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  1. quote:Unfortunately not right away. The world maps would cost the site $24,000. I'm sure Jeremy will elaborate on that himself later, but for starters it will just be the US maps I'm afraid. in Canada TrimblesTrek
  2. Have been corresponding with DxChallenged and she sent along a picture of the quilt she is making for the GAGAFAP II picnic. The white squares will be signed by picnic-goers, and she will send one lucky cacher home with the quilt. This will be an added bonus to drawing a winner for the Canadian Geoquilt! Here's the picture of the work-in-progress... TT TrimblesTrek
  3. quote:I certainly would LIKE to attend and will if possible, but in any event I'm gonna mail the quilt to whoever is organizing the event/contest. That way it's GUARANTEED to be there!!! lol I'll get in touch with Dx and see if the quilt should be sent to her (as the quilter), or to me (as the organizer). Either way, we'll let you know and provide the address. TT TrimblesTrek
  4. quote:Originally posted by Mark 42:Pocket queries?... I love it when my wife does that. ROTFL !! TrimblesTrek
  5. Almost daily, we see new threads started about things we'd like to see added, changed, or removed from the site. Most of these threads restate the same issues over and over again. In some cases there is overwhelming support for a change. Does anything get done? Rarely. Even though the majority of members are asking for a change, nothing happens. (A simple example of this would be the Total Finds on the profile page.) Many of these changes would be simple to implement, but they remain unfulfilled. Why? Because it's not OUR site. The site belongs to an individual, and that individual has the final word on what is included. There could be any number of reasons that our collective requests remain vapour... Maybe the coder(s) are too busy... Maybe we've got a case of *It's my site and I'll do what I want*... Who knows. I guess all we can do is continue to ask, and maybe, someday, our wishes will be realized. TT TrimblesTrek
  6. quote:Originally posted by DxChallenged:... The event cache looks great! And I just found all the envelopes from the people who particiapeted in the quilt project....I will have a quilt ready for the event cache...to be signed there and given out. ...Dx Fantastic news Dx !!! Really looking forward to seeing you at the picnic. I guess I've got to really *go the extra mile* now that we'll have a celebrity in our midst! Question: How are we going to get our hands on the Canadian GeoQuilt? Will you be attending Cliffy??? TT TrimblesTrek
  7. Sorry, didn't realize this had already been done. Apologies. [This message was edited by TrimblesTrek on August 02, 2003 at 04:58 AM.]
  8. quote:Originally posted by DxChallenged:Ok! So are there any event caches scheduled? .... DX Yup! GAGAFAP II - The Sequel is scheduled for late September. We had a decent turnout at last year's event and, by all accounts, we'll have a much larger turnout this year. The event page is just getting started. Revisions will be appearing shortly. Don't be put off by the GAGAFAP name... (Guelph Area Geocachers and Friends Annual Picnic). The event is open to EVERYONE. We have been contemplating changing the name to reflect a more non-descriminative geographic locale, but that's gonna wait until next year. We would be happy to have DxChallenged make an appearance to do the final drawing. TrimblesTrek
  9. I'm still waiting for the ability to be able to see who is *watching* my own caches. I corresponded with Jeremy last year sometime about this and he indicated that it was on his *to do* list. I guess is never made it into the major site enhancements. -sigh- I (like many others) would also like to see the Totals on the stats page. Maybe this could be a premium only feature. I agree that other than the pocket queries (which ARE very valuable), we really don't get all that much extra. (Other than feeling good about supporting the site of course!) TrimblesTrek
  10. FYI: New Garmin PDA with GPS built-in Sorry if this has already been posted. TrimblesTrek
  11. TrimblesTrek


    Never, never, never do a simple replacement. Same location. Same local yahoos looking to steal your tupperware. Archive your cache then find another location in the same park/forest and hide a new one. Watch out for telltale signs of local yahoo wildlife and avoid these areas like the plague. TrimblesTrek
  12. Sadly, TrimblesTrek is headed for Canada's east coast for a much needed vacation. I'll be away until the 18th. I'll raise a glass of DD at some appropriate point on my travels. Someone please step up to the plate to take my place as the thorn in Flicks side for the evening! Dan? TT TrimblesTrek
  13. quote:Originally posted by umc:... ITS ALL ABOUT THE NUMBERS. Anyone saying different would log caches as a note. I think that's kind of silly. If I just logged cache finds as notes, there would be no way to know which ones I've found, and which ones I haven't found. One stat I would like to see is how many *Not Founds* I've logged, along with a page showing them all. Sadly, Jeremy is overworked enough without worrying about every wish and whim. I think it's a great game, with a super site to keep track of things for us all, no matter how we individually use the stats. TrimblesTrek
  14. quote:Originally posted by carleenp:That post isn't from an approver. Instead, it is from another cacher using a sock puppet account to complain (notice the 0 finds). cache-advance is a cache approver. He has approved quite a number of caches local to my region. I think many of the cache approvers only use their account for the approval process. They generally have a separate account for their own *real* caching. (Hence the 0 found.) TrimblesTrek
  15. quote:Originally posted by carleenp:I see the stats as a way to keep track of things. I'm not "competing" with anyone, but I like to know how many caches I've found, will probably celebrate things like 100th find etc. It is part of the fun. ... I agree. The stats are there for ME, and I'm not really concerned how anyone else interprets them. Some folks like to log finds on all their own caches too. I don't do this, but I don't have a problem with it. One of the cache approvers has a problem with this though... ------------------------------ These are the first two log entries from a newly approved cache... ------------------------------ The Falls Tour: Eugenia Falls - Canadian Geocache June 24 by cache-advance (0 found) Hello, On your Eugenia Falls - Canadian Geocache, yo have logged a find under you own username. You should NOT log you own cache as a find. Please change you log to the 'Post a Note' log type. This is what it is for. Thanks. June 21 by Kismet (Kismet) (14 found) Canuck the Polar Bear TB has been placed in this cache. Please start him on his journey across Canada. Thanks Kismet ------------------------------ I didn't think there were *rules* that had to be followed. If I want to log a find on my own cache, so be it. Same for multiple finds at an event. TrimblesTrek
  16. Get ready for GAGAFAP II !!! The date is set: Saturday September 27, 2003 The location is set: Belwood Lake Conservation Area. A new GAGAFAP II cache event page will be coming soon. Put a watch on the GAGAFAP event cache page from last year and you'll be among the first to see it. I hope everyone who came out last year can make it again this time. And bring a friend! More news soon! TrimblesTrek (Sorry for the double post. I wanted to make sure that anybody who had notification from last year's event was informed. Didn't realize it would bump the old topic to the top of the list.) TrimblesTrek
  17. Get ready for GAGAFAP II !!! The date is set: Saturday September 27, 2003 The location is set: Belwood Lake Conservation Area. A new GAGAFAP II cache event page will be coming soon. Put a watch on the GAGAFAP event cache page from last year and you'll be among the first to see it. I hope everyone who came out last year can make it again this time. And bring a friend! More news soon! TrimblesTrek TrimblesTrek
  18. quote:Originally posted by Cache Canucks:(My last post in this thread) Thank God. TrimblesTrek
  19. Sheesh... let's just ignore the post above shall we?! quote:Originally posted by Tripper: But but but... Tripper.... WHAT IF... The guy assigned to check out the caches near the parks, (to make sure they aren't placed on *hallowed ground*) winds up liking geocaching! Then he's on our side and will probably keep quiet about the whole thing! I think I'll apply for the job! I think having the final outside the park may work just fine... surely we could plop the final under a bridge or something... Staying on topic, TrimblesTrek
  20. I agree with Bullzie... this thread should get back on track. It's funny how a few *bags of hot air* can affect an otherwise interesting topic. It's the folks who are actually active in geocaching that should be participating here! If I ever got the inclination to hide a cache in a Provincial Park (unlikely, since I don't live near any and couldn't therefore maintain the cache adequately), I would most likely make it the final destination of a multi-cache (as Bullzie first suggested). The initial stage would likely be outside the park boundary. The only problem I could foresee with this type of cache would be the fact that the final destination would probably require an entrance fee. And, again, I would likely opt out of this type of cache anyway, since there are still a ton of places to hide a cache that don't require an entry fee. Another solution could be to use the parks for the *first* stages of a multi, and hide the final outside the park boundary, but nearby. This way, you could collect info from inside the park (lots of trail signs and stuff to get info from), use the info you gather at the first stages to get the coords for the final, which is outside the park. Surely the park narcs couldn't complain about geocachers using their existing hiking trails and taking notes! Like Bullzie, just my two cents worth.. Larry TrimblesTrek
  21. quote:Originally posted by Jayloki:Bah. I say mention it no more. The Premier has more important things to do then delegate whether hiding tupperware in provincial parks is allowable or not. I mean really. Exactly... The obvious concensus here is to drop the issue. Stop bringing undo attention. -sigh- There is no reason whatsoever to pester the premier about this. This crusade should end here and now. There is no support for it. Try geocaching! TT TrimblesTrek
  22. I think Bullzie's multi idea is the best solution too! The parc narc will never know there is a cache within his confines, and the rest of us get to continue doing what we love to do. (Unless of course somebody passes this thread along to the forest rangers!! ) I TOTALLY agree with C-A on the pub night too! Who's the current holder of the Pub Mug Travel Bug? They're supposed to be organizing the next one. TT TrimblesTrek
  23. For the life of me I can't figure out why you are so surprised. Bring something harmless and fun to the attention of the government and you can be sure they'll tax it or make it illegal. There always seems to be someone that just wants to screw it up for the rest of us. And all we want to do is quietly enjoy our pasttime. Instead of creating more red tape for the rest of us, why not JOIN US and get out there and do some Geocaching! I'm sure Tripper is more than a little put off right now. I know I would be. TT TrimblesTrek
  24. quote:Originally posted by gm100guy:What happen to this event? Not sure what happened with Baston's event. I'm preparing the details now for GAGAFAP 2 (soon to be renamed SOGAFAP 2) Just booking the picnic shelters and whatnot. It'll be posted as an event as soon as I've finalized a few details. Hoping for at least double the number of attendees from last year. This event will take place in late September/early October so the summer is still available if anybody else wants to set something up. Cheers, TT TrimblesTrek
  25. Watch out who you buy it from... usually the GPS manufacturers charge WAY more than the product is worth for these kind of accessories. Example: Garmin eTrex data cable - Garmin cable: $38.00 - clone cable: $9.00 A HUGE difference. I have bought two cables via eBay from a guy called gpsGeek. Received my product in both cases in less than a week, and that was via snail-mail from California to Ontario. Cables are excellent quality. If yours is a Garmin product, check out: http://www.stores.ebay.com/id=32049213 TrimblesTrek
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