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  1. I have experienced repeat instances of frustration when trying to activate and log travel bugs. It's bad enough that I'm about to give up on this part of the game. Today, for example, it took half a dozen attempts to activate the bug my wife gave me for Christmas. Apparently one does not add a space in the tracking number when first typing it in, even if there exists a space on the bug itself! Also, when I initially typed in the number and the activation code, I was redirected to a page in which the activation code was transposed in the field for the tracking number! When I typed in the number instead, the activation went forward. Finally, I was not able to give it a name; this one seemed to come preset with one. Why? And in the past, when logging tractables, I have found it very difficult to indicate when I have dropped it off in a different cache. I think I've figured that one out, though. In any case, there's way too much obfuscation to make all of this FUN--and isn't that the point? drjeff2011
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