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  1. ive got a link to where i got mine in my profile under the map or maybe right above itsone of them
  2. o boy Posen wins this one with coyote o its awesome i hope i didnt scare the guy behind us walking by looking at us because its made to look like a human leg hes got many other good ones but unfortunatly i can only pick one
  3. now sig? does that mean your personal item for caches or what?
  4. wow thats cool! it looks similiar i know not all states have the program im taklking about but thats another one.
  5. Heres a new one for pilots and airplane enthusiasts GPA- Geocaching Pilots
  6. Heres a new one we made its only forums at the time its international GPA- Geocaching Pilots if you need somthing from our group you can contact me at MK-flager-Niter@hotmail.com
  7. thats what i pmed him o ya thanks for the link we added it to our forums just created!! GPA geocaching pilots is what we called it but its not just for pilots but also for people interested in planes heres the link GPA-Geocaching Pilots
  8. snoogans you were reading my mind lol
  9. our teach didnt use his for this in particular what he had us do was take etrexes and go around taking waypoints to map out the school campus everybody loved it compared to normal teaching the good part was we were the only ones to use them that year!!!
  10. my teach bought etrexes but gym class? is it enough activity to get them to work you may want to make it a competition but you have to bribe them or they wont care
  11. all i know is i use Vial-Guard containers. I got some 200 of them from when my grandpa worked at a turkey hatchery. dont worry you wont get bird flu
  12. i have like 20 or more bookmarks but they all are for listing my caches as near interstates i have too many caches off interstates
  13. the best camo hider is Posen hes got the strangest containers and the best camos a lot of his caches have been awarded MNGCA's cache of the month. as of numbers in our area King Boreas by far wins that he has the most caches placed by any user in the world. yep hes #1 but he usually is good on where he hides his caches but having over 1,000 not everyone can be properly camoed so a lot are un camoed.
  14. add a lil fur to the bones im planning on making a container thats going to look like a pile of poo maybe youd add some bones to your own
  15. uhhh usually the dangerous boxes have a lock on them but i may also have to agree with you even though i want to make one i see what your getting at at least on the cache page we should put a warning or properly label our caches. that would be best so we dont make a bunch of people gang up and start a riot
  16. i love flags and i thought what word starts with f and has somthing to do with geocaching? finding! so all together it would have been FLagFinding but i dont like that so i said FlagFinder and i still love the name no regrets
  17. ok the forums are set up and ready to go the site will have to wait a while unless any of you want to create it heres the link GPA_Geocaching Forums
  18. ya the prices keep going up and down but i locked one in at $320 but it looks like it went back up to $360 i guess i got mine at the right time it hasnt arrived yet but it should be here soon.
  19. if you want a new one i just ordered mine from cascade gps for $320
  20. my best is ICE COLD it is a toughy one day a lot of people were having trouble on it so i placest a metal rod on top of it and it was muggled but all that was in there was 2 marbles that they took so it was ok this container is hand made from wood and copper pipe and painted to match its surrounding it fits right into place with the exact dimensions in a small corner. to getit out you pull up on the screw.
  21. i dont but 2 people in the Northstar-cachers.com forum have looked into it ill start one in a year or two
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