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  1. can i use a 2m and 70cm with a tech license because i think ive reached a decision for the yaesu vx-2r lookig around ebay for a little less $$$ though by the way is this unit realy a 2m and 70cm it says on some sites but others no?
  2. I went through the 3rd chapter and then took the test for tech and passed. It is mostly common sense stuff and you'll be amazed at how much you really know already at that level. I'm still readinjg the material, but now that I have my tech license, I'm a bit more relaxed about it. right now im about to enter chapter 5 but with a tech can i use the 70cm as well qs the 2m or do i need a general license. so far as ive been going through the question pool i have most trouble remembering the frequencies. and slow scan tv is that what i here around 50mhz on the scanner. keep picking up cbs and pbs
  3. i am selling an explorist 210 in very good condition. just a feew normal small scratches on the screen nothing harmful. now its not just the gps but it includes pc cable, car adapter, mapsend topo 3d usa, geocache software, mapsend lite, 210 gps and case. because its a kit i will sell it at $150 pretty firm on the price but shipping is negotiable.
  4. well i only have decided to get a portable because they are more affordable. considering im selling my 210 bundle and using that money to get the radio
  5. most hams in my area hang out around 147 mhz can i get that with a 2 meter handheld considering im within 2 miles of a repeater
  6. so im new do i still need to know morse if i dont know it at all? Plus what is the most popular band?
  7. Well i got the ARRL Genral Class License handbook from my library and am about a 1/4 of the way some of those Q's look pretty hard. for these handheld are they actually good or are they very limited. also i read in the book im supposed to learn morse code. is this still true i thought they said i didnt.
  8. FlagFinder


    Motorcycle_Mama you are really helpful. Now lets try to unzip this file.
  9. FlagFinder


    LOL yes, I get that a lot. Thank you. Do you have any idea what program I should open it with?
  10. i will sell you my 210 package for $160 can be viewed at REI.com search 210 bundle. PM me for more details.
  11. FlagFinder


    it doesnt display the open with option it could be somthing to do with im on windows 98 but i have seen the open with option has been there in the past.
  12. FlagFinder


    ok ive been trying to open this thing for months but cant do it. every time i try to open it it trys opening the zip file with mapsoarce along with anything else i download off line. so my question is how do i stop everything that i download from using mapsoarce to open it. its really pissing me off. if anyone even has a clue on how to stop this i will be so greatful.
  13. that Waymarking site is so confusing but my reason for this is because i think it would be cool to have it as part of your geocaching stats instead of having 2 sets plus i have some molded metal disks i made and i thought it would be cool if these were benchmarks.
  14. i have a 210 and a 60cx and the 210 gets signifacantly better accuracy due to magellans 14 channels compared to garmins 12
  15. what if we could make personal benchmarks for geocaching? you know a new cache type but you can show off your personal artwork or creation. benchmarks are often placed at important places what if we put our own benchmarks at our favorite places? does anyone like this idea or am i just going crazy.
  16. we have an old bomb facility owned by the army a couple miles from my house but ramsey county parks bought a small section from the army as a wild life viewing area and an archery range so they put 2 caches in those designated areas. it would make a huge and great park if the army released the land to the community but thes toxic waste in the ground that they are still cleaning out.
  17. i know MN has this store i think it is mainly in the midwest but fleet farm has 50 cals $5 a piece
  18. just make sure to tell them about accuracy or they will be circling a tree for 30mins... kindof like my first geocache if found lol
  19. how hard is this test?and i have looked and so far for handhelds im looking at the 2m ic-v82 or the 70cm ic-u82 which is better
  20. i would like to get into ham but before i do i want to see prices on radios i dont want anthing expensive but i do want to get somthing i can take with me on trips or in the car. i got sick of just listening to hams on my scanner without being able to talk back
  21. well there is the dog park (k9 cache) but i must recommend the geocache in the mall of america if you have time no gps is required but its sordof like a puzzle. but watch out the caches around the airport can get a little rough on terain because of the river nearby
  22. well i was watching TV yesterday here in minneapolis and a commercial came on showing shots of the explorist line of GPS' then it Talked about a treasure hunt so i thought i better check it out so i did well what i found out was REI and Magellan are sponsoring an event which involves using gps cordinates to find a cache with coins in it anyway you take a coin type in the code and see if you win one of the fabulous prize packs which include Gpsrs! note this is an event in minneapolis area. heres the link www.montanatreasuretrek.com i hope i didnt go against forum rules by posting this, if i did please do tell me.
  23. the walmart near me is selling explorist 100's for $60! now thats un heard of
  24. try froogle its not always that way though i got my magellan 210 from REI as a package that included gps, car charger, usb cable, topo, case, mapsend lite for $140 on sale now it costs 200
  25. I do not think you can convert from Magellan to Garmin. The .imgs are different. As for the usgs site are you using the new IE? I have heard of a lot of people having problems with it. Try firefox. i dont have the new IE im running on windows 98 which could be part of the problem and the dial up is a problem im sure
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