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  1. What's this? Caches have trade items? No way! How do you fit anything to trade in a film canister or a pill bottle?
  2. Please tell me this has something to do with pints of Guinness. Then I'll play.
  3. This is a competition now? Jeez. Nobody told me. That's it. I quit.
  4. I also hate posting from a slow net connection
  5. Haha...I hate it when the coordinates blow around on me like that!
  6. Considering that you are looking at # people per cache, then your 10km radius is a little arbitrary. For example, Toronto is larger than a 10km radius, so you are not getting all the caches but you are still counting the entire population of Toronto in the # people/cache stat. Conversely, some of your other locations are much smaller than a 10km radius so you are attributing caches that are outside their boundary to a population that is within the boundary. I'm not really sure what the number of people have to do with this anyway. Just because a city has 2500, 25000, 250000 or 1000000 people is pretty irrelevant to cache density. Cache density is usually thought of in terms of number of caches per sq km or some such measure. If these stats were based on an area calculation it would give a much more accurate measure of where you could go to get the most caching bang for your buck. Does the source you used for your city populations also provide the city area?
  7. Hmmm yes.. lots of differences between your numbers and the wiki list linked by Res. And I would agree...the standard for determining the centre of the city would be the city hall address (or postal code one would assume) Still not sure what enlightenment can be gained by knowing how many people per cache there are in any given town though. And cache saturation is meaningless...ever been to a place like Erie, Pa... where there's yet another stupid micro tucked under a lamppost every couple hundred metres. Utterly ridiculous. Your stats would be more meaningful to me if I had an idea of how many Regular caches there were in a given area. I don't and won't hunt micros unless I'm really, really bored. IMHO Gc.com should be providing all these stats anyway. They have all the data available to crunch.
  8. Your "caches per capita" numbers don't make sense to me. Example: 85 Guelph ON 127,009 116 1094.905172 By my calculation: 116 caches / 127009 people = 0.0009133 caches per capita. You seem to have inverted the calculation. "per capita" is Latin meaning "for each head" (or for each person) Your numbers are showing people per cache, not caches per person. Maybe "people per cache" needs a cool new Latin phrase. How about populum per cachita.
  9. YAY. It's about time! Keeping my comments tp myself on this topic.
  10. I think that's a great system and have used it with some of my own caches. But when the area is peppered with posts and rocks, this kind of a "final clue" is exactly what I like to see...instead of "next to the post" If sort of think that the detail of the hints should be in direct proportion to the effort to get to the cache area. If I've spent a half hour walking to the cache locale, I think I should be rewarded with a pretty much guaranteed cache find. TT
  11. I agree also. Nothing irks me more than the "you don't need a hint" variety. (Well actually there are plenty of things that irk me more, but this is definitely a caching irk.) On par with this is the "in a fallen tree" hint, when the entire are is covered in fallen trees. Or the "flim canister hanging in a tree" when there are nothing but trees in every direction. If I need a hint, it's because I can't find the cache. IMHO caching is about FINDING the cache, NOT about hiding the cache in such a manner that it's near impossible to locate it. So the hints should be specific enough to lead me right to it. Lot's of cachers have the right idea and provide step by step instructions for those of us that need to be led by the hand. The cache hiders that get some kind of perverted satisfaction by seeing the frowny face only server to tick me off, and I avoid their hides. My opinion. Your mileage may vary. TT
  12. Running and geocaching? Of course! Running from mosquitoes, black flies and deer flies! Happens every May, June and July. I should be in awesome shape by now. Love your avatar! How can you possibly run with a belly full of Guinness?!!
  13. My interpretation also. Winter Friendly to me means I don't have to dig through snow. Digging through snow does not make me very friendly.
  14. Hey...just a darn minute! GHAGAFAP4? 4???? Come on JP! This is gonna be SEVEN! GHAGAFAP VII !!! Good grief! I'd better get my butt in gear!
  15. Just happened to notice that one of the Google Ads at the top of the page was for Subway (yes..the sub people). So I guess Groundspeak are cashing in on the fact that we cachers need to eat after all. I also think it's ridiculous that Groundspeak feel the need to disallow a simple link to a restaurant where an event is being held.
  16. I've recently stopped dealing with GPScentral.ca ... their shipping costs are too expensive now. $15 for Canada ground service. GPScity.ca has much better shipping rates. I just ordered a windsheild RAM mount for my GPS unit and the shipping was less than $10. They are both based in Calgary, so there is no PST added to your order. GPS Central seems to have a wider selection of geoswag, but GPScity has all the essentials... travel bugs, Geocaching logo patches, etc. GPS city also have better prices on the travel bugs. GPScentral Travel bug prices single: 7.95 4 pack: 24.95 8 pack: 42.95 GPScity Travel bug prices single: 6.95 4 pack: 23.95 8 pack: 40.95 GPScity has some awesome items on sale right now too... the RAM mount I bought is regular $56.54. I got it for $29.95 www.gpscity.ca/ramb166ga12 Same item at GPScentral is $46.95 Have fun shopping!
  17. Morty, The very best solution to all of this is for you to just quit geocaching. You've chosen a hobby that you just don't fit into. While all the rest of us are willing to get along and play nice, you're like the bully in the sandbox. You will only play by your own rules, and if nobody wants to play your way, you'll steal their pail and shovel. So take some friendly advice. Quit the hobby now. You certainly don't fit the criteria for a conscientious geocacher, and with your hypocritically pious attitude you never will. You've been told the facts Morty: - The cache approvers have no problem with the cache - The land owner has no problem with the cache You are the only one with a problem with the cache. And your opinion (regardless of how important you think you are) simply doesn't count. Oh yes. If anyone chooses to disagree with my opinion... well...tough nuts. My opinion has always been right...is right now, and will forever be right. Nothing you can do or say will ever change my mind and I will continue to be myopic and bury my head in the sand. So there. Sound familiar?! And oh yes...I was right the first time...you ARE just a kid!
  18. Yes, you likely would be given options. By the cache approvers. You may be given 'suggestions' by other well meaning cachers...but no cacher I know would EVER presume to play god with someone elses cache. And this is exactly what you are doing. It is simply NOT your place to 'give options' to anyone in this game. Keep your holier than thou tendencies for your day job.
  19. Ya think? !! Might give you pause to wonder why!
  20. Dead tree or not, this should not be encouraged, it is defacement of property. Really C-T ??? Aside from the fact that I'd NEVER find such a cache...I'm astounded to learn that it's against the rules??? How is it "defacement of property"? How is this different from pulling rotting wood out of a stump, placing the container inside (a REAL cache container too..none of this micro garbage!) and then covering it up with bits of forest flotsam? Did I miss a tongue-in-cheek smiley somewhere? Wouldn't be the first time!
  21. I'm confused... Are these the same folks from the NOGPSTH / Candian Ecology Center ??? The website has no mention of the Northern Ontario GPS Treasure Hunt... BUT ... The FIRST link on the Eco-Fitness page is for the GeocachingOntario site The link to Geocaching.com is third. Any self-respecting geocacher would place it first. They include a link back to The Canadian Ecology Centre (Who would do that???!) The main contact is Shawna Lee (shawna@northcfdc.ca). Is it my imagination or is that a familiar name from CEC Mention of the Wawa CEC event Photo/mention of Bill Steer On the plus side... Their website is much prettier than the CEC site "all proceeds going to participating local health foundations" What's this? Giving money back to the community?! This can't be the CEC can it??? The 'sponsorship' money would presumably go to the local health foundations. Sponsorships run anywhere from $50 to $500. There IS a $10 entry fee, but that does give you entry into the prize draws I guess. If this IS CEC, they could learn a thing or two from Shawna Lee if this is her initiative. Personally, I don't find this as being a money grab event like the CEC events appear to be. I can't comment on the caches involved because I didn't see a list of them. Let's hope they aren't gigantic white buckets with nothing inside, bungied to trees. =============
  22. Minted by 3 Geeks I think. http://3geeks.ca/catalog/index.php?main_pa...products_id=395 Sold out I believe. You'll have to find one in a cache!
  23. Years ago Jeremy had said he would likely add this feature...the idea wound up on the cutting room floor I guess.
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