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  1. EDIT- I found the answer to my other question.

    Also- I changed my forum title several times and it doesn't register on the forums. The same thing happens when I change my personal web page- it just disappears from the box on my profile page. At the top after I click Save Changes it says "Your changes have been saved." Am I missing something here? Thanks in advance for the help.

  2. You can change it. Go to your account preferences on gc.com, look on the right toolbar for "Edit My Profile" and click it. Enter your password at the top, and scroll down to where it says "My Forum Title." Whatever you put in that box will appear instead of "Tadpole." "Tadpole" is the default.

  3. I have my account set to recieve the weekly notification e-mail for new caches. I haven't gotten a single one. I search on gc.com almost every day, and I have found several new ones. Is it a premium member only thing?

  4. Is there a way to search for just new caches in your area on gc.com? I want to look for brand new caches, but I don't want to search in my area then crawl through all the pages.

  5. I recieved an eXplorist 200 for Christmas last year. I am VERY happy with it, I just would like to upgrade to a GPS with a USB cable to download the files to it. I am finding it is very troublesome to plug in all the coords into it when I want to go on a caching spree. Please help! By the way, I define "cheap" as $100 or less. I also would need any software for it.

  6. Actually, that's how to get it to display on the page. To get it uploaded, click "Upload Images" in your big list of things to do in the top-right corner of the screen. Click "Browse", then find the file on your computer. Type in the file caption, which is what is what it will say on the link. The file description will appear under the link, so don't make it too wordy. Then click "Upload Images". It will take a minute or two, depending on your connection speed. Then it'll appear on your page just above the logs.

  7. I won't do a quote for this because it'll be too big, so here it is, taken from the FAQ's at the top of the page.


    Adding a Picture to a Forum Post


    1. Your picture must be on the internet somewhere -- not on the hard drive. If you want to share a personal photo, but don't have web space, upload it to a cache log, cache page or your profile page.


    2. Copy the URL for the image so that it's in your clipboard.


    3. Compose your forum post. When you want to insert the image, click on the IMG button in the top "Code Buttons" section.


    4. A dialog box will pop up, prompting you for the URL of the image. Paste the URL from your clipboard into the box (Ctrl-V = paste) and click "OK."


    5. Preview your post to make sure it works!


    If you are having trouble, try practicing in the test thread that is pinned at the top of the "Getting Started" forum.

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