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  1. Ok. Thanks for all the advice. And to save the mods all the trouble ...
  2. What will happen if I try to go through airport security with my GPSr? Will I have any problems?
  3. Move the cursor somewhere (just press one of the arrow buttons in any direction on the map screen). Press Mark. Scroll down and press enter when the coords are highlighted. Enter the coords you want in with the arrow buttons (up and down to change the number, left and right to change the character selected), then press enter. Scroll down and press save. When it brings you back to the map screen, press Goto. Find the waypoint you just made (look for the name) and select it, and hit enter. Follow the trail it gives you and when you get as close to zero on the distance meter as you can, start looking around in about a 30-40 foot radius for whatever the cache is you're trying to find. Keep in mind that the GPSr will give you the most direct route, i.e. it will not bring you along roads and trails. Don't always just go straight there because that usually doesn't work. Good luck! That was probably the longest post I've ever had. P.S. Don't hold me to this. This is the way to do it on my Magellan eXplorist 200, and since it's the same brand, I assume it will still be the same way.
  4. I keep noticing the "Guided Mode Enabled" button at the bottom of the replying screen, and it's bugging the heck out of me- what is it?!
  5. Oh I see. I just saw it on GE and posted it here right away without even looking at the page!
  6. I think I have read several threads and in the rules that the NPS has banned caching in National Parks and forests, etc. If so, how did this get here? It is a cache in Yellowstone. CLICK HERE!!!!!
  7. I am a Boy Scout and I just discovered this amazing bit of news:
  8. I was thinking he was going to e-mail me when I posted the first batch to tell me if those were okay. I did e-mail him, though.
  9. Here's yet another one. If the NPS banned caching in their parks, my question is- why is this cache in Yellowstone? Oh, by the way- this pic is of Yellowston National Park.
  10. I have a cache waiting to be reviewed. I posted it about a week ago and the reviewer had some issues with it. I changed it the next day and nothing has happened since. The reviewer placed it on hold, and I haven't heard from him since. I have contacted him through gc.com, but nothing has happened. What can I do? If any reviewers out there would like to take a look at it, it's GCTQYC. Just kidding, just kidding... I know only he can look at it now.
  11. I was just exploring GE and I thought "Hmmm... I haven't looked at Everest in a while..." I am literally obsessed with Mt. Everest (the highest mountain in the world at 29,035 feet tall) and I want to climb it someday. I opened it with the KML file and boy was I surprised! There is a cache on Mt. Everest!!!!! It's amazing!!!!! Who woulda thunk there would be a cache on Everest?! YEAH! For the cache page, click here.
  12. I think that's great. The top pic looks a little digitized (and DON'T say "Well, duh! It's from a digital camera!).
  13. If this is a slightly newer cache, click the link to see all the logs on the page. If it is newer, the publishing log will still be there. Find it and view the profile of the person who published it. Then e-mail them through that.
  14. Oh come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the hour it took me to make that you had to reply! GOSH!
  15. Guess how old I am! N12°34.567 W89°01.234 The owner of this cache has chosen not to allow .loc downloads of this cache. Use waypoint: GC1234 The owner of this cache has also chosen not to allow printouts or PDF downloads or printing of this cache. Please note: to use the services of geocaching.com, you must agree to the terms and conditions in our disclaimer. (ratings out of 5 stars. 1 is easiest, 5 is hardest) Difficulty: Terrain: This cache is not at the posted coords. This is an extremely easy puzzle cache. You just have to guess my age. I am older than 11 but younger than 13. In 2 weeks I will be older than I am now but younger than 14. Additional Hints (No hints available) Find... ...other caches hidden or found by this user ...no nearby caches that you haven't found ...there are no nearby caches ...there are no nearby waymarks ...there are no nearby placenames ...there are no nearby benchmarks ...there are no nearby hiking trails For online maps... Geocaching.com Maps Google Maps MapQuest Microsoft MapPoint Yahoo Maps Rand McNally? Topozone Terraserver Tiger Census Maps Logged Visits (0 total.) Warning. Spoilers may be included in the descriptions or the links. Cache find counts are based on the last time the page generated.
  16. The following post is an amazing example of what BB Code can do for you. I made this and it took me about an hour to do. I am doing this in two posts so I don't ruin the splendor of the below "cache page". And the award for best reply in a topic goes to....... ⇓ two posts down.
  17. How do you get an image in your signature? I tried using BBCode and HTML and neither work. I did this for BBC [img=WEBSITE GOES HERE] and this for HTML: <img src="WEBSITE GOES HERE" alt="ANCHOR HERE"> Please help!
  18. All GPSr's have the same accuracy levels. One unit is not better than another at that (unless you can get a military unit, which you can't).
  19. That can't be right. I just found a topic with 49 posts and it's hot. It's "Stuff you Bought Because of caching" in GC related topics.
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