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  1. hmm ok i have my opinion to it is fun to find if thats where they r but around here its basically looking at a freeway
  2. i am a student also who just finished 8th grade and my geography teacher had just started geocaching and got hooked so he bought 20 gpsrs for his class and did this lil assignment where we were supposed to go out and take waypoints of where different landforms were then he had a program called gis on the computers at school he had us add waypoints on a map of the school land then he gave aus an instruction book that taught us how to make it so when u click on the waypoint it would show a pic we took at the landform so it was fun and educational but geocaching in phy ed um is that really enough physical activity well i say it would make a great after school activity or club fun and you can meet other cachers the school district next to mine has a geocaching club i tried some of thiers and they were great. another thing about teaching geocaching it is a lil risky you dont want the wrong people finding these they could muggle or destroy the caches and if i found out this happened to one of my caches i would get really mad.
  3. im just going to ask whats the point in finding ngs benchmarks they dont count as geocaches i have attempted 2 and only found one and i dont see what these r all about i have a guess but im not sure about what these r to me they see like markers of where the town is another question i have is why r most of these along the interstate.
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