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  1. I have finally gotten around to posting the coins on ebay. This is the link to the auction: Dream Catcher GeoCoins Please visit and bid for these great coins. Maldar
  2. Darn, I just saw the new price and was about to PM you. Oh Well. I should look more often.
  3. Keep watching these forums and get an etrex Legend. It is 2 steps higher than the yellow etrex and while garmin says it is 2 steps below the Vista; I consider it only 1 step. I just got one here for $60 including shipping. The Legend has mapping which I think is a must. I have had mine since 2002 and only just started getting lines in the screen, but is still useable. The lines seem to go away after it has been on awhile. You will be happy with this and so will the kiddies. Maldar
  4. Well, since no one posted an offer I will be placing these on ebay and use the money to purchase a GPSr for them. It will be posted sometime over the weekend and I will post back here with the link and in the GeoCoin forums.
  5. Actually, let's start it here. I have 1 complete set of the 4 Dream Catcher coins (Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire). What is your bid? GPSrs and Money with be acceptable and will be taking offers until 6pm EST. Transaction of goods will go through me. Terms are You send me GPSr, once I recieve that, I send you your coins. I have the choice to keep the GPSr in question and send one of my etrex Legends if said GPSr is of higher value. I would like to come out with a little something as I was going to sell these on ebay for a profit I hope. If we need to move this to a different forum then let the mods decide. Maldar
  6. That is awful. While I don't have the money and while I have extra units I have plans for them as use in teaching geocaching to others. What I can do is list one of my DeamCatcher Coin Sets on Ebay. I will post here when I do such. As for anyone being offended, though ........... to them! Those offened should just sit on their hands. Maldar
  7. I have to say that the Garmin etrex ledgend is the lowest you should go. You can find them in these forums for around $60-80 and on ebay for about $100. You can get them new from GPScity.com for about $130. The reason I like this model so much is that it has mapping and has the tracks feature. Tracks allow you to follow your same path in, on your way out. This has helped me out many times as I have started back thinking I was heading in the correct direction and then looked at the GPSr and thought how stupid I was to not follow it back out. Other times I didn't like the way I came in and found a better trail and was able to take a short cut and have less travel time and reduce my impact on the enviroment. You can get an Energizer slow charger w/8 AA and 4 AAA for about $15-20 at Sam's. I have also had my unit since 2002 and the screen just recently started getting lines in it, but is still useable. I would not have purchased another one unless I thought they where good and I would never recommend anything I was not willing to use myself. Garmin helpped me out when my GPSr got run over in the street, by selling me a unit for 50% off. They even tried to recover my data from the crushed unit. Very Good customer service if you ask me.
  8. You're thinking of the more recent GPSrs that use the mini USB port. He's looking for the old school serial cable. Thanks for your help anyways. Maldar
  9. I agree With Trucker Lee and AZcachemeister, as well as a few others here. If you can fix it for the time being then please do so as the same will be done for you down the road. Just the other day I came across a cache that was moist inside and posted my find and a needs maintenance log. When I did not see a log about the cache getting maintenance I looked at the profile and saw that it belonged to the son of another cacher and went about finding out who the father was. After a quick post to the local geocaching group I was able to shoot of a PM to him, but he had taken action by that time. If I was unable to contact him and it didn't get maintained in the next couple of days I was going to have it disabled while I took it home to dry it out and then take it back.
  10. I think that if you are with the hider when it gets hidden then you should wait until the real FTF comes in one GC.c. I did go with my friend to find her first hide, but the day after it was posted and just to check the coords, but I was not there when she placed it. I have caches I have adpoted out to other cachers and I now realize that numbers are more important to them than me as they wanted the caches that where archived in addition to the active ones. They claimed that they wanted them so they could possibly reactivate them, but now I know it was just for the numbers. That really bugs me. As for those caches I will just ignore them. I do wish they had a spot in your sig showing the number of caches you have adopted and have been adopted from you. I think it goes to show how responsible you are. If they did that they could also filter out those caches from your searches. Maldar
  11. You have obviously NEVER, EVER met my 7 1/2 year old daughter who things she is going on 17! Trust me, there have been days when I have PRAYED for a cache big enough to leave Ms Obnoxity in... Trust me, on those days trading her for a hamster would NOT be a trade up God help me when puberty sets in and she starts pms'ing! I'll build one big enough, how large is your child?lol You have not seen the giant ammo can done by Team Desert Eagle.
  12. There have been threads like this before, but what the hey? I found out about it while reading the comic book, Knights of the Dinner Table. That was one of the funniest stories in the comic. I don't think I would ever have found out about it to this day if I never read that comic.
  13. I'm thinking the DDNight only caches in the rain and does mocros mainly. There is nothing like sitting back and reading the logbook in the sun. Atleast in the old days when people wrote in them. I try to leave a good description of my time searching for the cache in the log and have taken a front and back of a page sometimes. I have a few logbooks at home that I like to just sit down with and read. Sitting at the computer reading those same logs is not the same. Even if I printed out the logs it would not be the same. Nothing can beat reading that little hand written treasure. The only time I do the Name, Time, Date and Trade types are when it is raining for the cache took me longer than I planned and I have to be somewhere shortly. When I have to do that though, I feel that I'm jipping the cache owner.
  14. I recently picked up close to 40 mini-flashlights with carabiners between a couple Dollar General stores in my area. $1 each and while I plan to use them for something else in addition to this they are always a welcome find. The only thing I don't like about the ones I picked up is that there is mercury in the batteries so people need to be aware to recycle them properly. Take a look around at the dollar stores as you can find some decent items for a good price still.
  15. Maybe GC.c can create an new type of account for schools that have classes into caching. The main account will keep track of the total finds, but sub accounts can post individual logs. I'm sure it is all about privacy for the students. Would also be nice for family accounts like this as sometimes the whole family may not cache together all the time and they could keep track of individual finds per family member.
  16. I thought that I was the only one that still used kid friendly swag. Atleast in my area older cachers complain that there is only kiddy swag and nothing of quality. Now we have had to create kid friendly caches as there seems to be fewer kid friendly swag items. The last event I was at I just dropped off some crayons and chalk in the cache and was still in the area when a family came by and found the cache. I'll never forget how happy the little girl was when she pulled out the crayons for trade. While I don't have a problem with giving out adult items I think cachers need to remember the little ones also when they buy swag and try to get an equal amount of both adult and kiddie swag.
  17. Easy to do when you have it on while flying. I got mine to 583 mph on a jet.
  18. I always use the first space available and hate seeing blank pages. People need to use both side of the page.
  19. You totally understand the true meaning of this sport young grasshopper.
  20. I will have to tell you when I plan on being in CA and you can hold me one of these events. LOL Hiking 35 miles through Yosimitie to and from Clouds Rest was the best. Having an event like that would be even better.
  21. I'm of a like mind. I cache to discover new places and to enjoy caching. Numbers are fun to an extent. I have only just reached #300 and that cache is one that I took time to research as I wanted a memorible cache for a milestone, I didn't want some lame graveyard cache like #250 was. As for discovering coins, no except for personal meet n' greet type coins. You want to use a coin as a way to remember those members you meet then fine. I will not discover a coin just so I can have an icon. It is just like cache owners that run out to their cache in which someone just dropped a TB and they want to claim another TB. If you view my profile you will see that I only have 2 caches listed. I have placed 10 others but adpoted those to another cacher when I moved, even the archived caches. I could have archived the remainer of my caches and forced the new owner to create a new listing, but what is the point of that. When others comment on my low cache hide count I inform them of this fact, but they really don't understand. Those are the same people that see archiving one of their caches and then placing another one in the same place as a new cache being OK. Some of those new hides are even the same exact name or "#2". I see this as another way of inflating stats. I would love to have the old days back, an hour drive to just get into the teens and twenties. Sure I was able to get #100 in that first year, but that was one of the best. Now I only have to travel within a 36 mile radius to find 500 caches. Many of those have been boring caches without a point. What is so great about the top of a parking garage or the small wooded area behind a closed down Hot N Now? Give us Virtuals back or Locationless caches so we can use Historical Markers, I'm not going to be a WayMarker. Maldar
  22. I think while some of these events are not that bad I have seen a FME pop up as a precursor to someone else's event. All you had to do to log the FME was to show up wearing a bandana and sign the log and then on the way to the real event. If you want to have a FME, don't accosiate it with a cache on the same day less than a mile away and whos sole purpose is to preceed the other event. Create it into your event on a different day. How many FMEs are going to precced Mega Events? 20-30, what value do they have at that point? I need to go shopping at the WalMart on Friday, can I have a FME and we can all go shopping after? On Wednesday I plan to get gas, oh I can make that into an FME. A good FME would be at the local playground and see how many times people could slide down a slide or the like.
  23. There have been other post like this that have not been locked. Personally I think that a heads up on a good deal is good all around.
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