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  1. Depending on the area, parks that are not NPS may still require permission. My review area is one such location, so be careful before giving such advice if you're not sure of the requirements in the OP's home area. Good point. The Township and city where I live have already mass-approved geocaching in parks, so that's why I said that. Thanks.
  2. I wouldn't even have asked for permission in the first place. It's a park not owned by the National Park Service, so I would just go ahead and do it. But now that it has been turned down, I would e-mail him back and try and convince him to let me do it. I'm just 13, so I don't know if you want my advice or not, but I would tell him that geocaching most likely would not affect any of the events in any way, and that it may even result in the park getting cleaner (depending on who is a cacher in your area). I agree with you, a note like that would make me really mad too! Good luck!
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    Oh, I see it has been fixed now. A mod can lock this.
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    Ha, so I know I'm not paranoid. Or maybe both of us are...
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    When I click the link for the October desktop calendar, I can't download it. I can only download the September. Is there a reason for this?
  6. Sorry, but I found it. A mod can lock or delete this now.
  7. Sorry if I'm not supposed to ask this... If I'm not supposed to ask this, a mod can just lock it down or delete it. Does anyone know how they put the little red +'s next to the names of premium members? I have my own forum and I would like to know how they do that. EDIT- Wording.
  8. But still, you don't know that. It might be hidden really well. You can probably assume that is correct, but you never know... Do I know that it needs maintenance (not having found it)? From the logs of cachers that I know and/or trust who tell me that it was found open and wet three times in three months, and an inactive owner? Yup. I think that's a dead give-away. The point being that I did not log the NM from my DNF. I certainly would not go looking for it again with those logs, plus the four DNFs from this year. Oh, didn't see the "Finds in" part.
  9. But still, you don't know that. It might be hidden really well. You can probably assume that is correct, but you never know... EDIT- Forgot the quote.
  10. Lol. As IV Warrior mentioned I like doing, I will lock the thread before it gets ugly. (If it actually would get ugly...) EDIT- Just discovered you can't close your own topics anymore...
  11. Ok, I won't do a find. Thanks. Why is it always brought up that I'm 13 years old?
  12. I lost one of my caches. Here's the story: I put out a brand new cache. It's in a downed tree high off the ground. It fell off of where it is supposed to be, into pricker bushes and thorns that are extremely dense. Some other cachers found it before I could, and they put it in a new hiding spot near the old one. I have not been able to find it now, 3 searches later. Other people are still finding it, though. Once I find it, would it be acceptable to log a find on it, even though it's my cache? Richard Milhaus Nixon- GCXQ34
  13. And I do know that the cache is there. I just got this on my watch list:
  14. I have done it once before, but it was the third or fourth cache I ever tried to find. Now I just get sick of it when people try to place the blame on the owner for them not finding it. EDIT- Wording.
  15. Doesn't it just bug you when someone posts a "Needs Maintenance" log instead of a DNF log when they can't find a cache? I just saw this one pop up from my watchlist: It's logs like this that I really dislike. It was her first attempt on this cache and the area is so overgrown you wouldn't believe it. I have seen pictures of the location and find it highly unlikely that it is missing, just from the way it is hidden. Any input?
  16. If you ask the owners of the pasture if you may do that, and they say yes, then go right ahead. Otherwise, just as geoduck said, NO.
  17. That wouldn't work, because then I wouldn't receive logs for my cache.
  18. Well if it's my cache, I want e-mails on it, I just don't want my logs e-mailed to me.
  19. Didn't see the above posts about it the fact it's a broken link. Sorry.
  20. Broken link for me. Just brings me to the store, not the rock.
  21. Every time I post a note for one of the caches I own, I always get an email about it. It would be nice not to receive e-mails about logs that I posted.
  22. I only ever have impulsed a cache. I just say, hey, I feel like placing one today, and ride around my neighborhood and find a spot to hide it.
  23. When you place a cache, do you like to go out and find a spot, prepare your cache, then place it, or just prepare your cache and hope you can find somewhere? I usually do the second. But my main question is this: How do you go about placing a cache?
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