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  1. is there a way i can just convert my magellan region to a format i can use on my garmin gpsmap 60cx? if so can you tell me how right now its a .rgn file. can someone here send me a sample of thier map if possible? i want to see one. im still stuck on getting the info from the usgs site it wont let me see the map.
  2. i had the same problem its not your gps thats behind its ,magellans software thats behind. so heres what you do, select the region hit send to gps it will ask if you want to store it on hard drive, hit yes. once saved right click on start and hit search. search through your computer for whaterver you named the region and you should find the program next copy and paste the program into your gps under detailed maps. if you cant acess the map go to mapsent manager and try to work with it there. if you need more help drop me a PM
  3. well a map is still good while geocaching i started with an explorist 100 and those just dont do the job. this is because it didnt have a data port which help a lot. without one you have to type each coordinate in by hand. so i will recommend an explorist 210. its black and white but has a map and a nice geocache setup. plus its a magellan you can get them for a pretty good price just go to froogle.com and see what you can find
  4. i have a 100 a 210 and a 60cx so far the 210 wins on accuracy but it gets slow during the cold and i like the expandable memory of the cx though plus that auto routing
  5. my comp wont let me open geopaintwhat do i do? i have it set up now so it will open using mapsoarce (like it said i could do) now anything i open is in that format how do i stop it so i can open geopaint?
  6. i have also looked at them both not much different
  7. try asking customer service
  8. seems how im probubly not gonna sell this thing here ill keep it for a while and try again another day now how do i close this forum or will someone do it for me?
  9. im just like you too. you should see the email i got from the guy selling his 60cx for 400. he spazed out quite a bit. i havnt started the warranty yet so its still unregistered.
  10. i am comparing prices to ebay thats why its at $350 but i will go as low as $330 at that point its in stone
  11. i cant make a list due to im only a member but ill just tell you now anyone who lives in the TC can tell you Posen has the best hides and he only hides caches in roseville so take a look there are a lot of them crammed in that lil town but its not like hes hiding for density but his caches are quality some are exotic and some are good camos. so heres what you do go to the web site then go search minnesota and search the city of roseville it should be there. id say its about 5 miles from NSP
  12. yes i guess a money order would work its hard to get pics since they are on my cell i know one day i got one on here but i cant figure it out so i can text them to you or email them its the package -manual -coord -64mb card -clip and lanyard -trip and waypoint manager again the price is within resoning if no one here wants it it may be up on ebay in a week or ill keep it a while and sell it later
  13. i bought this Gps on accident i thought i was buying a csx but misread what i read so basicly i got the unit and decided what the heck ill try it out. well i origanaly wanted the csx because it had the digital compass and the barameter so this is not close to what i wanted. i took it on 2 adventures with geocaching and it basicly runs like my 210 only slightly better. so im selling it ive had it 2 weeks brand new with no scratches or damage i cleared out my waypoints so it should be like it was before. i eill be selling it for $350 with some negotiating of coarse but heres my problem. i dont know how to use paypal. i know my dad has it but i will need some instructions before you send any money. i have photos but they are kindof hard to add here as they are in another format but i can easily send them by email or i can text you as they are on my cell. so before we get to far how do i use paypal?
  14. can i get maps somewhere for free that will work with a 60cx
  15. i just bought a new 60CX very confusing
  16. now how about this which software should i get then? i would like somthing cheaper it doesnt have to be the world at least the US doesnt have to be topo just the city streets and stuff. if i can get maps for free can you let me know?
  17. ok im getting mad now my comp. cant find my 60CX i at first meant to buy a csx but got screwed over and now i cant get it to be recognized on my 98 or my xp. wuts up with that any advice would be WELL apretiated.
  18. i have mapsend topo 3d for my 210 and to load it to my 210 i have to save it on the hard drive on my computer than load it in. but is there a way i can also load that map on my pc to a garmin gpsmap 60cx? and still be able to use it? if yes, how?
  19. if you use fur you could just lay it in the middle of the sidewalk in downtown new york and still be muggleproof
  20. wow thats a lot imagine bringing that to the office lol suddenly as you walk in the lights dim and things start to shake... LOL
  21. Wow, you just opened a couple cans of worms! I don't know if anyone has built a universal index or reference for value, but like anything collected it depends usually on supply and demand. We've seen coins being sold for under ten dollars by the creator while selling simultaneously for 50+ on the auction site. I'd be interested to learn more myself. I don't know about Moun10bike's coin though. I would hazard a guess that if it were ever sold it would raise as much a decent small car would cost though. I think I've heard that it's activated by himself though (somebody correct me if I'm off on that) so it would be hard to guess. Who decides collectibles worth? Now that you've mentioned it I'm really curious. How does the value get rated at a specific point for anything collectible. Supply and Demand. like anything. and i read somewhere that moun10bike coins are not allowed to be sold and someone tried to sell one it made it to 2000 then i hear M10B deactivated it.
  22. This one would give new meaning to those drive up, cache and dash Altoids caches. You simply drive up, and the cache flies right up and attaches itself to your car. wow lol i can just see them loading these into the ups truck, hey self loading!!!
  23. when you say you will not fail, thats how many say they get addicted
  24. well to earn somthing you have to do somthing. hmmm... put it in a skyscaper and dont tell them which story!!!
  25. i see no one mentioned Northstar-Cachers its for wisconsin and minnesota good talkin in the forum Northstar-Cachers
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