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  1. uhh you must have gotten them on sale cause i got mine at FF for 4.99 which still isnt bad for 50cal
  2. ive seen that site right now im asking some people how to work the forums i created i hope to have them up soon the web site is pretty hard and if anyone is into that stuff and would like to do that its fine by me but i got the forums
  3. true thats why im careful with who i tell about geocaching.
  4. i decided to get my 60csx from cascade gps they were selling it for $320
  5. well i think for the name we should be able to fit it into 3 letters so right now latitude longitude altitude is winning my name i thought about would be GPA- Geocaching Pilots Assotiation
  6. HA HA HA!... LOL good way of putting it i got a model airplane but cant find it because we moved when i was in the middle of making it
  7. the wet paint site is being very putsy ill give it a day i did already creat forums and used phpbb because someone else told me to use them so i could start up the forums but the site will have to wai a while what i may do instead is create an xanga till i get some more communication from people who can help create this site or create it for us im stuck right now. ill keep posted and create the xanga tommorow and will post the site for now let me finish the forums for you all to talk on
  8. well what do you want to call our group? i have the page up i decided to go with wet paint for now but may expieriment a bit later. i know some other people who have used wet paint and they seem pretty good my goal is to set up a site with forums so we can talk on our own and have links to helpful soarces such as EAA and that other site someone mentioned before which lists where caches near airports are. (if i knew that existed i would have used that on my vacation) if you want links to any sites or such or know a site we could get some free forums started just mention it. remember ill start construction at about 9pm tonight central time.
  9. this all sounds good ill start working probubly with google around 9pm central time ill also be on the forums posted to this topic now ive never made a website only thing close is my xanga (basicly myspace) so this will be new to me but i think it will be fun
  10. im buying a garmin gpsmap 60csx for $350 at walmart.com anything cheaper ill be buying mine about 9 tonitght unless you find somthing cheaper
  11. looks good does anyone know where i could create a website for free i dont want to pay money. i do have someone who is willing to build one but its hard yto tell someone what you want
  12. u should talk to burlington northern lol maybe they will let you hide a cache on a train but it would be moving but that would be so cool! you could have hobos in your cache
  13. lol its amazing how one thing leads to another ...we're still talking about railroads though
  14. ya i have two of these and my first cache was one of these i think these are cool spots but i like them because when your parents are shopping at kohls it gives you somthing to do my other one is near the best coffee shop in the world so i dont mind them just dont put them everywhere like i have one near a walmart but its across from a beutiful fountain and the container blends in very well and its amongst sa lot of old town shops near a beutiful bollavard one of the best places to shop or enjoy a snack
  15. noticed how the rails dont look shiney polished like they havent been used for a while
  16. i only have 2 and its been a year my first gps was a 100 then i told my parents that the usb port would help so i went rough on my 100 then i said i need a usb port so i looked around and REI hada major sale on a 210 package including mapsend topo 3d usa a usb cable car adaptrer case mapsend lite and geocache manager for $140 then i said that is a very good buy so i got it now i want to try a garmin and i think i found a good deal at walmart.com you can get a gpsmap 60csx for $357 regularly priced then i go to places like rei and radio shack which charge $450-$500 then i try to get them to lower by telling them it costs 350 normal pricing at walmart and they dont belive me! its like w/e ill just get it at walmart.com
  17. i got to back him up on this one somtimes you want a long hike and other times you want to get as many in as you can.
  18. i have that problem with my windows 98 so i have to use my xp what computer type are you using?
  19. well i have noticed that many states or groups have thier own geocaching site that includes thier own forums and such and i noticed within every group there were say 1 or 2 pilots and im sure a lot of them love planes well why dont we start a website for those who love planes and those of you who are pilots. im sure it would be a great idea and we could organize our own fly ins and such or just have a group of us who meet up at other events such as airventure! theres one problem and that is i dont know how to set up a site! so i would either need someones help or someone could make the site for us and we could just join in. so lets here anyone have sugestions? or does anyone else want to create the site? i think this site should be worldwide because if anyone has a plane im sure they would fly it and we all would have a common interest.
  20. i was biking to a cache then i took a sharp turn and i pulled the brakes and i am just sitting there and its sitting there looking at me about 10 ft from eachothere now i didnt want to move so after about 20 seconds off staring she finally went away now that deer scared me i cant belive i almost hit a deer on my bike usually it happens in the car lol
  21. "what are you doing". What ARE YOU doing? "no what ARE YOU doing?" No what ARE YOU doing. then it goes on like that for another 10 minutes till someone goes away heres another one "what are you doing?" good your here, hey YOu got My money? "what money?" YOU DIDNT BRING IT! well then thats just too bad. and by then hes long gone
  22. i cant recall finding anything strange but one day i found a really awesome coin and i wanted to move it so i put in like 10 individual wet naps from buffolo wild wings lol
  23. are there any caches that are safty deposit boxes i think that would be so cool!
  24. i got lost in minneapolis because i forgot to take a waypoint so i wandered about a mile away so i had to find my way back luckily i know how to get around from the IDS tower so i got back that teaches me
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