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  1. I thought it best to post this to the GeoCoin forums as most of the addresses are geocoin related. If you have gotten an email from my migeocacher@hotmail.com account yesturday, don't open it or click on any links or attachments. This was not sent by me. I'm still checking other accounts and changing my passwords. Sorry if anyone has had anything happen, this is the first time something like this has happened to me and thus far seems minor. Not sure how they got my information.


    Again, sorry if you got an email,



  2. Well, the auction is done and I just want to thank those that bid. This will allow me to pay back most of the money to the person I borrowed the money from to pay my car payment.


    This will also allow me to skip a couple months of payments due to a skip payment program at the Credit Union. Not ideal, but it gives me some breathing room.


    Now if I can just get back to work, but that may not be until October since they decided that I have Severe Sleep Apnea. Personally I think it is BS since each time they ask me about a symptom I can correctly answer NO. I think there must be another issue.


    Oh well, not much I can do about it since that is what the test shows.


    I have multiple ideas that I want to make, but they will have to wait until I get back to work.


    Thanks again and hope to get back out there when I have time.



  3. I tried to adjust the shipping and after testing some other countries it still doesn't work correctly. It seem like and error in the ebay system as I offer 1st class, Flat rate priority and priority services, but for international shipments it is only displaying the priority service.


    Please send a question via the ebay system as to the cost of shipping to your country so I can reply to it and have it show on the listing.


    This explains why I have not had many bids on other auctions in the past.






  4. Hello fellow Cachers,


    As the post says, will be selling a complete Dreamcatcher 4 coin set. I really didn't want to sell it but I must. The quick and the short of it is that I found a job back at the end of March did the training and all, but the person that did my DOT physical thought that I should talk to my doctor about sleep apnea and so placed a restriction on my DOT Card making it valid for only 3 months. My employer allowed me to drive for that time, but when the time grew short made sure I could get home to see the doctor. Between all test and waiting for appointments my employer auto-terminated me for being gone to long, which was out of my hands. While I was told that after I got everything done I could be reinstated, that still doesn't help pay the bills.


    Below is a link to the listing on ebay:


    Auction Listing Here


    The reserve is set at what I need to make the payment, but I will sell if the bid is close enough. I have sold a set of these before for the amount I need, my payment is not too much.






  5. fix the spelling and the couple of out-of-focus pics and it appears you are ready to rock and roll! i wish the photos were bigger so we could see the detail of the coins better. perhaps "clickable" pics to a larger size for those who wish to see more. but the small pics would still load fast.




    It would be nice if you had thumbnails to click on that opened to a larger picture, as RSG says.


    What program are you using to create the pages, and how much HTML do you know/understand?

  6. Well CB, I think that if one is up front about a change in user name they save a lot of grief in the end. Doing so will prevent having to explain it later and prevent people from thinking one has something to hide when they find out about the change. The more one refuses to acknowledge or explain a change in user name, the more people will grow to distrust that person.

  7. In any case, though, please don't be sending me pm's with foul language or thinly veiled foul language in it.


    You should report this IMHO. I don't believe that type of behavior is condoned by the people who run this site.


    These people are lucky - frankly - that you didn't out them openly on this thread for such behavior because really that says more about THEM than anything. :rolleyes: It would serve them right if you posted their PM here for all to see. Maybe they'd think twice about doing it again to someone else.


    I agree, you should report this. If they have something to say like that, then they should say it here.


    Can you please tell us the basics of the PMs, clean them up, leave names out. I'm not sure how GC.c feels about the posting of PMs to the forums; but having something is better than nothing.


    Naomi, just remember you are a sweetheart and deserve better than those creeps.



  8. I appreciate the fact that you were thoughtful enough to find new owners for your caches. Unfortunately, a lot of adoptions take place for exactly the opposite reason. People lose interest, or are just to lazy to maintain their caches. A concerned cacher then manages to get in touch with them, and arranges the ownership transfer.


    In that case, maybe adding an Icon showing the caches you have adopted would be nice also; you didn't really hide the cache, but did something to keep it alive.

  9. I was asked to post the following:


    I love your idea.

    As the owner of a tribute username for a fallen cacher I'd love his original account to show all the caches that he used to own. Since he died they are all adopted out and his account is pretty barren.


    As a disclosure, The above came from a temp banned user. I thought that should be known, as you would be asking why the person is not posting themselves. The user is unknown to me and as is the reason for the ban.

  10. Not bad over all for your first page. You should have seen the ones I was making back in '96. Taught myself HTML, and now there are all these tamplates and premade pages; not to mention all the new stuff: XML, CSS, Java, etc.


    I like the Stargate inspired coin. One suggestion I have on that, is it possible to add a transparent blue enamel to the event-horizon? If that was possible, maybe a couple other colors as well. Something to think about.

  11. Basically, though, divorce, name change, what have you... even if there is a legitimate reason for the name change, as long as things are on the up and up, why not just put a "formerly of xxxxxxxxxx" or something like that in the signature line to let folks know, both old and new, especially if you have nothing to hide?


    Just a thought.


    That's a good idea and no reason why one couldn't do that.

  12. I'm not sure myself, but even though Coinswag have not changed their name, they now choose to be associated in these forums with an account of that name, when in fact all of their past dealings on this board have been under another account name, amounts to the same thing to me. :)


    I have to disagree to a point. They want to keep their caching identity separate from they business and even I have recently done the same. Now, I have only produced one coin, so that is a bit different. I waited to create a new account because I wanted to be sure I was able to get the domain name I wanted beforehand. I can only assume that they created one due to the vendor issues of the last year. Since they didn't change the business name it should be fine; but they should have stated that in the first post they made with that account, the purpose of the account. Instead, someone else pointed the fact out first.


    Why do we want to keep separate accounts? I get many geocaching emails to my personal account that are watch list items, virtual cache related, or just caching friend related. Having the second account allows to have all the business stuff filtered out for easier/faster replies; not to mention accidental deletion, which has happened on some cache related emails.


    I do think that the business account one uses for the forums should be the same name as that of the business, and that account be the only official voice for the business.

  13. From what I have just read, hard enamel will have a smooth surface across the coin. I take this as only the sections filled with enamel.


    The Michigan Venture Crew coin is a good example of hard enamel. The whole coin has all areas filled with hard enamel and it makes the coin smooth.


    It cannot be used with soft enamel as the curing processes is different.


    The epoxy coat is a clear coat, and in the case of one coin I have, creates a slight dome/curved/convex surface. I don't know if that convex surface is the norm or happened to just the coin I have, as it is the only epoxy coin I have in my collection.

  14. Since I play the game my way I thought I would make this suggestion.


    When I moved a few years back I adopted all my physical caches to another local cacher. Since I know exactly where the caches are I don't feel right claiming a find on those caches.


    What I suggest is that when the original placer of a cache adopts out their cache that they get an adoption stat/icon along with their hides and finds stats/icons. This would only apply to the original placer/owner as all others that adopt the cache afterwords should have found the cache before adopting. This would be issued at the time the adoption is completed.


    I think will help distinguish responsible cachers that take the time to find someone to take over a cache.


    Just a suggestion.

  15. I never revisit a cache just to move a coin/trackable. With the one exception that the owner of the trackable ask me to move it along. That is just how I play the game. Just like I don't log a find on caches that I have adopted to other cachers.

  16. It is nice that it has been lowered. If you are having coins minted then it is harder to cover the cost. However, people that plan to make their own trackables can now get an icon at a lower minimum and then add more codes later or vise versa.


    I wanted the icon when I did my coins last year, and having all 250 minted at the same time was the best option. Since I was wanting to make some items this year; I was debating on how many I should make. Now this changes things.


    I can also move forward with other plans as well with this lower number. Now if I can just get that job they called me about today.

  17. I was looking at the Lazy Hayes Days page, and thinking about the Tb race...I wonder if there are any rules about charging a fee to enter a TB race?? Could that be a way to raise money for your programs?? Maybe have a BIG prize(donated) like there was in the Summer Meltdown, and charge +/-$10 per Coin/Bug entered in the race. I wonder if that would be considered Gambling?


    It might depend on the State these were sold in. Each State has different laws, rules and definitions of "gambling".


    I don't think that it is considered gambling as it is a race. Say if 200 people competed in a 50 yard dash and the top 3 got a prize, it is not gambling. Now. people placing wagers on the winners, that is gambling. Cars that enter into races like NASCAR have to pay fees to enter the race and then it they win, they get a purse.

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