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  1. Wow- that is very interesting about public access to undeveloped land... I had heard about something like that in Scottland and Ireland- that there are some ancient trails that cross private land and that you are free to use them- but I did not know that this was also in Norway. I have mixed feelings about this because I am both an avid hiker who would love to be able to move more freely through the countryside- but I am also a landowner who enjoys a certain amount of privacy and confidence that there are no other people in "my" woods -for example there is a creek which originates on our farm and travels down a valley where you will eventually come to some abandoned stone bridges connecting overgrown unused roads which used to connect the two ridge roads- my son has never seen the stone bridges and I would love to take him down the creek bed to find them- but it would mean that we would need to cross or skirt the propetry of at least ten landowners who may not appreciate the company. Even though we are neighbors, the American sense of property, of staking your own claim and defending it- is pretty embedded in our sensibilities. Here in the midwest I think the only people who have the audacity to cross property lines are racoon hunters- there is nothing which inspires a feeling of helplessness like hearing a bunch of rednecks with guns and a pack of dogs in your woods on a moonless night... and the coon hunters seem to have the opinion that property lines are only for daylight hours. I can't imagine strangers just freely being able to set up camp within 150 feet of my home... but I also can't imagine they would want to- what with the curious and naughty Billy goat and all... Thank you so much for sharing this with me!
  2. HBRX !!! I can't believe after all these years wondering about it I get an answer within hours of asking... WOW you really came through for me with that picture you posted! I wasn't sure the forest was public... but I thought that Kirsten had mentioned something about trails and after seeing this international caching forum I had the idea to ask- I am so glad I did! Yes, that is me... but you must understand that this was not a portrait, I was simply a model. Kristen had already sculpted a half life size version back in Norway using a different woman as a model, then in Italy she started the enlarged version and worked from her own small sculpture...nearer to the finish of the sculpting she hired me. Over the course of a few weeks the face did take on some of my features and it wound up with my hairstyle too (thank goodness it was not like some 1980's hairstyles- it was pretty timeless- thankfully, bronze does not reveal what COLOR my hair was) I was a teenage bicycle racer and you can see that the legs are a little heavier muscled than a typical woman. I always thought that when I was an old woman I would hobble my way to Oslo and visit my own virtual "fountain of youth" The restaurant link is not working for me, but I'll take the warning that the sculpture has been moved. I am glad to hear that Kirsten is doing so well- it seemed that she was really gaining ground back then- but I did not really know that much about her other than our time in the studio. Thank you so much HBRX- that was an amazing find!
  3. This is a rather unusual question, but I am wondering if anyone from Oslo might have some help or information for me. When I was younger I worked in Italy as an artist's model. The sculptress from Norway was making a female leaping figure for a Sports Academy in Oslo. She described the school as located near to a large forest and I think that the forest was full of trails for training. I do not have a photograph and have never seen this larger than life size bronze sculpture cast in bronze or installed and I have lost contact with the sculptor. I do not know the name of the Sports Academy (I think it was for sports medicine, coaching and training) I do not know where in Oslo the school is located... but I thought there was a possibility that there may be caches in the forest or along the trails and that someone would know about this school or sculpture. If you know anything that might be a clue for me I would very much like to find someone who could get a picture of this! Thanks- GreatandSmall (Indiana USA)
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