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  1. Great choice, Doug! And as always great work by Harmon!
  2. Honk! What a great picture of the monkeys! Looks like you guys had a blast!
  3. Awesome Job TPB! Great log entry to boot. Wow! Great choice for your milestone, and no finders in 9 years...that's amazing! Congratulations on #3000 and the climb! Way to go, Pretty soon you'll have 14,040 at 3000 ft. Congratulations, Patrick! What an awesome choice for a milestone!
  4. 9,000 Way to go girls. Way to you two. 10,000 is just around the corner Congrats Pat & Sue! Now if only I could learn from your example to have a sign at milestone caches. Wait, it would help if they weren't in the middle of power runs. Oops! Maybe by 5000 I'll get it right. Thanks for the fun time on Sunday as you reached 9000. WoooooooHoooooooo!!! Congratulations on 9K, ladies! You blew right past 8,000!
  5. Way to go Linda 7,000 now that is a bunch. AWESOME Linda...we know you're having fun! WoooooHoooooooooo!!!! Congrats Linda on 7000. Nicely done! Thanks for all the good wishes, folks! I've loved every minute of it!
  6. OMG! Nano hell. Now, imagine yourself LOOKING for the nano! Euuuewwwww ~ Everytime you touched a piece of gum, it would fall off, so not wanting to destroy this amazing piece of 'artwork' we abandonded the search........did I mention we were in an alley under tall buildings? Just excuses, I know, but Euuuuewwwww............ HONK! It's right there! In the second picture! Can't you see it? In fairness we did have a clue - and some plastic gloves from Pike's Place!
  7. Amazing KWvers! Just think at Yuma event in February you two were only a measly 15,000! Woo Hoo! Congratulations! You guys are awesome! How long until 20K, I wonder?
  8. This is too funny....at least none of our butts look big! I LOVE IT!! That would be perfect to hang up in the 'Geochicks Hall of Fame'............er, uhhh, well, if we had one! Great job pal, this is a classic!!! Splashette Not to worry Janie ... there's a GeoChicks Hall of Fame in my heart. Who would have thought that times would change so ... once upon a time gals had to be tricked out into the woods with that silly old snipe- hunting ploy; now y'all are out on the trails in great numbers to track down every last hide. Kiss, kiss, Harmon Nice job, Harmon! I'm kind of glad you gave up on FaceBook - there's too much fodder there for you to Photoshop!
  9. Way to go condor man and kawikaturn on 9,000 Congrats to condor man and kawikaturn! Huge numbers! You guys are awesome!
  10. Very nice!!! Yippie...congratulations~Fun, Fun, Fun ! How come she's so lucky, nobody ever bought me a Jeep. Nice wheels, lulu! I'm so jealous! Looks like Harmon and I are in the minority!
  11. Those were the days my friend We thought they'd never end We'd sing and dance forever and a day We'd live the life we choose We'd fight and never lose For we were young and sure to have our way. La la la la... Those were the days, oh yes those were the days That was the first '45' I ever bought! Colt? or Smith & Wesson? Apple Speaking of which, don't you have some trees to harvest, Jane?
  12. When I saw the "like" button appear I thought it would be a great idea, as I've often wondered when caching a new area how I could pick out really cool caches to find. But I don't like the fact that it puts your name on it (yes, I am on FB), and I seem to "like" every page I visit, without saying so, which is dumb (especially as I've found a few LPCs lately and I really don't "like" them.) Surely that makes it completely redundant? No doubt I can "unlike" it, but why should I have to. Going to remove it as soon as I can! On another note, I've lost my Greasemonkey scripts again - I hope they fix the VIP one, as I really miss it!
  13. Devhead? I thought he was just a computer geek. Who would think that he could hike too? Congrats, devhead!!! Which HoF is next?
  14. jahoadi and john at 14,000+ finds!!!! Congrats!!!! Way to go J&J! Awesome numbers, you guys! Well done!
  15. Wow! Things are happening fast around here... Congrats to: The Fat Cats for 7,000!! bdhaz for 3,000 snflwrmh for 2,000 and bon scott for entry into the MTRP Hall of Fame!! Don't know how I missed these ones! Congrats, everybody!
  16. Woo hoo! I might actually have a shot at completing some of these!
  17. Congrats, everyone! Lots of milestones being reached!
  18. !!!!Congrats Denise!!!!! Awesome number, Denise! Well done!
  19. I couldn't make it out to Max's last night, so I zipped over there this morning to grab some of the new Yrium cards. I took 4 of the regulars and the last 3 misprints. The extras are for zeber, Silver Horde and SuperDave! There are still lots of #14 left. Great job on the artwork, Harmon!
  20. Congratulations, The Lost Clan , on 6,000!! Awesome cache choice for a milestone!! Congratulations, Linda!!! Sounds like you had a fun time...love the pic!!! Thanks, everyone! I've sure had fun getting here!
  21. Congrats to luv2bake on 1000 finds! Welcome to the kilo club!
  22. WooHoo! Congratulations!!! 100 finds? Way to go, kid!
  23. Very nice! Congratulations!!! WAY To Go LLOT! UDAMAN! Woo Hoo! Congrats, James!
  24. WooooooooHoooooooo!!! CONGA RATS to Triple Crown on 5K!! Way to go Triple Crown 5,000 Congrats, Rob! Great cache to choose for that milestone!
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