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  1. I'm a bit late here, but I'm so happy for you Rod. I really hope this leads to the rest of you stuff getting returned to you. I'll be waiting to hear more on this.
  2. Thanks Naomi. Amazing what a 1.2 MP camera can do. I'm planning on printing out everything and the picture to make a cool display. Need to also complete my scrapbook and add some caching pages.
  3. If that mod post means more names, then please add me: maldar
  4. Wow, Wish I would have seen this one before. I would have bid on some items. Glad that everyone has come together this holiday season to help out so many of our fellow cachers. Maldar
  5. Here are the pics: The Package. Box #2 What is up with this extra box was it really needed? Even has my address on it like the box it came in. There's the box I'm looking for. Here is everything in one picture. Now I just have to wait until my next day off to get out there and check it out while finding caches. Really was hoping to have it before Christmas and use it for Operation: Cacher Surprise. Oh Well, Wednesday cannot come soon enough for me now. This was the best gift I ever gave myself , and thanks has to go to Onit for the Uber great price . Maldar
  6. I know everyone wants to see these: Rod back at the Jeep after our first find and the Operation revealed. Pvt Ryan, now Specialist Ryan after recieving PFC and Specialist ranks after his first Covert Operation. Rod and myself after our 4 cache adventure in Hayes. Here we are with Rod's swag from Operation: Cacher Surprise. The 2 big bags are for the boys and the small one was the one I had in my backpack for the GPSr and coins from KyakerInMaine, given to Rod at the moment of the surprise. Boy was he surprised. Thanks for the great memories and Christmas Rod. It was so much fun for me. Thanks to everyone else that knew and kept the secret. Maldar
  7. Cowboy, The unit we are talking about is the GPSMAP 76. Sorry we didn't use the full name, forgot about the other. I only suggest mapping units. Maldar
  8. Being a Garmin Man and having used the Legend for 5 years, I think you have some good options. The Legend is a great little model that will fit in your hand perfectly. If you have smaller hands I say this would be best as it contours are just right. I recently got the 76CSx, which is the big brother to the 76 you mention. While I have not gotten to use it in the feild, it is bigger than the Legend and not contoured to the hand. The thing that makes it better is the fact that it is newer and holds more information for maps and waypoints. If you have any future plans that involve trips on the water I would say the 76 hands down, that is the reason I purchased mine. As the prices are so close when you compare the features I would say the 76, it you really have to save the $25 the Legend is great. My history of useage is as follows: Started in 2002 with Legend and it was run over later that same year and replaced by Garmin with the same. Purchased LegendC in Fall of 2006. Purchased another Legend in Summer of 2007 for teaching purposes. Purchased 76CSx and received Dec 26th.
  9. Rebecca, Tim is correct. This is a great model. You will not find better for this price. I just got a used 76CSx, which is the Top of the Line Model in this series. That ran me $365, but I got a deal as it came with a couple disc as well. Personally I would buy it if I had the money. Maldar
  10. Woot it came yesturday and I forgot to post. It was not a coin, but my new used Garmin GPSMAP 76CSx with City Select NA v7, City Navigator NA v8, Trip and Waypoint Manager, with a case. Found this great deal in the GPS Garage Sale Forums. I love this place. Maldar
  11. Rod is correct. I would dish out the $100 for the 76 if I were you; if that is too much, go with the Legend. I have used the Legend for 5 years and it is the lowest model I would suggest getting. Maldar
  12. Tim, Do you still have this unit for sell? Can you tell me if it looks like this one? http://s7.sears.com/is/image/Sears/0573025...usm=0.9,0.5,0,0 Thanks! The one he has is the Monochrome screen version. It is about 3 steps down from the one in your link.
  13. Thanks Rod. Who knows, maybe some years from now I will be giving this unit to someone that needs one.
  14. Arrived today and I'm currently installing and updating my new and old software. WOOT!!!! This is a wonderful unit. Thanks, Maldar
  15. I was so had to maintain the ruse (sp?) that I knew I had to do the surprise at the first cache. This has to be my favorite Christmas thus far, and I doubt it will be surpassed for a long time. The only thing I wish I had was a video camera and a clip of Rod's reaction to the gift. OOOOOh, that gives me a plan for next time. HEE HEE!! This experiance has helpped me come up with an idea I need to develop more and hope I can get off the ground. Rod is just a care guy and really deserved this. I cannot wait until the events that are planned down there so I can visit again. Really miss caching that area. Maldar
  16. You can all be let in on the secret now, below is the whole story as posted at the Michigan Geocaching Organization forums: Recently Declassified Subject: Change of Status Previous Status: Classified, Priority One, Top Secret New Status: Declassified for Public Use Mission: Covert Operation; Code Name: Operation: Cacher Surprise Background: While browsing the forums at Geocaching.com (GC.c), Special Agent Maldar uncovered news of a cacher in need via a posting by Operative MouseKaKat Forums Link. Special Agent Maldar then proceeded to conduct online surveillance of the target. Upon discovering the code names of the target’s close friends living nearby Maldar proceeded to contact one discreetly, NurseNanna. Communicating via still classified emails, NurseNanna agreed to assist Maldar in arranging a secret meeting to surprise the target. Many plans were discussed from, providing a surprise dinner or breakfast Christmas Day to a chance meeting on the trail. The decided course of action was to impersonate a new cacher in the target's locale. Mission Brief: Agent Maldar created a false account, JacksonCacher, on both GC.c and the local geocaching community's, Michigan Geocaching Organization (MIGO, pronounced: MeeGo), website located at: http://www.migoonline.org/ Through this account Maldar posted via the MIGO forums that he was to receive a GPS unit for the holiday and was looking for help on Christmas Day to look for caches. Knowing others would respond to this message both Maldar and NurseNanna emailed these other individuals to inform them of their intended target, with full disclosure to follow. The target replied to the thread and emailed the false email account also created by Agent Maldar for this operation. Maldar expressed an interest in caching the area suggested by the target and made plans to contact the target once in the area of the caches. Mission Debrief: 1330hrs Agent Maldar arrived at the designated area and contacted the target. The target stated that it would take him around 30 mins to arrive at the location. Being in need of fuel Maldar inquired as to a fuel station, to which the target provided directions. 1400hrs Target arrives at location and both Maldar and him meet and discuss what cache to attempt first. 1410hrs After parking near the cache both start out towards the cache. Target explains to Maldar about paperless caching, travel bugs, and geocoins. He also coaches Maldar in the use of the GPS unit and various quirks that arise with them. Agent Maldar plays along the whole time asking questions and being attentive. 1420hrs While the target explains that once one gets within about 30 feet of a cache the GPSr starts to act up, Maldar pretends to search for the cache after already determining it’s location a couple minutes before. 1422hrs Agent Maldar ask the target to read the log he has just written and tell him what he thinks. Maldar writes the following in the logbook: 12/25/7 1422hrs Caching with Rod. He is about to receive a new GPSr and discover who I really am. Maldar #317 While Rod reads the log Maldar retrieves a small gift bag from his backpack and places the GPSr inside. All the while Rod is in disbelief and reeling from the post in the log. Maldar hands Rod the gift bag, which also contains a set of person coins from KayakerInMaine. 1440hrs Rod and Agent Maldar arrive back at the vehicles where Maldar pulls out 2 more gift bags for Rod's boys. 1500hrs Agent Maldar and Rod continue caching and find 3 more caches before calling it a day. Extra Notes: Many hugs and hand shakes where exchanged in the course of the day. Special Acknowledgements: LadyBee4T, for helping Anne Victory Mike, HomeBru, and Geoaddict; for not spoiling the surprise and stepping up to the plate with offers to help a new cacher.
  17. Glad to hear that things are getting back to normal for you . With all these things happening it has helped me come up with an idea. Still have to work on the details before I post any more information about it here. Maldar
  18. *Works best in a sing song voice out loud* "I got something in the mail and I know what it is, but I cannot tell YOU!!! It's a surprise and a really cool one. I know what it is, but yoooooou don't, NAH NAH NA BOO BOO!!!!" You all will have to wait atleast 7 Days, sort of like the TV show. 7 Days and we can come back and revisit this post. OH and NAH NAH NA BOO BOO!!!! LOL Maldar
  19. Tell me when the next one is planned, we could host one at the same time in Sparta, MI. That would be funny. Wish I could get one, but with all I'm doing this year ... Well, lets say I'm well past the PUSHing the limits and the GO 4 BROKE stages. On the other hand I'm going to have so much fun if all goes well that I don't care. Maldar PS forgot to mention that those look great.
  20. Sorry to hear about the loss. I wish I had one to give you. Keep checking back here are they pop up all the time.
  21. Tell us how you like it after you have used it a few times. They look cool. Maldar
  22. Thank God for kids... my 8 year old brought home a tummy bug. She's been tossing the cookies randomly since Sunday morning at 5 am, Micke had it Sunday and finally went back to work from it yesterday, Hanna graced us with it at 2 am Wed morning, resulting in us needing to bathe her and change the bed at that lovely hour... And guess who is lying on the couch bundled up under a blanket with slippers on and gingerly sipping on a coke now.... ME..... At least you got coins...and a surprise to keep you warm, lol! Get well soon! Naomi Naomi, you should be sipping a Ginger-Liquorice tea. It is a good detox tea. Everyone here should be using it this time of year if you live in a cold weather area. When I was living in a co-op with 20 other people I don't remember getting sick while drinking some each night. Taste good as the Liquorice root's flavor mellows the ginger. Maldar
  23. Hey hanna, Good to see that your mom has let you have an account. Now you have to go back and log all those finds you did as a family. Have a happy holiday. Maldar
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