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  1. Did you contact the owner of the cache?


    Did you use the page for adoptions? (somebody help me out and link to it) :blink:


    Both the above make an adpotion smooth (providing the owner agrees). If the owner isn't around - wait for the reviewer.

    That's the problem. The owner is MIA. Almost everyone who left a note on that page tried to contact him/her and we have never received a reply. I mentioned that to the reviewer when I e-mailed him. That's the main reason we want it adopted so badly.


    EDIT- P.S. The owner is Lightning Bugs.

  2. I would like to adopt a cache (that's why I posted the topic below). A lot of people have posted notes saying they would like me to because it is a great cache and they don't want to see it go. I have contacted the reviewer twice asking if I could adopt it and I never received a reply. The first time I contacted him was about 3 weeks ago, and the second was about 1 week ago. I have never received a reply and people are getting restless (namely me :blink: ). What can I do? The cache in question is Rush Creek Park, GCHDX0.

  3. I just had a couple questions about adopted caches. First, if you place a cache and then someone adopts it, does it take that cache off your hidden caches list? Second, if you adopt a cache, does it add to your hidden caches list?

  4. Okay, I realize this is about the forum software, which you guys don't write, but does anyone know the purpose of the "click here if you do not wish to wait" message after performing a search or sending a PM?

    You can disable this by properly adjusting the settings on your "My Controls" page:



    No fair! I want those settings! All I have are these boring ones :D:


  5. I used Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 to extract the coordinates from a GIF puzzle called Toga Party.


    I found this one in his area: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...f5-7eccadbb7941


    I've never seen anything like this for a cache. Can someone provide a link to the cache?



    Know any that aren't premium member only?


    EDIT- Grammar :D

  6. I just took selected everything in my signature box and copy-pasted it below (and the code is NOT part of the signature!):


    [url=http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=df1a1cc7-9627-46ee-b7e2-db797e0786c5]MY STATS![/url]
    I've been going in circles my whole life. May as well make a hobby out of it.
    I know exactly where I am. It's where here is thats a problem at the moment.
    Why do we park on driveways and drive on parkways?
    Why do we put something on a boat and call it cargo, but put it in a car and call it a shipment?

  7. Actually, the thinking among most folks who have attempted to figure out this bizarre image (and believe me, this is not the only bizarre image to be found on Google Earth and on similar map/photo services; see the link I gave earlier) is that the satellite camera must have taken a picture of freshly-formed ice on the lake, and the reflection/diffraction of sunlight on the freshly-formed ice (not yet covered with snow, slush or dirt), coupled perhaps with the minerals and trace elements found in the water as well as with some unique atmospheric phenomena (i.e., the effects of such on the light from the lake surface), may have produced this surreal image. In any case, it is a lot of fun!


    OK, I'll be serious.


    First off, if you look at the map it is the Smithville Reservoir. Nothing special about that. If you look at the southern end of the photo, it's normal. The northern end has a lot of brown ground and white lake, indicating that it was probably taken in the winter. The dark area in the middle is probably an area that isn't frozen.


    Now, to the strangeness seen in that dark area. The "alien city" looks like some false color electron microscope images of semiconductors.




    I did some manipulation of the image, changing colors and such, and I couldn't get it too look like streets and buildings but it's possible that is what it is.


    The unfrozen lake has been set with an image transparancy with this other image underneath it. Maybe someone at Google was playing around. Perhaps the software goofed. In either case, based on the way the image edges are, I am confident that what you see is not actually there.

    So you just had to go and ruin all our fun? That's not what geocaching is all about. You should be banned for ruining the fun! :D Just kidding..... I like these ones better!


    Looks like someone peeled back the surface layer & has found the inner workings of Earth.

    It really is run by Microsoft after all. :D


    Ok, ok, time for a serious thought to this puzzle.


    Could it be just so simple as a copyright protection for the Google Earth company? If anyone were to copy their program, this would somehow be a code?


    But, wait a minute....that's it! It is the true "Da Vinci Code"! Eureka! We - Geocachers of the world - have discovered THE CODE - Next the COVENANT OF THE LOST ARK!





    EDIT- Wording

  8. Are event caches included in your stats bar? I just looked at my bar and it says I have found 15 caches, but I go and sort my logs by "Found It" and there's 14 there. I have been to one event.

  9. Topic unlocked!

    Using the code

    [url=URL HERE]ANCHOR HERE[/url]

    just gets deleted after I leave my profile page. HELP PLEASE!

  10. Ah! It makes a difference for bold, italics, underlined, and strikethrough. It doesn't work for anything else. That's why I said that. I was testing it with the link. I'm gonna close the topic, so please PM me if I'm wrong.

  11. How do you put links in your signature? I have been using HTML and it's not working. I have been using:

    <a href="URL HERE">ANCHOR GOES HERE</a>

    I have checked every HTML site known to man and they all say to use that. Do you use BB Code? If so, I would use:


    Please help!


    EDIT- Forgot the code BB Code.

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