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  1. This is an idea I really like. As for a seal of some sort I would have to say make it one of recognition. We always see the local paper do a "Who's Who" or 100 companies for the area. We could form some type of thread each year and buyers could suggest their top 5 vendors in order. This is then tallied up and the top 10 vendors get listed. Vendors would not be able to cast ballots as it could influence other vendors to cast their vote one way or the other. Still the website avroair talks about is much better as you could get a better range on vendor. As a vendor the site would be nice to see as you could see a break down by each coin and how you did in certain areas of the process and as a whole. If as a vendor you make coins for someone, they can rate the experiance. They would not be able to access that information until 5 customers that use you for minting their coin have submitted the info; then this info would only be an average and not individual ratings. We don't want someone to be vindictive for a bad rating. Just some thoughts, maldar
  2. Working on packaging up the coins. Getting the Activation codes with their coins has taken longer than I expected as well as making sure everyone gets coins that look good. I will be having a scratch and dent sale in the future for the coins that I feel fall into such a catagory. I also want to publicly thank anyone that has had me send their coins off to a good cause. You know who you are and thanks for caring about others in times of need. Thanks, maldar
  3. Coins that are traveling are not to be kept. Most have specific goals and places that they are heading. Now, if you find an unactivated coin in a cache it is yours to do with as you wish. Please don't keep activated coins as they are the property of the coin owner and you are but the caretaker of the coin while it is in your possesion (sp?). If you find a coin you like and would like one it is best to take a photo of the coin and post the image here and inquire about the maker of the coin and how to purchase or trade for one. Anyone else want to add on to this please do so as I know there is always more to be said on this matter. thanks, maldar
  4. *STUPID DOUBLE POST* maldar
  5. This is an interesting topic, as I was thinking to start a list of mints not to use as my first one seems to be one that is not up to the ethics I demand. I'm sure that I'm the first for which they produced a geocoin. Next time I'm going to make sure that the mint has produced geocoinS in the past. I had quotes from some, but I went with the cheapest quote to my dismay. Here is the info on the mint I used and I suggest anyone that is interested avoid: WENZHOU ZhongAo badge factory aka: King of Badge Pingyang, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China I only used them the one time, but all I have gotten from them are excuses they blame on their machine saying that the colors are not always the same. I can handle a color being one shade off, but to have a gold glitter and then a bright yellow with NO GLITTER is extreme as you can tell in the pictures in my coin's thread. All I ask is that any vendor that has had a bad experience with a mint and plans to never use them again due to that fact, please list them here. I see it as a favor to the geocoin community as a whole. You don't have to list what mint or mints you are using or have been happy with in the past. Just help others avoid the bad ones. maldar
  6. Just wanted all the eBay buyers to know that I sent out your feedback. Normally I do it the same day that I receive payment and don't understand myself why I waited. Kept on saying to myself I need to do that, but always put it off for some reason. Sorry I took so long in doing that for you all. You all have been a great bunch of buyers. Thanks, maldar
  7. Thanks RSG, sometimes I think I'm feeling better, but the drugs they gave me for the pain really do a number on me. I'm not one to take stuff unless I need to so I'm not use to side-effects like the ones I'm having. I thought it would be similar to when I had the first wisdom tooth removed 10 years ago, but I guess having all of the remaining three makes it worse. Now I understand what others have felt like when they had it done. Now for the coin, it is easier to read, but I think it looses alittle something. Thanks for the input and again for the well wish, maldar
  8. I wish they came inside flips. They arrived inside cheap plastic zip-top bags that were easily torn; although I tried to save as many good bags as possible it was still less than half I was able to save. I will be relacing them with a baseball card sleeves I'll be buying from the local collectibles shop.
  9. Here are the pictures. The first pic is to show the difference between the 2 colors, while the second pic shows the sleeve that I will be buying shortly to replace the bags in which they came. The coin on the left is the gold glitter sample that I was sent and the coin on the right is the yellow enamel that was produced. On the far right you can see the sleeve in which the coins will be shipped. These sleeves are made by Ultra-Pro, one of the best if not the best maker of protective products for collectibles such as baseball cards. These are thicker than some coin flips and more rigid. Thanks, maldar
  10. Finally got home to fine a box weighing in at 50 lbs smushing a cushion on the couch. I'm happy that they are finally here. maldar
  11. Hello, I have been in contact with the mint a couple times since the last post about the enamel. While I specifically mentioned that there was not a speck of glitter in the enamel that they used all I get a line of BS excuses. So instead of wasting anymore time with this mint I have decided to cut them loose. That being said, this will be the only run of this version of this coin. I'm 100% not going to remint any as I won't deal with that mint again. So while the color is not as stated they are still really nice coins and still LE. I will post pics later today. If anyone has any suggestions as to alternatives I may offer due to the mints unwillingness to correct the mistake please post it here. I have thought of another idea, but I will wait until tomarrow night to offer that one. Thanks, maldar
  12. Well, the teeth came out with much pain as I only had them gas me and use a local. The first one sent shooting pain down to my shoulder and was a real bleeder afterwards. I wish the local didn't wear-off so fast as I didn't have the meds right away. The good think is that the insurance pain 80%, they originally told me it was 50%. Good thing too as it was almost $900 for the 3 teeth to be removed, but I only have to pay $138. Now for the news about the coins. First the good news: They arrived today. Now for the not so good news: After I recived the samples I asked the coins to be placed in a heavier/thicker plastic bag as the ones they used for the samples were to thin and allowed the coins to cause nicks and the like to eachother. This was not done even though I was told they would use the thinkest bags they had, I will be sure everyone gets the best possible coins as not too many were nicked. As this is the case I will be heading to the collectibles store to purchase the holders they have for baseball cards. While this is going to cost me a bit I would not feel right sending them out in bags thinner than a store brand sandwhich bag. Now for the worse part of this. The Black Nickel with Gold Glitter Enamel was done incorrectly. Instead of the Gold Glitter Enamel they used a plain yellow enamel. I have contacted them and asked them to replace these coins. As I'm unwilling to give this company anymore money I will ask buyers what they would prefer if the mint refused to replace the coins without charge. The options would be a refund for that coin or to accept the coin with the yellow enamel. If for some reason I decided to make another run of this coin I would not make another Black Nickel version that was filled with either color enamel. I highly doubt I would make this coin again as it would mean having to give money to this company. Sorry that there is another short delay. I will be shipping coins to people that only purchased the RE coins as soon as I can, which should be friday at the latest. Once I hear from the mint as to the Black Nickel coins I will contact those buyers via the eBay site. Thanks and sorry, maldar
  13. Yes they are. All the coin sales for this coin on eBay were presales, be them a single coin or 2 and 3 coin sets. maldar
  14. Hello everyone, I have been trying the tracking number I was given atleast twice a day and today I finally was able to see the status of the package. It appears that the package was not sent out the same day I was told it was, but a few days later. This is just another nail in the coffin of that mint for me. Personally I don't tell someone something is shipped, until it is shipped. I can understand it being picked-up the next day, but not to be picked-up for 3 days is bad business. I thought that something seemed off when I was told that it may take a couple days for the shipping information to show-up, well now I know why. I'm just glad that it is now in the final home-stretch and that I can track the progress of the package. Here is alittle tease of what the Pre-Sale people should look forward to finding in their mail box sometime next year for this inconveinance: It is something I have been working on for sometime and hope to have done sooner if I get the funds. Thanks again for your time, maldar
  15. Good news. The coins have shipped from the mint and I hope will be here sometime Friday. I have all of next week off due to plans to have my wisdom teeth out so shipping these out will give me something to look forward too. Everyone please cross your fingers that they came out alright. I have received many emails from persons that want to purchase the coins that missed out on the Pre-Sales. Once the Pre-Sales have shipped I will post here with a link to my site where you can order the coins. Thanks for your waiting and your orders, maldar
  16. Just got an email from the mint and they said that they should be finished Thurs or maybe even Wed (tomarrow). Once I get their email about the coins shipping I will post again. Thanks, maldar
  17. No problem, I understand that it has been a topic of concern. I feel sorry for all those that have been waiting for other coins for 3, 4, or more months; and there have been no updates. This being my first coin and all, I expected some mistakes, but experianced sellers should have a better feel and speedier time than I have. We will leave it at that as this is about my coin and not about the delays other have experianced. Once again I want to thank everyone for their purchases, believing in me and all the rest. While I don't want to go into much detail, I have learned much in this experiance and will be better equiped for the next coin. Look forward to seeing a new coin next year as I plan to use my tax return to fund that one if all goes well. maldar
  18. I should receive the coins early next week if all goes as planned. *Crosses Fingers* maldar
  19. Hello again, I have gotten the codes and sent them to the mint. There has been some confusion with them as to the laser etching so now I have to send them even more money. This after I have repeatedly told them what was required. Good thing I get paid tomarrow. Atleast the coins are made and only need to have the code and the words "Trackable at Geocaching.com" laser etched into them. Thanks again, maldar
  20. Thanks for the idea, I did that right after my update post yesturday. I went to My eBay Summary and sent a message to everyone with a link to my post. I figured that was the best and easiest way for people to learn since you are limited on characters in a eBay message. I just want to tell you Atwell that I really like you as a seller and have never had an issue with your products, cannot wait to buy another coin from you when I have the funds. Thanks again, maldar
  21. Yes, they are trackable. This is the reason that there is a delay currently. LOL, that is a good one. I didn't come-up with the commandments though. Thanks, maldar
  22. Thank you everyone for being so understanding. It makes me feel alittle better. maldar
  23. In addition. Everyone that sticks with this can expect to see a little something extra in their mailbox sometime next year if not sooner. maldar
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