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  1. 1. Are the cache hints ever going to be made a Javascript change again? I remember they used to be, and it was really nice.


    2. I tried a premium membership for a time, and got access to the Off Topic forum as a result. Since then I have canceled my membership, but I am still listed in the forums as being a premium member and I can still see the Off Topic forum. I have visited the page to update info in the forums, but to no avail. Just reporting it so you know.

  2. I have found one cache that was hidden as an electrical box, but it was a 3-part mystery cache, and one stage of it was a key that opened the padlock to it, so I was pretty sure that it was okay. :) It ended up that the owner had somehow gotten an old electrical box and used that. :)

  3. You are a premiumm member. Why do you need to deal with .loc files at all. Just do a query. Seems like you are making things more complicated than they need to be.
    I was a premium for a couple of months, but for reasons I'd rather not get into here I canceled my membership (nothing to do with Groundspeak or GC.com, everything with them was great ;)). For some reason I still show up here as a premium member, even though I have visited the GC.com page that updates info in the forums. I have posted about this before, but nothing ever happened. Oh well. :(
  4. I magically did it by sending Groundspeak $30. Suddenly I had access to .gpx files.


    As stated above, converting the file from .loc to .gpx won't get you the extremel useful info that is left out of the .loc file.

    Yeah, I knew that. I was trying to see if I could download the .loc file, then convert it to .gpx and manually add in the extra info. I've been using Cachemate with .loc files, and it's annoying to manually add the descriptions and things in on the palm. I can type much faster than I can use graffiti. :laughing:


    After looking at the GPX schema, that's going to be interesting. :laughing: Thanks for the help everyone!

  5. I tried using Plucker, but I found it extremely confusing, and then when I used SunriseXP with it (supposed to make it a lot easier), it changed the language of the viewer on my PDA to French, with no language change option to be found.


    So is the answer basically that the only good way to use paperless caching is to become a premium member?

  6. Are there any good free programs that I can use for paperless caching on my PDA? I tried CacheMate, and I really like it, but (as pathetic as this sounds) I don't have $8 to spend on the full version, being a student in high school. :o I tried GSAK, but that doesn't have a feature to put them on the PDA.


    Thanks for your help!

  7. Yesterday my family decided to go to the beach. We were walking along the pier when I spotted a survey disk. My mom had her camera, so I snapped a picture of it. I then found another , and I snapped a picture of that one too. The only problem is, I can't figure out which disks they are. If someone could help me, I would really appreciate it.


    It would be on either page 1 or 2 of the search page for 49417.




  8. I went for a trial run of being a premium member, but I decided to quit. Here in the forums I am still displayed as a premium member though, and I can see the off topic forum. I did click the link to come here on GC.com, and I'm wondering why I still am.

  9. I rather like all of the changes on the site. The only thing I don't like is the fact that there are two maps. You really only need one!


    If you want to see archives of how the old site looked, and even be able to navigate around the old one, try this site. If you go there, make a point of clicking on the November 9, 2000 page, because neither the October 17 nor the October 19 links work.

  10. On the cache listing pages, when an event is on there it has the little new3.gif sign next to it until after the event has occurred. Now, the way I check for new cache listings is this: The link from my profile that goes to all listings from my home location, but filtering out finds is bookmarked. I click on that, and if I notice a gap between the placed date and the description at the top of the listings I know that a new cache has been placed, because the gap is created by the new3.gif image there.


    However, there is now an event on the page. Not to be taken as lazy or anything, but it's an inconvenience to have to check the page instead of just looking for the gap. The event has been listed for 2 weeks now, but it's still shown as new, and will be until after it.


    Put shortly, I think that for event caches, and possibly by extension all caches, the new3.gif image should be there based on the date the cache was published, not the date placed.


    NOTE: I am currently a premium member, and I do get notifications, but that's how I did it and how I will do it again when my subscription runs out in a couple of weeks.


    Holy cow, my grammar is terrible. <_<

  11. I finally convinced my mom to let me use her PayPal account to pay for one month of a premium membership to see if I like it. Woohoo!


    Since there is no one month option, I am going to choose the Monthly Subscription which renews monthly, then cancel it right away. I just want to make sure- this will cause it to expire in 30 days, not immediately, right?



  12. My 200 is fine and dandy. :laughing: I would recommend the 210 over the 200 if you don't want a pricy model. They are exactly the same except the 210 has PC capability.


    If you can afford it, get the 400, 500, or the 600 though. They are much better! :)

  13. Subject to what's said in the full text of the cache saturation guideline, in general you can put any cache 528 feet away from any other cache. The guidelines don't differentiate between Premium Member caches and regular Member caches.

    I am not at all sure why Keystone and GooglingHrrptyHrs, in their posts above, are not telling you the rest of the story, but... here goes. What they have told you is true as far as it goes. However, as oldtime radio news announcer Paul Harvey useta say: "And now, for the rest of the story!"


    The rest of the story, one which is kept somewhat secret in the geocaching world, but is also the reason why there is a myth in the caching world that regular caches many be placed at least one mile from Premium Member-only caches (PMOCs), is that it IS true that no caches at all, whether regular member or Premium Member type, may be placed within one mile of a Platinum Member-only cache (aka PLAMOC), and the one mile radius is defined using a formula derived from fuzzy logic, so that wiseacres cannot compute the location of a (coveted) Platinum Member-only cache from the known perimeter of the no-placement circle.


    I'm just really bummed that my platinum membership application was rejected last month. I spent a solid 4 months gathering the required references and finding the initiation caches in my area. Oh well, after my 6 month probation, I do intend to try again.

    I'm just gonna bribe TPTB before I submit my application.



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