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  1. well i have been working on the practice tests and im passing. so i have 2 more weeks till the real test. When was the last time the REAL test was updated?
  2. FlagFinder

    Field Day

    im not a ham so i cant be in our local club... yet, but think they would mind if i dropped by?
  3. Well i am going for a vx-2r idk how good it really is but it souds like a nice radio for the price. im not sure if its waterproof but most electronics can survive a little water.
  4. or ill trade for a yaesu vx-2r or 6r and if your really generous a 7r
  5. next year lets give them tinted windows, spinners, flames, and lots of chrome!
  6. the unit version right now is 3.2.53 i updated it in october the mapsend is not copied and is version 1.0. I cant find the original package though for the whole bundle.
  7. im not selling a garmin but what are your specifications?
  8. actually i would say its a good unit for starters. you can get about 2/3 of the state of Minnesota in the unit if thats enough for you.
  9. i will see if it loads on another computer.
  10. FlagFinder


    first you must tell us what unit you have and if you can load maps and waypoints into it through your computer (this is the best way and most auto gps' have this feature.)
  11. i am selling an explorist 210 bundle i bought a year ago from REI i upgraded to the 60cx (Not much of an upgrade if you ask me) but it still is. I am selling the unit and rest of the stuff (GPS, case, mapsend topo 3d usa, car cable, pc cable, mapsend lite, and 210 cd with geocache manager) for $150 shipping negotiable. pm me if interested it is hard to post pics here (i dont know how to get a jpeg on here) but if you help me i will. otherwise i will email you copies at your request. cant find package though. heres a rough idea of what the unit and stuff will look like REI.com
  12. i have a 210 and a 60cx and the 210 by far gets better accuracy after turning t on for 10 mins my magellan is down at 12ft and the garmins up there in the 30,s! this is because the explorists have 14 channels garmin usually sticks to only 12 and the magellan tri axis compass is a must! i regret buying the 60 i should have bought an explorist 600. theres only one thing i like about garmin and thats their geocaching mode. before you buy a gps you have to ask people who have used both garmin and magellan or even lowrance. (i just havnt heard good things about them) also if you want maps for your gps i would take a look at some prices. you will be surprised at the difference
  13. it says theres a missing extension or somthing.
  14. i have a 60cx and a 210 and i love the 210 over the 60cx only thing i like better is the geocaching mode it is a lot better than magellans but on the way to the cache the tri axis compass on the magellan is 10x better. and your antenna will get dinged up a lot on the 60 garmin has tougher plastic magellan has tougher rubber. on the 60s all that keeps your gps from getting wet is a little rubber flap compared to my exposed water proof port on my magellan. soak that thing in water and it works fine! but with my garmin i get nervous when it rains.
  15. i have a 210 and a 60cx and the accuracy is far better on the magellan because of the 14 channels instead of 12 but i am selling the package. High sensitivity not much a problem. but if you want maps get a magellan the maps are far cheaper and with mapsend topo 3d you get roads and topo for less than $100 compared to buying both the programs from garmin for about $180.
  16. check with your local schools some may let you use them some wont all depends if the teacher has control over them or the school.
  17. i use a car charger for my 60cx its much cheeper i got mine for free.
  18. the program doesnt want to work on my windows 98. is there a problem or is it my system
  19. I am also in the market for a GPS. How old is your unit and why are you selling? my unit is about a year old i am selling it because i bought a 60cxif you are intrested i can find some pics it might take a while to get them here but ill try.
  20. thanks sounds great i think ill try that
  21. explorist 210 package including 210 gps, case, car power cable, usb cable, mapsend topo 3d usa, mapsend lite geocache software and 210 cd. selling for $150 shipping negotiable.
  22. it was the book recommended to me im on chapter six its kindof boring compared to the book im also reading "october sky" but its still cool by the way has anyome here taken both general and technician tests i want to know how much easier the technician is because i can get by with it for the radio i will be using.
  23. so thats a yes to i can use a tech license for 70cm and 2m
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