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  1. WHoooo Hoooooo!!! Snake & Rooster 4000 The Lost Clan 4000 habu! 5700 Congrats!!! 4000 is the magic number! Many thanks for the congrats everyone! And a big well done to everyone who hit milestones this month!
  2. Way to go Nancy! Congrats, Nancy! That's an awesome achievement! J&J - you guys are no slouches - I see your streak has been going for over 3 years! Wow!
  3. Yeehaw! take lots of photos please. Please check and make sure that everything is in order at SCCC #11. Last finder may have scored a find by adding a container where not intended. ... that happens often at SCCC #11, for good reason. Thank you Robyn, Harmon SD Rowdies & Sandy Creek Cowboys You got it 'ol pal! Looking forward to our 5th trip out to our favorite caches! Robyn It's a go for tomorrow! We will be meeting at the Buckman Springs Rest Stop @ 7:45a.m. I'll be in my Yellow Jeep and the rest of Team Reid will be in a Red Rubicon. The DaMoores are joining us as well as Denise from d5frees. Would love to have more suckers, er, I mean more geocachers join us! The Sandy Creek Cowboy Caches are a hoot! Robyn Sorry - can't make it tomorrow. I hope I can come when you make your 6th trip out there!
  4. zeber and I each grabbed two different YMS #21 Duncan! cards from Digueno (GCQ83Z) on Feb 12th. None left - sorry!
  5. LOL - there's never a dull moment out caching with PQGT! Or getting a lifeline call, for that matter!
  6. 9,500 Congrats to all! The Fat Cats just reached 3500!!! Congrats to the two new stoners..Fat Cats and Duncan! Duncan! is fast approaching a BIG one. Congrats to The Fat Cats and Duncan! Woohoo! Big numbers!
  7. I just had to stop by Max's Favorite Park with zeber on our way to caching in MTRP this morning. I took 4 sets of the new cards - one each for myself, The Fat Cats, kwvers! and Silver Horde. I ran into Duck before the event and he didn't know about his card - he was thrilled to be the subject of one. Great job on the cards, Harmon!
  8. Hmmm, I keep lookin' at this here piktur, Harmon. Maybe I'm seein' too many spots ... I dunno; but it kinda looks to me like ol' Devhead is missin' an arm . WHAT HAPPENED? Did a puppy git him? No, no ... he was scratching his rump when I snapped the shot. Glad to see that you pay attention Barrie, not bad for a girl. Harmon Ohhhh I see ... he got fleas, eh? LOL - good one, Barrie!
  9. It would be really helpful if there was some way to have a note show up on each cache page showing whether you had already found that cache. I know you can view all the logs to find yours, or go to the map and see the smiley, or it will show up as a check mark when you do a search, but an at-a-glance view would be really helpful. Even better, a note of the date you found it could be included or a link to find your log for that cache. Apologies if this has been mentioned before in the gazillion forum pages!
  10. O please, no you're not sorry ... more like ready to give me a swat in the behind, yes? Before I get chastised , I also took a kwvers! and a lulu499 for Silver Horde. I didn't realize I should be logging them - so sorry! I'll fix that immediately.
  11. Boohoo...! I stopped by Max's last night and all the S&R's were gone... (3x Kwvers were still there though...) There were a couple left after I took two yesterday, but I think maybe FATTBOY got them. I know Fat Cats were there before me - I didn't see any new skid marks though! I sure hope some Yrium cards make it to the campout raffle! (hint, hint!)
  12. Congratulations to wolffff on 100 finds! Way to go, Joanne!
  13. Great job, Donna - keep racking up those numbers!
  14. Congratulations you two!!!!!!!! Great job. Now keep that streak going. ......1........0.........0...........0............0 CONGRATS Way to go guys! You are an inspiration to us all! :D
  15. It's a fun run, but it would be duck soup for you, Robyn. Duganrm drove his '66 Mustang when we did it... Robyn..............Just say when................... I would like to go, and I know there would be a few others Chris / TEAM DUCKIT I was hoping someone would ask!!! How does Saturday sound? The hubby will be at the Santee Open House, so looks like I just might have the day available. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller What time and where do you plan on meeting up? May be able to make if I don't go to the Desert. Sorry - can't make it Saturday It's the Poway band tournament.
  16. It's a fun run, but it would be duck soup for you, Robyn. Duganrm drove his '66 Mustang when we did it... Robyn..............Just say when................... I would like to go, and I know there would be a few others Chris / TEAM DUCKIT The southern half of that run up to the lookout tower is great though quite easy. You Jeepers won't be challenged one bit 'cause it's 2WD all the way. The northern half beyond the tower is pretty blah and no Geocaches. Ruined a tire on the northern section due to plentiful sharp rocks. Very expensive tire too. There's a few caches up that way that are on a hiking trail rather than the road. The neat part is that you are able to look down on the Palomar telescopes. Ain't that weird? Seems like they put the observatory on the wrong mountain. There's a gate on the final approach to the tower so you have to walk about a quarter mile. Make sure to stop and do the hide at the little chapel that you pass before coming to Palomar Divide Road. Make sure to go inside the chapel to see it. It may be doable with 2WD, but you should probably have a high clearance vehicle. We did the run in our Honda Pilot a few months ago and managed to rip off the protective cover on the bottom of it. I think we were probably just unlucky and caught the front on one of those sharp rocks. As we didn't make any caching stops along the way, I would love to go back there if the timing is right and if anyone has space.
  17. Great choice ladies, especially in view of that 10,000 milestone kwvers! achieved this week!
  18. Congrats Jim and Denise! You are two of the nicest geocachers around, its great to see you hit this gigantic milestone! Way to go guys! 10,000 caches in three years! Unbelievable! You were among the first geocachers I ever met, and it's been a pleasure to know you! Thanks for contributing so much to the community, and giving us a new goal. And of course, with so many finds you make a great lifeline! Come home soon so we can celebrate! P.S. Trailgators, we definitely need a new icon for this milestone!
  19. Oh My Gosh...is he ok? Please let us know......we all love that little loser..... We hope he's alright too~ Hope they found something in there to look at! You just can't loose a loser ya know! Splashette Best wishes for our little loser...let us know how he is doing O'm'gosh, I'm so sorry. Not using a ladder for the find I suppose. I can feel your pain loser-guy ... I took a fall in the kitchen yester- day and smacked a rib into the kitchen countertop. Pretty painful today and so I'm hoping for the best. ... don't need a cracked rib. Must have been a sympathetic fall. Yes, I whined. Let us know how the scan turned out. He's OK We went by to find the ladder that we left in the near by bushes. We searched for 10 minutes, no ladder. I wonder where it went to? I guess someone needed a ladder. On the back to the burb, we noticed something on the first story wall. Jared went through a window and got a big stick, on the way back he slipped and smashed his head on the window jamb. Smashed sounds so much better than bumped. Anyway -- no signs of a concussion - Went home - Ate a sandwich, bean and cheese burrito and ice cream, kept complaining that his head hurt (duh), but was still nauseous and light headed. So, off to Grossmont ER. After the triage nurse asked him if his neck hurt, bam - He was on the gurney with a c-collar. Dr. said he was fine, but we did a head CT just to make sure and take away any possible excuse that he couldn't goto school today. The Dr. discharged him with no restrictions. Funny part we were right under the KIVA cache - Jared spotted the skylight tube as he rolled under it. Sad part was I already found the cache, so I had no excuse to leave. Very sad part is - Jared still needs to find the cache - he found the kiva but we DNF. Never say yes to anything --- At least he is smiling with that neck brace on. Glad to hear all is well. I'm so glad to hear my favorite loser is OK! I guess it takes more than that to finagle a day off school!
  20. Congrats, ladies! Another puzzle bites the dust!
  21. Congratulations Linda! 3000 Thank you all so much! I rarely cache alone, so I would like to thank zeber, Trixxster, Silver Horde, The Fat Cats, cawicks, Team Adelos, wildbrit, wolffff, and the many others who came (or were dragged) along with me on my adventures! Many thanks too for the lifelines (a lot ) and puzzle hints (a few ) along the way!
  22. True, it's kind of fun to go off the map! It drives my Garmin crazy when I tell it to "follow road" though!
  23. You'll need new map software if you want to see new streets. Yeah - that's what I should have done in the first place! Some new streets are beginning to show up on Google Earth now, at least.
  24. I check more or less monthly. Hasn't been an update for the 60CSx for quite some time. As far as I'm concerned the 60CSx doesn't need changes except it would be nice if they adopted the Magellan feature where you can store and access multiple waypoint loads as named files on the expansion memory card. Also I recently checked and found an update for Garmin MapSource City Navi- gator North America. The new version is 6.14.1, and it changes the look and performance of MapSource quite a bit. Of course this update picked up some newborn streets and points of interest. A downside effect of this update is that map zooming and panning is notably slower. One thing I truly appreciate about MapSource is the "View/View in Google Earth" Menu feature. With the "Street View" Layers option checked I've been able to spot hidey holes before leaving the house. Sure makes it nice to have a visual look at a hide before heading out, especially on remote trails. It amazes me to see how many streets and even dirt roads have been photographed worldwide with 360-degree and still cameras. My Google Earth membership sure is worth the twenty-dollar membership. Life is good, Harmon I was really excited to see the update, as I hoped it would include some of the newer streets. When I installed it the icons are HUGE on my maps, and I lost the labels. I could get these by scrolling over the icons, but as I don't carry my laptop in the field, it's not very useful. I couldn't find a way around it, so I ended up uninstalling everything, and putting the original maps back in. Somehow in the process I've lost the "Show in Google Earth" capability, which was always really helpful for viewing my day's caching plan, especially when I'm going on trails. I'm not that computer savvy, so if you have any suggestions I'd be really grateful! Linda/The Lost Clan Hmm, no similar problems with my installation. Maybe check "Edit/Preferences" or "View/Map Detail" settings. With regard to "Labels" I assume you are referring the waypoint names. There's a setting on the "Edit/Preferences" Waypoint Tab called "Limit application created names to [ ] characters," maybe yours is set to zero-characters. What's the screen resolution of your computer monitor by the way? Harmon I'm pretty sure I tried all that before - characters were set to 15 and Display was set to "Symbol and Name." When I export to MapSource I change the settings to %drop2 %cont%ter so I get as much info as possible on my maps. (All these paperless cachers are no doubt cringing at the idea of printing out maps, but I just can't give those up yet!) I have View/Map Detail set at its highest, but I have the services off to avoid clutter. My resolution is at the highest setting (1280 x 800). Is that important? Linda
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