one darn minute...if you take a close look at the profile, you'll clearly see that qcorvino is a student in 'Gueph'. Guelph has a hard enough time existing on it's own without being branded as a safe haven for TB kidnappers. Personally, I can't stand it when people think they are being cute by 'kidnapping' TB's. There was a cache a few years ago...(Prison Break or something) that did this. Not funny. Not fun.
  2. Arghhhh! Not Timberframers I hope! My first find! Benny and I go back from time to time just to check on it. And, I've enjoyed watching countless new cachers. Archive? No way! Let's have an anniversary party on the bridge!
  3. Well, I got halfway down the article but got distracted by the Sunshine Girl link I'll assume the second half of the news article was as good as the first! -TT-
  4. Yikes...you caught me. Had the plates for a few years now. It's actually GEOCACHE (8 letter max). And it's a silver minivan...the plates used to be on a red minivan but it perished after too many "Wait...I can get closer" caches. You should have hung around longer...we've met a pile of other cachers as a result of those plates. Makes it kinda hard to be inconspicuous at times though. Not a surprise you saw it in Guelph... it's where the silver minivan calls home. -TT-
  5. Hmmm... Canada is a pretty big place. (Canada Wiki) Being a little more specific on your destination may get you better help. If you know your destination, go this page , enter the city and the province, and you have the postal codes. Then, from the Hide and Seek a Cache page, just enter the postal code. Caches galore! Have fun on your trip! -TT-
  6. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! My shiny new plasma-or-lcd-or-any-other-technology-that-results-in-a-bigger-than-lifesize-picture television failed to show up under my Christmas tree this year. Again. Oh well. Maybe next year. Santa did bring along a pair of camo-fleece gloves though, so my hands will be toasty warm if winter ever arrives. My biggest wish for 2007 is for the chance to get out caching regularly again. Those pesky family troubles kept getting in the way during most of 2006. More than missing out on the caching and the caches, I've missed out more on spending time with my friends. Fingers crossed and re-crossed for 2007! Best wishes to all TFOTT for a safe and healthy 2007! TrimblesTrek - Larry, Linda, and Benny
  7. Does that mean Yellow Jeep Fever is coming back too!!??? WooHoo!!!! Maybe I can get my "Used chewing gum" cache approved now! I am glad to hear that Earthcaches are coming back to where they started though. Technically, they are still locationless caches and don't at all fit into the gc guidelines, but rules were made to be broken right? Even by the rulemakers themselves.
  8. Yellow Jeep Fever GC3FFB Do I win?
  9. I had heard horror stories about the Quebec service...(I'm sure they'll be replayed here) so I sent my 60C direct to the states. Mine had a scratched screen, cracked case, and broken USB connection. They replaced my unit with a new one. Had it back to me within 5 days. The only problem I encountered was because I needed new unlock codes for the new unit... A couple of emails sorted this out. My opinion of Garmin US service? They rock! -TT-
  10. I log my own personal TB back into (and out of) one of my own caches after each caching trip. This cache is very close to my home, and fairly accurately reflects my own caching mileage (if I flew everywhere). My bug sits somewhere around 27000 miles, but I've yet to log all my 2003 caching. Doubt I'll ever get completely caught up.
  11. At least your watch count is going up!
  12. What are the coordinates? Copy your cache description here so we can all see! Is it a micro, regular? Normal, multi, ?? Details!
  13. But then what would I write? .
  14. Good for you! Like they say...if you build it, they will come. With geocaching events, they generally come in droves. Get an event page set up so folks are aware. Ask for some assistance if you're going to need it. Start planning! Keep your cache event page updated so folks know how the planning is going. Good Luck!
  15. So, all three have been answered correctly...but not by a single reply... come on! Scroll back to find 'em!
  16. 2) The first thing that came to my mind yesterday was Amelia Airheart. I can't think of any other names. 3) I am pretty sure he was blonde (Oh wait, not all Germans are blonde )... Ok Heinrich Himmler...just a guess. I can guess a few others too. #2 correct
  17. Sloppy Seconds... Neil Armstrong was the first to walk on the moon. Who was the second? Charles Lindbergh was the first to fly solo across the Atlantic. Who was the second? Adolf Hitler was the first fuehrer of the Third Reich. Who was the second? 1 - Buzz Aldrin 2 - Felix Waitkus 3 - Karl Dönitz I admit, I had to look 'em up! #1 correct #3 correct
  18. Buzz Aldrin (I had to ask my wife) No Clue...I will guess Charles Lindbergh again. The blonde guy who signed Germany's surrender after Hitler offed himself. Drumroll... # 1 correct # 2 Nope... I think he was too scared to do it again # 3 Blonde guy... nice try!
  19. Well, Armstrong and Lindberg both flew, so there was some technology used..OK, maybe the only technology for Armstrong was Hollywood special effect. Hitler? I dunno...maybe we'd have been rid of him sooner if we plopped a GPS bug on his jeep!
  20. Sloppy Seconds... Neil Armstrong was the first to walk on the moon. Who was the second? Charles Lindbergh was the first to fly solo across the Atlantic. Who was the second? Adolf Hitler was the first fuehrer of the Third Reich. Who was the second?
  21. A dead drop box.... I remember this from my days as an international spy. This is different from a drop dead box, more commonly known as a coffin.
  22. Jeez... tough to pick between an "antenna" and "those thing-a-majigs" I'll go with the "thing-a-majigs" since there are more than one. It is, in fact the antennae array on a new Lockheed Martin Global Positioning Satellite IIRM Go ahead "doo-hickie" -er Res!
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