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  1. Hello Everyone,


    I am sad to inform everyone that the coins will be delayed a short time. Right now I'm not sure what that will be, but I am hoping that it is only an extra week.


    This is mostly my fault, do to my inexperiance with making coins as this is my first coin I am making.


    The what happened is that I sent an email to Groundspeak for my Tracking Codes order. They say it takes 5-10 days to process the order. Since I didn't get confirmation back about the order I just thought that they must not do that sort of email. A week past by so I sent an email checking on the status and never heard back. So today I was finally able to talk to Mr. Roth and we discovered that, after sending some test emails, for some reason my emails never reached his inbox. After we both tried different email account I was able to send him the information that was requied.


    After talking to Mr. Roth I discovered that he does indeed send confirmations for orders and that he will have me the codes by tomarrow night.


    What I do wonder is why my email, which is the sameone I use for GC.c is not getting through to his account. He even check his filters and everything. Must just be my luck.


    I will update here again once I get the codes to the mint and they inform me about a time frame.


    I ask anyone that purchased a Pre-Sale coin to contact me first before filing with PayPal. I also ask that if you need to file with PayPal to wait until the 40 day mark. I will gladly refund money to anyone that wishes not to wait.


    This should only really affect persons that purchased the 3 coin set and the individual Black Nickel coin.


    Once again, I am really sorry and there is no real good excuse. I should have contacted Groundspeak earlier about this matter.


    Please forgive me.




  2. Ninja Warrior


    And we have a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I really love that show. Just email me your address and I will get the coin in the mail. Thanks to all who played.


    Oh I missed that cointest! Here in greece we used to watch this too! Nagano the fisherman was so good!!!! Do you remember him?


    Now we see the Tackesi Castle...or something like that!


    Darn, I just saw this thread and that was going to be my quess as I love that show.


    Tackesi Castle is MXC here in the states, but it is over edited. Basically MXC is to Tackesi Castle as Robotech is to Macross.

  3. It costs $1.50 per "tracking number" (minimum of 500 for Personal Coins, 1000 for Organizational Coins).......thats about 15 times the value of a Wooden Nickel which costs roughly 11 cents when you get 1000.


    I would suggest buying a single Travel Bug Tag for $4.....use that number on all the Wooden Nickels and then just let everyone have a free-for-all.


    Or, just have Metal Coins made....


    Nobody is going to spend $2 for a Wooden Nickel (an estimate of coin, tracking, & shipping costs)


    That info is a bit old. Here is the current policy as pinned it a thread at the top:


    Groundspeak Geocoin Policy

    As of 2-26-08


    Design Considerations:

    1. The final design of each geocoin must be approved by Groundspeak prior to production. Designs must be family friendly and may not include modified versions of the geocaching.com logo.


    2. Use of the geocaching.com logo is not required. However, if you wish to use the geocaching.com logo, the ‘circle r’ trademark symbol must appear as part of the logo.


    3. All trackable coins must bear the text, “Trackable on Geocaching.com" or “Track on Geocaching.com”


    Order Details:

    1. Generally, Personal Geocoin codes will begin with “PC” prefix and will be named “Personal Geocoin”


    2. If 100 codes or more are ordered, a custom name may be requested.


    3. If 250 codes or more are ordered, a custom icon may be ordered (details below).


    3. If 250 codes or more are ordered for a geocaching event, a custom name may be requested, a custom icon may be ordered and the “EV” prefix may be requested.


    4. If 1,000 codes or more are ordered, a custom name may be requested, a custom icon may be ordered and a custom prefix may be requested.


    5. A custom activation code may be requested for any series of 100 coins or more. The activation code must be the same for all coins in the series.


    Custom Coin Icons:

    1. Available for Geocaching organizations, associations, commercial coin groups and Personal Coins.


    2. The cost for a custom icon to be associated with your coins is a one time fee of $150. The icon design will need to be supplied to us in GIF format (non-animated) in the following pixel sizes: 16x16 and 32x32


    3. All icon submissions must be the property of the owner or used with the owners permission.


    4. 250 code minimum order.


    Custom Code Series:

    1. Following the first order of 1,000 codes for a custom prefix series, future orders for the same custom prefix with a new icon only require a 250 code minimum.


    Cost and Details:

    1. The cost per tracking number is US$1.50 and can be paid via paypal or credit card.


    2. There is a 100 code minimum purchase required (although custom prefixes require a 1,000 code minimum order).


    3. Note that some of the coin manufacturers listed below have purchased blocks of PC and EV codes for resale in smaller quantities. These numbers may be split between coins but each individual coin design must be approved prior to production.


    4. Codes with corresponding activation codes will be emailed in a txt file although an excel file may also be requested.


    5. It generally takes 5-10 days to process the coin tracking number order.

  4. I like this caching photo of geocurls



    OK, this one has my vote. It was hard to decide on just one photo. One rarely see a good B/W photo anymore and it is even more rare to have a live subject in the photo. Not to mention that I have two nieces and don't think I have ever gotten such a cute picture of them.



  5. Here are some pics of my boy cat, Mayonaka.


    This first image is a photo, of a photo. Sorry for that but I could not find the disc it is located on.


    Here he is playing with a housemate's cat, KaLyde. This is one of my favorite photos as it looks like a photo from a boxing match. KaLyde was mostly full grown, while Mayonaka was not much bigger than he is in the following photos. You would never think he was the same cat if you saw him today. It was such a sad day when KaLyde was lost to us as they were such good friends. It was really hard on Mayonaka.




    All the rest of the pics are on the same day. Not too long after I brought him home.















  6. Depending on your artistic abilities, I suggest that you try to conceptualize what you think might be a new version of one of the many craft of Star Trek. Heck, you can call it the NCC-2008-A Geocacher if you want, just give me an honorable nod if you use that.



  7. Lady,


    You are such a great person to do this for Rod. I just read the post on the MIGO site. This is so sad and I wish I could do something, but everything is tied up right now. When I get my coins I will be sure to due an auction to help out.


    There are no words to describe how sad I am, almost in tears, for Rod. He is such a great guy and to lose a friend that was as close to his heart as Tod was is ...


    I cannot write anymore right now, sorry.



  8. Be careful of posting your ideas for coins you'd like to design vs. those already in the design phase. You may find your ideas getting implemented by other designers claiming to have been sparked by the Muse before your wife can finish it.


    Droo, you bring up a sad, but true fact. This is why I have been so secretive about some of my other ideas. I have 2 coin designs on post-it notes on my desk right now that only a couple people "MAY" know about. There is another coin I mentioned elsewhere in which I asked for opinions on which direction to take the coin before I started to design it. I didn't want to waste time doing a design and then not have the interest. That coin totally changed after reading responses to the idea.

  9. The Puzzle Coin would be really cool, but you would have to pay mold fees for each different piece, if made of metal. I would use wood to do a coin like that and use 2 different color stains to do the design


    The hidden cache coin is something I have considered, but I think it has been done already; which is why I have not placed much effort into designing on myself. Still, I'm not 100% sure about that, and since you will have your own unique design that is what really matters.


    I love the idea of a utility coin and I say you should go with this idea. Just remember not to include and knife type tool. Phillip and standard screw drivers for sure, anyone else have an idea as to whatelse?




    Ok, i'm new and considering making a coin. I ask you, what hasn't been done yet and what exactly are the properties you look for in a geocoin?


    My wife is a graphics artist (old school i.e. hands, drawing instrument, and paper) so she could easily come up with the design for me and put it to paper which i could scan.


    Some of my thoughts are:


    a puzzle coin - 2 pieces serial numbers match, but any two numbers would fit together (i'm sure the cost would be outrageous to make every single coin cut differently so only 2 like s/n would fit together.


    a hidden cache coin - top and bottom half connect together (twist perhaps) and inside is a hollow area to fit paper, another 'smaller' geocoin, who knows whatelse.


    a utility coin, not sure but maybe a earth magnet in the middle of it, perhaps a flathead tip, phillips tip, other tools you might use on the trail, who knows. could be anything just a thought in it's very infancy.


    Anyhow...throw me ideas, even elaborate on the above. what materials, colors, features, etc. Exactly what makes you say WOW.


    My goal is probably like most others. Make a very nice coin to add to the community that many would purchase and have a few for myself for little or no cost. And who knows..maybe the wife could get back into the art she so loves to do.

  10. I have discovered a flaw in the eBay shipping calculations. If you wish to purchase more than one coin of the same type or multiple coins from different listings please ask for an invoice. I didn't fully realize how eBay calculated the shipping until I sent and invoice and was confused why the shipping was so high, and can now see more clearly what is happening. I have never done a listing like this before so it is a newb mistake. Just click on the "Request Invoice" link in you "My Summary" page once you have purchased your coins and I will send you an invoice the first chance I get.


    Sorry for all the confusion. Normally when I sell items there, they are not items that can be packaged together, people only want one, or they are so light it does not matter.


    I want to thank everyone for bearing with me through this experiance and I promise that the next time it will be smoother. *crosses fingers*




    ps Sorry, it seems like this has become my own personal thread, but people did say they wanted to be kept up-to-date as to the status of coin issues. I hope this displays my commitment to that issue.

  11. I have receive some emails about this issue so I thought it best to address it publicly.


    The shipping of this coin is higher than what I know most are use to and that is mainly due to the weight.


    The coin does weighs in at 2.9 oz. I checked another coin I had nearby, "Venturing BSA Geocrew 44 85", which is a 1.5 inch dia coin and it weighs 1.1 oz. This is just the weight of the coins without the coin holders or anyother materials.


    Please also understand that the shipping also includes packaging, insurance, and misc cost.


    While the above shipping cost don't affect the following, I forgot to state it on the eBay listings.


    Price of coins after Pre-Sales have shipped with approximatly be as follows:


    RE Ant. Silver and Ant. Copper ~$10


    LE Black Nickel with Gold Enamel ~$15


    As I state, this are estimated, but my final cost will determine the true cost.


    Thanks for everyone's understanding,



  12. There are many good points here for both sides. Ask the seller a question, Seller should have been up-front, and the like. Having sold items on eBay on-and-off since 2002(?) I have always gone out of my way to do right by the customer, even go so far as to agree to a lower amount on a dutch auction as the buyer didn't understand how they worked. How do we know that the seller didn't hold back the item from shipping so they could avoid the 7 day return period. 7 days is way too short for me and I don't post any return policy. I figure that the buyer can contact me and we can work the issue out. It has worked thus far.


    I really hope you come out on top.



  13. My expected ship date at the latest is September 18th. The goal is to have them earlier than that. Ideally I hope for the begining of September. I may have to move up my time frame to keep inside the eBay Pre-Sales window as the sets have flown out the door.


    I have set-up a website for my coins for now. It is located at:




    I have a Twitter on the homepage for coin updates, but I'm having issues with it displaying correctly in IE6, FireFox works good, except for the colors being shown incorrectly. I spend time trying to fix it, but may have to do manual updates. If anyone knows much about getting twitter to display correctly on a homepage please contact me via GC.c


    For those not in the know. The Black Nickel with Gold Glitter Enamel are the LE with only 40 coins being minted, 10 offered in the Pre-Sale set, 10 offered individually in the Pre-Sale, 10 being held for after Pre-Sales have shipped and 10 for various other things such as gifts and cointest.


    10 XLE coins in Antique Red Copper are also being minted and will not be sold.


    Both of those color schemes will not be reminted, EVER!!!!

  14. OK, after about 1/2 an hour of experimenting I think I have everything fixed. The problem was also messing with the domestic shipping services. It was my fault as it was some very old shipping preferances. If anyone encounters any other issues please send me a message via GC.c or post it here.


    I want to thank Map Monkey again for bringing this to my attention.


    Sorry that I have so many post back to back.


    Thanks again,



  15. Just check the USPS.com site and first class for 3 coins is $9.00, Flat Rate Priority is $11.95, Regular Priority is $22.50, and Express Flat rate is $26.00. All prices listed in USD.


    I will modify the shipping accordingly.


    Just when to eBay and Updated the shipping information. Please try it again and report back to me. The insurance for international orders is now included in the shipping and handling.


    Thanks again,




    Edit: info about eBay update.

  16. I don't believe paying US $26.95 just for shipping to Australia is acceptable for this coin . :huh: with each successive coin purchase (in the same package i assume) costing another US$26 or so. :D ..... i haven't even added the cost of the coin yet (which is not too bad for its size). :)


    Can you please revise the costs accordingly, otherwise i suspect there will be next to none overseas purchases. :)


    BTW what is the cost of "mandatory" insurance? Is it a percentage based system, and if so, how much are we talking?




    WOW, I may have to do international shipping differently. The shipping is based on weight. Send me a message via GC.c, no the forums PM, with you mailing info and I will head to the post office and check on prices. Also state how many you were looking to purchase. What shipping option did you select? I have both 1st class and Priority available. That may have been the difference.


    Thanks for bringing this to my attention and I will correct it as soon as possible one I have your information and can better determine why it is so much. I will also check with UPS and see what the cost are there.


    The insurance is figured automatically and should be based on the cost of the item.


    Thanks again,



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