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  1. I sure as heck hope you're not talking about the 200 doing this. This is totally not true. It goes all the way down to 2 feet! EDIT- Forgot to add emotes.
  2. Great. Thanks. Dr. Geocaching says...
  3. Is it okay to take credit for virtual caches you found before your geocaching "career" began if you can remember the information required? There are a number of places I visited with virtuals before I started geocaching and I can remember the info for them.
  4. How many of these threads have I seen now? There's this one, this one, and this one. I think a mod should lock this one down. Sorry to the OP.
  5. Will it work? Hmmmmm..... Quotes weren't working for some reason in another thread.....
  6. Had a bunch of quotes here, but they wouldn't go into quotes, if you know what I mean. Sorry for the double post.
  7. I'm really starting to like this thread. I'm going to have to make a list..... :)
  8. Sorry, I didn't think this was such a touchy question. Just one of those random questions people have every day. So,
  9. Jeremy, please don't kill me for doing this, but I reopened this. It doesn't answer my question. I knew you were a global mod but why aren't you an admin?
  10. If Jeremy founded the geocaching website (and I'm assuming the forums along with that), why isn't he an admin on the forums? Just kind of a random question.
  11. I actually own a 200, so I can help you. You just hit MARK, then when the screen pops up, highlight the coords. Press the rocker keypad straight in (like select) and one individual number will be selected. Put in the coords for the cache pushing the rocker keypad upd and down to select the number and left and right to select the digit to modify. When you're done, modify the name by selecting that and using the on-screen keyboard to type. Keep in mind that you can only have an 8 digit name. Then scroll down and hit Save. When you drive over and get reasonably close to the cache, press GOTO and select that cache off the list that comes up. Follow the line until the GPSr says about 5 feet away, then ignore the GPS and start looking. If you have any questions, you can e-mail me or PM me. Good luck! It's so hard to type while listening to music!
  12. I think this is kind of a stretch here, but it's been several weeks now (as mentioned before) since I contacted my reviewer with no reply. I'm not quite familiar with the normal sequence of events, so please don't view me as impatient for asking this, but would a different reviewer be able to allow me to adopt it if I presented a good enough "argument"?
  13. I like ReadyorNot's suggestion. If you've met someone at an event, you're not very anonymous anymore.
  14. Is it online too? A link please.
  15. Well...... I know what all of you are going to say to this, but it's really not that hard. *Murmurs in the background of "What are you talking about? There's so many buttons.... And.... Yeah!"* This is a picture of the General Configuration screen. Not that hard to understand. (Just so you know, the e-mail address isn't blacked out because you can find it on my profile.) It's a lot to do, but it's not that hard. P.S. I can also type HTML!
  16. That's a good way of thinking about it.
  17. Or girls...mmmm girls...at 13 I don't think I had much more on my mind...37 years later...hmmm wimmen! I don't do football. I think (probably much to your dismay) that football is an amazingly stupid sport. I am on the swim team and I do water polo. With the girls part of that... I won't elaborate Technology (computers, mainly) is my life. If my computer broke or the hard drive fried or something, I would literally start crying. I could not possibly live without my computer. I don't see how you adults could live without them.
  18. Your profile says you are 12 years old (it also says you are a moderator here?). How did a 12yr old afford an expensive piece of commercial software like this board is running? Its not really that expensive to run this board: Invision Power Board $185.00 for software license seems to be about it. Many 12 year olds are pretty enterprising. . .. Sure you can. It's an option for the board. I don't have my own expensive software, it's called InvisionFree. And by the way, it's free, not $185. I had thought you couldn't hide topics like that, but I just went fiddling with the Admin CP and you can. Surprising to me. If any of you were wondering, the board is Hogsheade School. Oh, and also- I'm not a mod here, I just put the picture there.
  19. I was just wondering how they keep the OT forum just to members. I know they put all the premium members in their own group, but they can't hide that forum completely from non-premiums. I know this because I have my own forum just like this one. I know they could just deny our access to it, but how do they hide it?
  20. If you are using Firefox, you can go here for a greasemonkey script that shows how many you have left. If you don't have greasmonkey installed, go here. If you odon't have Firefox, I just have one word for you. What century are you living in?????????? Oh... wait..... That's... one... two... three.... four..... six! Wait... I meant five! Pretty lame "comedy," huh? P.S. Go here to get Firefox.
  21. Does anyone know what I could do?
  22. Dr. Geocaching says...
  23. Darn to the first one, great(!) to the second one. Thanks!
  24. I am a Boy Scout and I think it's a great idea. My camp (Gerber Scout Camp, Gerald R. Ford Council, MI) just has 2 caches on property and there's no program. They just say bring a GPS and we'll give you the coords. I really like your idea.
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