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  1. Now before any of you just refer me to the stuff at the bottom of the page, READ THIS! I was just wondering- how many posts does a topic have to have to become a hot topic? And- I noticed some of the little blue folder icons for a topic are different. No, I don't mean sometimes bright and sometimes dimmed. I mean there's a little white backwards L in some of them. This one has the "L": and this one does not: I would just like to know. Thanks!
  2. I like this answer. Now I have something to aim for!
  3. I don't agree with that then. It should be a smaller number. If a stage is about 3 sq. cm large, and a cache is about 200 feet away, I don't think that should be a big problem.
  4. Does the 528 feet rule apply for stages of a multi?
  5. Find a place somewhere in the US on Google Earth that you want to share and share it! Make sure it has the caches from the KML through gc.com! I picked this one because it's near my house. **Note to Mods**- I don't think this violates any rule, but sorry if it does! (Obviously) if this violates any rule, feel free to lock it! :)
  6. Can you check the list of caches waiting to be reviewed anywhere? People have mentioned it on the forums but I don't know where it is. I am waiting for my cache to be reviewed, and that's why I want to know.
  7. I would have each group of people take a different time, first come first serve, so the groups wouldn't be huge.
  8. Enough bad puns! Since the NPS banned caching in National ________s (forests, parks, etc.) there may be something against it in a state park.....
  9. There is a 22 stage near me which is also a puzzle cache. GCPDZ4
  10. icefall5


    What is this? I don't know what you're talking about.
  11. It wouldn't be that big. Just like a trivia caching event. You get the coords for the first station, find the envelope there, and read the trivia question. There are 4 answers. Each has its own set of coords. You pick the answer you think is right and go there. If you got the right one, you will find the next envelope. If not, you have to go back. 1 neutral person will go with each group. That person keeps track of points. 3 points for right answer 1st time 1 point for right answer second time 0 points for right answer third time -1 point for looking at the hint It's still tentative, but I think it's a great idea.
  12. I just looked at the title of this thread and I can answer already: No.
  13. I noticed in some people's signatures a little stat bar that said their name and how many caches they've hidden and found. How do you get that?
  14. I am a relatively new cacher. I have found 15 caches and hidden 1. I have an amazing idea for an event but I am worried that some people won't come just because I'm new. What do you all think about this?
  15. If you would like to give me an offer, then please PM me. It should be very cheap. I probably will not get any more offers, so this is now
  16. Someone gave me an offer but I can't remember who. If it was you, please PM or e-mail me.
  17. I'm getting it now. Thanks for your help.
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    Oh! Thank you! I'm used to it being in My Controls. Thanks!
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    I belong to several other forums just like this one, and I cannot find the button to PM someone! This is really frustrating because I want to get something from the GPS Garage Sale forum, BUT I CAN'T FIND THE BLASTED BUTTON! PLEASE HELP!
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