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  1. I don't understand the difference between your explanation of an Unknown cache and a traditional. If the cache is at the coords on the page, it's just a traditional.
  2. I live right near TDE, and he has placed a cache across the street from his house (and stated that it was across the street in the cache page), and I don't think that's the reason. He has lots of pictures of eagles on his windows and garage, and many American flags as well. Most of the caches I have found were placed by TDE. He is a great cacher, and I have lots of respect for him. I don't mind the fact that I don't have a chance at getting an FTF because of him because I know that he is happy at the fact that he got it. I think geocaching is all about having fun. Cachepolice is ruining the game by doing this. If he wants to take away people's chances at FTF's, then he should be banned. He is a poor sport and needs to get a better attitude. What would happen if everyone had that attitude? Pro football players would quit if they lost their first game, then go torch the winning team's houses. The loser of the presidential election would try and assassinate the winner. Maybe that's a stretch, but you get the point. He should not be playing the game of geocaching if he does not like competition.
  3. This isn't getting anywhere. I'm gonna lock the thread. If you have any insight, PM me.
  4. Does Jeremy have anything to say on this matter?
  5. I'm sure this was hidden in that colossal () post above, but why?
  6. When you archive a cache, why does it say that it's temporarily unavailable AND that it's archived?
  7. Ok! Doesn't look that good. Blech. The only good part about it is the contest they're doing, and even that's screwed up. The sign-ups are nowhere to be found, even the page marked "Sign-ups"!
  8. Dr. Geocaching says...
  9. That's great! Thanks!
  10. I thought it had said that she would be able to find some, not that she did. I still stick with my previous answer, that it just wouldn't be geocaching without a GPS.
  11. The whole point of geocaching is to use a GPS. It just wouldn't be geocaching without it. I can't think of a long philosophical answer, so I won't. Also, Jeremy has said that the location of the caches is adjusted on Google Earth so it's not exactly on, making it impossible to use just Google Earth.
  12. I recently took a trip to DisneyWorld (amazing! ) and I wanted to log my finds of some virtuals. One of them was titled EPCOT. I searched by keyword for it and found it and logged it. Then I clicked all nearby caches of this type to show all the virtuals nearby (for Magic Kingdom, MGM, and Animal Kingdom) and I found all three. Then I accidentally closed my browser window, and had to re-open it. Sorry, so many words for something so little. To cut right to the point; I searched for the MGM cache and it did not pop up on the list. When I did the EPCOT one it did show up there, but it won't show up through a search no matter what I try. P.S. It does work if I search for exactly MGM Studio (which is the exact name of the cache) but not if I type just MGM. Isn't that supposed to be the purpose of a search though, to be able to find something for which you don't know the name? EDIT- Added picture and the P.S.
  13. But they already *do* have control. All they have to do is ask for them to be published at a certain time. It even says so in the guidelines. But this is the whole reason this post was started. This feature would remove the need of the reviewer to be at the computer at 8:00 AM on Sunday morning. If the reviewer can't be there and can't find another reviewer who can, then its too bad for you, can't do it.
  14. Wow. The Ghost of Split Rock looks creepy.... I don't think I'd go for that one! How do you get the nerve to go there?
  15. Ever found a cache you consider in a place to be evil? I don't mean evil like it was really hard, but evil like inside a supposedly haunted mansion and the whole place just felt, well, evil.
  16. Well, it could be a number of things. The eXplorist 100 does not have a USB port (can't remember the "official" name of it), so you could have entered the coords wrong. You could be doing a 5/5 cache (very unlikely, though). You could just be looking in the obvious spots and not the hard ones. My advice is get to where your GPSr says 10 feet, then don't look at it anymore. Just look for the cache. When I first started, I would always go right to ground zero and say "It's not here!" and just go home. So just keep trying. P.S. The model of GPSr has nothing to do with it. All GPS's get the same reception in the same places, i.e. if you took an eXplorist 800 and the eXplorist 100 and put them in the same spot, they would tell you the same thing. Good luck!
  17. Now this is a great (at least I think so ) example of why the OP (or maybe someone else, can't remember and don't want to go through 45 other posts) has such a great idea. Having a date and time would work. What if I wanted to have a post in, say, 30 minutes in reply to my above post saying "Just kidding!".....? It's the same idea as with the caches. Probably not the greatest example, but I got nothing else to work with. I think it should be an automated system, though. If the hider had to manually add it when they saw fit, you couldn't release it for an event, because you'd have to be at the event. However, times might be slightly different on the site compared to your watch or home clock. If you wanted it posted at 8:34 and your time zone setting is an hour off, it might post it at 7:34 or 9:34. Also, it would absolutely kill the servers (bandwidth) figuring out "Okay, it's 3:00 here, they're in CST, that's 4 hours ahead, that's 7:00, gotta post it in 2 minutes". Just multiply that by around 2,000... Yeah, you get the idea. Overall, I think that the OP's idea is the best, but he (or someone) should work with Jeremy and try and figure out how to do it. Of course, another way of looking at it is: Jeremy said he'll work on it, so this is done. So to all of you. :) EDIT- With a post this long, how can you not have an error?
  18. I can't even think of anything to say to all this! I thought geocaching was supposed to be about fun, not people whining at each other as to the very specifics of it! You are all such babies!
  19. My Boy Scout camp has placed two caches on the property and released the coords of one in the council's monthly newsletter. (It's Gerber Scout Camp in the Gerald R. Ford Council)
  20. That's a good question! How do you archive a catch?
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