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  1. Your geocaching equipment sounds much like mine except, instead of the daughter, I have a pen. However, now that I've actually hidden my own cache I'll probably throw some things in the car so I can make up a cache if I spot a likely hiding place on my travels.
  2. You're right. BTW, why doesn't a "needs maintenance" count as a found it? I would assume that you'd have to find it to know that it needs maintenance.
  3. Yep, it's not listing the one I logged as "needs maintenance" as explained above. Have a look at: Hardly Welcome I may log it again as "Found".
  4. I figured that might be the case. Thanks.
  5. Interesting anomaly. OK, not interesting to you but it is to me. When I log in it tells me I have found 13 caches. I have in fact found 14 and if you look at the list of all caches found there are 14 there. The only reason I can see for this is that, while all my caches were listed as "found it", one of them was listed as "needs maintenance". Would this be the reason for the discrepancy? This, BTW, is not a problem or complaint, I'm just curious. EDIT: Yes, I left a 'T' out of the title. Apparently I can't edit that.
  6. Ahhh, stupid me, I completely missed that link. (Watch as I smack myself in the head!) Still, my complaint still holds because, while I can see a particular cache on Google map, I can't, as you say, see all surrounding ones and if I plan to go out and find several spread over many square kilometres I'd have to look at each one individually and then manually mark each one on one map I can print out. Then again, maybe I've missed something else ....
  7. I thought I'd show some pics that illustrate why I think the new maps are crap. Maybe they're great for other people doing whatever they do but, for me, they're useless at best. I fond my caches by looking at where they are on a map and working out what roads I need to drive down to get to them. If I'm lucky I might even be able to use Google streetview to have a look first so I recognise the area when I get to it. First, here is a pic of the new map with the cache symbol on it. Anyone care to guess what road I should be on? Now we have Google Earth with the LOC file loaded. Slightly better. Now let's have a look at the Google map of the same area. Unfortunately I now have to bugger about trying to relate the location of the cache from the other two maps onto this one so I have some idea of where I'm going. As I said, maybe they're great for other people, but for me they're worthless. Maybe somebody can tell me an easier way to find caches in country areas.
  8. I don't know what the figures are but if it's only going to cost me an extra $10 or so a year for the google maps, bring them back. The new ones are crap. Try using them for rural areas in Australia! No, I'm not adverse to change, I'm all for change, so long as it's for the better. Yes, I realise Google are going to charge but they are a company out to make profit, that's the way it is, they'll do whatever the market will bear in order to charge whatever they can. Capitalism at work. If the charge for premium members is relatively minimal to have the Google maps, why not at least offer it as an option?
  9. Hmmm... only 10,142.2 miles from home. FTF trip! Oh, wait, it's been found. Congratulations! Your first hide looks like a good one! What's a mere 10,000 miles between friends. C'mon over, I'll shout you a beer at my pub.
  10. Exciting news, my cache got published yesterday. Unfortunately I may have to wait a while for somebody to find it as I'm in a rural area but, I'm telling myself that waiting is half the fun!
  11. Just got started in this myself. Found 11 so far and I got my very first cache hide published yesterday. Exciting stuff, is it not?
  12. Thanks guys. I have had a look at the eTrex and the GLONASS feature was certainly appealing. Decisions decisions ..... Although I'll definitely get something soon I must admit I've had some good luck using my Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Tab with the apps c:geo and Geocompass.
  13. Correct, at the moment I'm using my Galaxy S2 (Android) with a couple of good free apps until I decide on a dedicated GPS unit. So far it has got me within 1 metre of every cache I've found. Admittedly I've only found 11 so far but still, not bad going IMHO.
  14. Great, thanks. Not too concerned about the small screen but I'll certainly have a look at the Oregon selection. Note to mods: Sorry about the wrong location, I'll try and get it right next time. .
  15. Assuming this hasn't been discussed elsewhere, if so just point me to it .... Has anyone had any experience with the Garmin Dakota 10 ? I'm looking for a relatively low cost, but not junk, device good for geocaching and which can accept downloads of cache info and so on. The Dakota looks like it fits the bill but I'd like to hear the experiences of anyone who owns one. Thanks.
  16. Within reason I don't worry about how close to the cache it gets me, I usually put the GPS away when I get down to 20 or 25 feet anyway. It's more important to me to not lose the satellites when under heavy tree cover. On all 11 caches I've found so far, (yes, I'm a noob), I've used an app on my android phone and when it has told me I'm one metre away that's pretty much how far away the cache was every time.
  17. Hmmm... seems I'll have to get a good supply of chickens ...... Thanks for the link.
  18. I've just hidden my first cache and now I'm waiting for it to be reviewed and published. The first one is exciting stuff! Anyway, just out of curiosity, is there some sort of vaguely average time it takes to get caches reviewed? I'm not in any giant hurry, only hid it yesterday, but I was just wondering.
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