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  1. I'm doing my first coin and have samples enroute. For me I will be doing a Pre-Sale on this coin. I have no other option at this point as I cannot afford to pay it all up front and that I'm not 100% on the number of coins to have made. The number of coins I have made will be based on the pre-sales of the coins. I don't know if I would do reservations as I have done that with other things and had a hard time selling what people promised to purchase and never followed through. I have also been on the other end where I paid up front and had to wait longer than it should have taken to produce an item. If the mint comes back to me and says that there is a delay then I will post it here and on my website. I do hope in the future to not have presales, but at this time it is just a matter of fact for my situation. maldar
  2. Here are pics of the samples that the mint emailed me. The samples should be in my hands by the end of next week if all goes well, the begining the the week after that otherwise. I would like people to vote for their favorite 2 platings and explain why. There is one more plate they are doing, Antqiue Gold. I don't remember asking for it, but she said that it was still being finished. I think it will look much like the Antqiue Copper. Can the Mod change the name of the thread to: "10 Commandments, choose your colors. See post #31." Thanks for everyones help. If all goes well I will start taking pre-sales at the end of the month. My choices are the Antqiue Copper and Antqiue Silver for the regular edition. Silver for LE and Gold for XLE/AE. Thanks again, maldar
  3. My policy is that I don't take a coin from my own cache unless I'm asked to do so by the coin owner. That has only happened once and the coin was in there for some time. I don't go to caches I have previously visited to claim a coin either. If I go caching I will try for caches with coins in there before other caches that are in the area. maldar
  4. This has happened to me also. I started a coin in a local TB hotel and the first person to pick it up never logged it. I have contacted them, but they have not contacted me back, not have they been to GC.c since Feb. Grrrrrr...... I think that right now only 2 of my 6 travelers are acounted for at this time. maldar
  5. What changed your mind? I remember the first time, when you were selling yours. maldar
  6. I cannot wait any longer!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......!!!!!!!! LOL Want cute coin, me do. maldar
  7. This right here is what I was trying to say. I'm just not as good with words as some maldar
  8. I think I need to make one thing clear before people assume too much. Paula and I have no relationship. That being said. A heartfelt apology would do much. At this point I would have to think long and hard about continuing such a relationship. As I stated in my post you quoted, "I would have been happy if she told me after the fact if she told we that she broke it as was sorry she was not up front about this fact in the begining." Apologies, as long as they are Heartfelt, can go a long way. It would still help, even this late in the game. That is what people really want; as well as their money or product. I truely believe that she is in the wrong and needs to fess-up to what happened. Much of the tention would dissipate with an apology. These are just my thoughts about the matter. I have found that it works when I need to apologize for something. maldar
  9. I hope this will still aplly as ON TOPIC. joranda and everyone else that thinks an apology know is not worth it, I have to use an example of what happened to me, NON COIN RELATED, a few years ago. I was renting a room from a lady and had a toolbox stored in the garage. I came home one day and found the toolbox out on the porch and it was broken. When I asked the lady about it she told me she had no idea what happened. Come to find out she took the tools out not knowing they were mine and was looking for a tool to use. When she placed everything back she broke it trying to close it. When I discovered the truth I was even angier than I was when I found it broken. She never came forward after I was told the truth by someone else. If she would have told me upfront I would have told her, "That's alright, it happens." I would have been happy if she told me after the fact if she told we that she broke it as was sorry she was not up front about this fact in the begining. An apology can go a long way. Even now it has a chance at easing some of the anger. The longer one waits the worse it gets. By the way, the lady I was renting from was someone I called a friend. Someone I thought I could trust and we worked well together at our place of work. Never would I have thought she would have thought she needed to lie to me. There are other things that lead to our parting ways, but that was the begining. I hope my example proves helpful. maldar
  10. I was of the understanding that some part of the artwork was delivered. Know in the case you state I would have to agree that there is nothing to show for it so nothing should be expected in return. So to clear things up, in the example I gave I think they should get something. While with the example you gave I think they should get nothing. maldar
  11. Currently I'm using Adobe Photoshop. It is not that hard to crop parts of the image and create them into layers. An experianced graphic artist would be able to do that in a heartbeat. I'm not that experianced so it took me a half hour to figure it out on the design for one of my coins. If I had my Jasc PaintShop Pro from the 90's installed I could have done somethings quicker. I'm not saying for the purchaser to do the work, but the first designer should be willing to pay the new designer's fees. maldar
  12. I see trackables as things to move. My personal policy is that I don't revist a cache just to log a trackable. I will on the other hand go and find a cache I have not found to get the trackable. The only time I have ever gone to pick-up a trackable from a cache I own or have found previously is when the owner contacts me and ask me to do such. The reason I do this is to keep my numbers pure to the way I play the game. I have thought to open a second account to do those moves in so they don't mess with the way I track my information. The only time I use the discover function is if the coin is a special "Meet and Greet" coin that the owner uses to track the people they have chatted with at events, or TBs that are cars and the like. Discovering coins just for the icon has no interest for me. maldar
  13. All they had to say to the people they were paid to design coins for is, "Sorry, we are experiancing personal issues and will be unable to deliver the design as promised. We will refund you an amount appropriate to the amount of work unfinished as well as send you the work we have completed." That right there could have saved much time and frustration for both parties; and everyone would have been fine with it and there would not be this situation. maldar
  14. I have to disagree. I'll use an off the wall example. You are contracted and paid to pave 100 miles of road. Of said road you finish 99 miles, but that last mile you are frustrated and stress that you are behind schedule and leave the last mile unfinished. So you are saying nothing should be paid? Like I said the example is totally different, but I think it illustrates the point. Sure there should be penalties and all that. Even pay the artist that finished the work. But if someone receives a design that is almost completed and just needs alittle tweaking here and there, I think something should still be paid. $5 is better than nothing. That is my I suggest the agreement form. Something that sets a timeframe, but if timeframes are not adheard to there is a list of agreed upon penalties for each infraction. The up side could be a free coin or two as a bonus. maldar
  15. Don't know how that Dbl Posted maldar
  16. LOL. I'm sorry but I cannot help but laugh. Try dealing with the mint and explaining what you mean, so much is truely "Lost In Translation." maldar
  17. While I understand where you are coming from, I think this hurts the owner of the coin more. I buy coins based on if I like the design; and while she made the design, it was the one that comissioned the artist that provided the idea. I don't know if I'm making any sense, I hope I am; as I see someone that has all these coins that are not selling questioning whether (sp?) or not to have more coins made. This could prevent someone from making what could be a awesome coin. I would not like to have that happen. If anything, you should just not buy coins she is selling herself or having someone sell for her. Don't punish the client, punish the artist. I really hate to say that, but it is the better way. maldar
  18. While I'm not a person involved in this, I do have a couple things to say. If there was no timeframe set, that is the fault of both parties, but mainly the customer. Where time frame have been set, then the artist needs to be upfront about what is happening as said dateline approches, or worse, passes. In many business where there is a deadline the person doing the work normally has to refund a portion of the payment back for each agreed upon time unit that has past. Work that has been done should be paid for, though at an agreed upon discount if a timeframe was involved. As some of these transactions took place via PayPal there might be a form one can file. I don't know how their policy works for things like this. It an artist is going to push back current projects to work on something from a new client then they need to contact their current clients and seek permission from them first. The artist also needs to know their limit; how many projects can you handle at one time? Those are a few things I thought should be said. Now here is another: Does anyone want to help draw-up an artist/client agreement form? Something that each party can use to protect themselves when things like this arise? It would not be something manditory, but may help in the future. This would only be an agreement between the artist and client. Groundspeak/Geocaching.com would have no liability, nor anyone assisting in creating the fill-in the blank form. maldar
  19. Dude, Go to ebay, that type of shipping charge does not fly here. A flat rate box with insurance cost a third of what your asking. maldar
  20. Thanks for the info on the word false. I also noticed that they used a period instead of a comma else where in the coin. The last two questions have been answered. Still good questions. 1) I will need to sell most I think to cover the expense as I don't have the money to do it otherwise. It would be nice to just make what I want and trade, but I cannot. I don't think I would make a coin that was not trackable at this point. 2) The thread has a second picture where it shows the placement of the Trackable information. 3) 250 is the minimum I got qoutes for, because I would like to have a custom Icon. Thanks, maldar
  21. Thanks for the info. I asked for quotes on every 50 past 250 through 500. maldar
  22. Hello again everyone, Here is the effection picture I just received from the mint. They will be working on the dies and I hope to have the samples in hand next week if all goes as planned. Maldar
  23. I was considering it, but I'm not sure if there was enough interest nor enough space for the wording on the back of the pin. I need to check with some pin makers about that, but it is still the weekend. If I have to I can take it off site. maldar Edit: Spelling
  24. Easiest thing to do is get some Travel bugs and use those tracking numbers. Doh, there is that too. maldar
  25. I think you should check with GC.c first about placing a number on a homemade item. If it is alright with them, there are coin makers that buy numbers in bulk and might be will to sell a few to you. I'm not sure how that works though.
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