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  1. I think the directions are incorrect. Here is where I found the instructions: <http://www.geocaching.com/about/premium.aspx#anchorNotify> Thanks for the help.
  2. Noob question. I looked at the instructions for using the notifications function with premium membership. The instructions state to select "Publish Listing" in the Types of Logs drop down box to have new caches emailed to you for the area you select. However, this choice it not listed in the drop down box. What else should I select to include all types of caches?
  3. Most of these members have more experience than we do but ... if you have a smartphone you could probably get a GPS app fairly cheap. I know a lot of people use them for Geocaching.
  4. Thanks joeymedic ! Although, I will have to peruse the website to understand it....
  5. Where did you find this information, joeymedic?
  6. Hello to all, My wife and I are new to the Geocaching fun. We were at Callaway Gardens over the new year weekend and yesterday my PN-60 GPS would not get accuracy below +/- 120 feet. I checked it all day - needless to say we didn't have any finds that day. Later on in the evening - magically the accuracy went to +/- 8 feet. Could this be because of interference with sun spots or overcast skies? I noticed my car GPS (Garmin 1300) jumped a street or two a couple of times telling me to turn before I even got close to the required turn. Thanks, TreasureAllens
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