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  1. i think because it says its a disk and well the disk isnt there its destroyed well thats my opinion
  2. it might not be you but the placer when i first started placing caches i could never get my accuracy low on my 100 so i was placing caches with 20-30ft accuracy well now that ive stepped up im placing caches with accuracy of 7-15ft accuracy it makes a big diference.
  3. Flag finder, whats wrong with the gps you have? if its all cosmetic problems id be interested in it as long as it works fine. i have had it for about a year i only used it for 6 months the screen has a dark spot from when i was out caching i dont know what happened but all is still visible its going away it the keys have had it really rough and almost all of the printing on the keys are gone but the words are still there above the keys i use it just to lend it to people to learn about geocaching so i dont have it right now but i can get it
  4. i have one you might like i was afraid to sell it because it is in semi good condition but it may take me a bit to get it back someones borowing it now but i have the box and manual handy
  5. wow your rite on track with my mind i think i will go with that deal once i get the money
  6. our reviewer is very reliable and has them published usually within 8 hours of the form being sent thanks Surfer Joe.
  7. ha weve been learning about these minutemen i here they have automatics wut a nice small group
  8. just flip out your pocket knife if thier geocachers they will know wut your doing but if thier not they will start running away trust me it works i needed to pull out a really snug container so i flipped out my knife and some kids were staring at me from the start once they saw the knife they ran away although that might be a bit intensejust hold your gps in your hand where its visible
  9. i would also like some unused TBs if you let me pay less than groundspeaks.
  10. Im in! A partner can PM me when ready supposivly US will be fine
  11. if a group of people got together id be up for that.
  12. that never occured to me it would be possible and we could make our own trackables without having to even sell the codes unless the site cost money than a small fee would apply the only problem is i dont know how to do it.
  13. this whole forum reminds me of that eposode of scrubs last thursday where the janitor goes around giving people business cards that list various jobs
  14. if you want to make your own trackables or just want the codes go and make a request in my forum called "Trackables Request..."
  15. um read above you have top buy 250 i only want like 10
  16. i think it would increase sales some people might not like the regular TB's and not like any coins they see and think i want to make my own but for a low price i dont want to buy 250 for a 1.50 maybe i want 10 for a 1.50
  17. im just looking to save some money if at all possible while still having my own design wut i mean is i just want the codes not to have to buy a tb then make another one that will cost me more than i want to spend for each one
  18. i use brown red and green spraypaint it works well then i take a utinsel if the containers large enough and spray it yellow so it says geocaching.com do not remove
  19. ok heres wut you do to see if its private or public just get a city land use map thats wut i use to find public land
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